Favorite Things Friday.... herbier pressed botanicals


I love gallery walls, but I especially love a wall full of herbier pressed botanicals. I have seen the prices for them all over the place and I just keep on looking until I find just the right ones and at the right price. I love the thrill of the hunt. 
Below are some examples I found.

How I Am Sticking to My Goals


The first week of January I posted about my plans to take better care of myself this year and you can read that post here. I guess you could call it a resolution even though I just needed to make some changes in my life and I can say I have been sticking with my plan and I'm feeling so much better. Less stress and s l o w l y trimming down. I don't weigh myself, but go by how my clothes are fitting.

Today I thought I would share how I am sticking to my goals.

One of the first changes I had to make was eating out less, but I am not one who likes to stand over a hot stove. I bought an 8 quart Instant Pot on sale at Williams Sonoma when they had a one day sale on it. My daughter was with me and she said to get a bigger one so I did. Now, I may get a small one, too for smaller dishes and sides.

Favorite Things Friday.....Antiquing


While we have been enjoying a few days of spring like weather I was itching to do some antiquing and shopping. I texted my sister to see if she wanted to go and she did. It's always more fun going with someone else. We went to a cute shop in Roswell outside Atlanta where I didn't buy anything nor did I take pictures. Then we walked down the street since it was so nice out and stopped in Historic Roswell Antiques and Interiors. I have only been to this shop one other time several years ago, but I am going to go back soon.
Today I'm sharing some phone shots I took of some things I liked.

This was a booth filled with several things I like....bench, mirrors, sign, chandeliers, sconces, etc.

The Winter Farmhouse Style Bedroom


I hope y'all had a glorious weekend. We had spring temps that will continue this week. I'm sure those who came for the Super Bowl loved our weather. It's always a hit or miss this time of year and of course it will get cold again soon. This is just a spring teaser. 
Before spring does arrive I figured I'll show you how the farmhouse style bedroom has looked since the Christmas decor was put away. 

Can y'all believe it's already February?

The Winter Farmhouse Style Bedroom

Sometimes You Get More Than You Ask For


A few weeks before Christmas I asked Mr. Savvy if he could make the top of the fireplace mantel deeper. It has always been a bit too narrow for anything of any size to fit on and it was always hard to keep garland on it for Christmas. I used to put nails in the mantel so the garland wouldn't fall off and last Christmas I used to Command Hooks and they worked great.

He said that he could make it deeper, but never got around to it until now.
Last week he asked me to find pictures of mantels I like because he wanted to rebuild ours since the deeper ledge needed to be reworked all the way down. He built the original mantel when we built the house in 1995. It was the first one he had ever built and he did a fabulous job.

This is how the mantel looked last summer. He was ready to get rid of the squares and rectangles and actually I have been ready.