Remembering Red, White and Blue Decor in My Favorite Rooms

Since tomorrow is July 4th I thought I would share how I have decorated with red, white and blue around my home in the past since I can't share my summer sun room quite yet seeing how it is filled with deck paraphernalia.
 You can click the link below the photos to see more.


Touch Ups Made Easy

Today I am sharing a new invention, along with some of my fellow bHome bloggers, that will make your life so much easier especially if you change things up as often as I do. There is a special offer and link to a giveaway below so stay with me.

I get asked all the time how I fix the holes left on the walls when I move things?

See the plates on the wall? Well, I decided they needed to come down. 
No big deal right?


Wow Us Wednesdays #228

Are you ready to celebrate the 4th this weekend? I hope you have fun and stay safe!

Lots of links last week only problem many had no links back to my blog so it took a very long time to find some to feature. Here are a few who were kind enough to link back.

You will love Stone Gable's summer modern farmhouse home tour.


Deck Progress and Back Yard Beginnings

The deck painting is finished! We had glorious weather on Sunday with much cooler temps and way lower humidity and boy did it feel nice. So I grabbed the deck paint and got the floor and steps finished since that is all that was lacking. We had rain on and off all week so we waited till it was all clear to finish.

view from the sun room door


Summer Color and Whimsy in the Master

Those of you who follow me regularly know I like to change up the bedding on all the beds pretty often. I just can't help it. I love bedding and trying out different looks. It's such an easy way to give the room a new look especially seasonally. Today I'm sharing a new look in the master for the summer with some fun color and whimsy.

This time of year I have to wait till late afternoon to take pictures in this room and then it is flooded with light.


Summerizing the Antique Vaisselier

I just love that name, vaisselier which is French and fancy for hutch. 

This is absolutely my favorite piece of furniture in my home that we purchased for a song at a local antique mall a few years ago. Just a few simple additions gives it a touch of summer.


Nautical Style Guest Room From 2010

Today I thought I would take y'all on a little trip back to February 2010 right after I started blogging and share the way the now farmhouse style guest room used to look. I even edited each photo that was way too dark since these were all taken with a point and shoot and way before I knew what editing photos was. The room was done in a nautical theme. You will see a matchy matchy bedroom suite that I have since painted some pieces like the now red armoire. I know I have many new readers and y'all may enjoy seeing how this room used to look. I did love this room, but it was time for a change.

 This room was my son's room. The first set of furniture we had in here was sold to my sister for her son to use. We bought the sleigh bed, night stand, and armoire at Rooms To Go. I then added an antique steamer trunk to the other side of the bed to be the other nightstand. I really wish the other pieces didn't all match, but they do. I also added a recliner, that use to be in the living room in the old days when I had a lot of blue, for a place for guests to be able to sit and relax. One day I would like to get a slipcover for this chair. For right now it will have to work as is.

The first picture is how the room looked before I repainted and made several changes. It wasn't bad, in fact it stayed this way for a couple of years. Then while I was browsing my decorating magazines a catalogs, and blogs I discovered a new paint color that I just had to try. It is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. Even the name of it sounded good. I believe it was in House Beautiful that I first saw this color. Everyone was surprised I was painting a room gray since I really like a lot of color. This was going to be a better backdrop for my ideas in this room though. They would see when I finished.


My Back Entry and Good News

I show y'all the foyer quite often and the vignettes I create for it, but we don't use the front door for everyday life we use the door to the garage. I thought I would share the vignette that we see on a daily basis. This vignette has been this way since Christmas. I know, can you believe it?

I hung this ugly bird picture here, yes I call it ugly, along with a weathered lamp, vintage clock, and a tray of collected bottles in the color of the sea.


Wow Us Wednesdays #227

Welcome to Wow! My goodness the past week flew by. Well, it is officially summer and I sure hope y'all are enjoying it and staying cool.

There were some great links last week and here are just a few highlights.

This DIY  driftwood crab art is just too cute! See how it was done by Remodelando la Casa.


Pergola and Deck Progress

I thought I would update y'all on the big deck and pergola project. Things have really moved along nicely.

The columns have been beefed up.


All American Summer Guest Room

Somehow apple pie, cows and good ole red, white, and blue seem to say summer to me. I can picture folks gathering in a big pasture, with cows grazing in the distance, set up with long picnic tables covered in red checked tablecloths and somewhere there would be some fresh apple pies sitting ready to be served for dessert. Everyone would stuff themselves and then wait for the fireworks to begin at dark. Sounds fun doesn't it?

This room has that vibe going and it came together using everything I had on hand. I didn't plan it this way, but it has the cows, the red, white and blue and even some apples and basically all I did was change out the pillows.


Sunday Open House

If you are like me you love to tour homes. Do you ever drive by a house for sale and see an open house sign and you really want to tour the home even though you really aren't in the market for a new home? I have thought about it a time or two just to see the inside.  I also used to tour over the top homes in the Atlanta area every summer in a tour called The Street of Dreams. They weren't anything we could afford, but I could get some great ideas from them. Then when the building stopped those dream tours did too. I hope they bring them back since the building is booming here again. I don't have those homes to tour, but there sure are some nice ones full of ideas and inspiration in the bHome Summer Open House tours that ran all last week. Today I am sharing a few highlights and all the links to the full tour will be at the bottom in case you haven't checked them out yet. You really want to tour all of them.

Beautiful colorful sun porch at On Sutton Place.
09 10