The Clear Winner......but


Wow, y'all, I think I will start asking you questions more often. I asked you to chime in with your choice of the mirror or cow painting in the guest room and had a ton of responses.

This was the clear winner.......but

Taking Mom Out


Today my sister and I are taking our mom to see this movie. Mom likes to go to the movies, but hardly ever gets to go so we thought this would be a fun thing to do to celebrate Mother's Day a few days early. 

It will be popcorn for lunch!

Happy Thursday!

Wow Us Wednesdays #272


Welcome to Wow and Happy May! May brings flowers and today I'm sharing features from last week's party that are all about flowers.

Ramblings of a Southern Girl dressed up an ordinary clipboard with this pretty floral fabric.

Which One?


Y'all know I can't leave well enough alone, right? Well, on a whim I decided to change what hangs over the guest room bed. I love the mirror, but I kept walking by this picture that hung in the little hallway off of the garage where we come in. I said to myself.....self you really need to try that over the guest room bed just so it will quit bugging you. So that's exactly what I did and now I'm not sure which one is better.


Mantel Additions


When I recently shared the new vintage mirror over the mantel the only added decor was the brass sconces. When I tried to add anything else it just looked like too much stuff to me. Over time it started looking to bare to me so I tried to figure out how to get the right balance.

This is how it looked before.