Another Makeover with Rub'n Buff


I have been wanting a pair of these French country style lamps for some time and I finally ordered them a few weeks ago when the website had a sale. The photo below,from the website, is very bright and gold, but that isn't how they looked when they arrived. Instead of the pain of sending them back I decided to keep them. I figured I could make them look better without too much work.

Welcome to another makeover with Rub'n Buff.

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Spring Farmhouse Style Bedroom


I believe this is my favorite version of the spring farmhouse style bedroom. I shared the other guest bedroom last week decorated in white with blue accents and this room is done in blue and white, too. 
Blue and white is good anytime of year, but I am drawn to it even more in the warmer months. I also wear it all year. 

A New Light for the Master Bath


A few months I ago I bought a new light for the master bath. The original one I chose just wasn't cutting it. Marie Kondo says if it doesn't bring you joy then get rid of it. 😉

White and Blue Spring Bedroom


I know normally we say blue and white, but the room is actually mostly white with some blue accents added so that is why I said white and blue spring bedroom, k? 

I started not to even decorate the guest bedrooms for spring, but who am I kidding. I love decorating bedrooms and changing up the bedding and pillows. I don't know how this obsession even started. I think it started from browsing Pottery Barn store displays except I cannot do a messy bed like they do, but theirs look so good. There's just something about layers of pretty bedding and pillows with ruffles or even no ruffles and mixing patterns. Thoughts of combinations pop in my head and then I start implementing those or playing house as Mr. Savvy calls it.

 This spring, in this guest bedroom, I worked with the bedding I had on hand and added one new pillow.

Spring Yard Progress and Is a House Ever Done?


While some of the country has had a return of winter weather we are enjoying some pretty nice days here in the south. Bad thing is these nice days will soon turn to very hot and sticky days and I DO NOT like that at all. I love spring and the return of leaves on the trees and green grass. Less than two weeks ago I shared what our yard looked like after a weekend of doing some yard work which you can view here and today I'm sharing how quickly it has changed plus some things that aren't looking very good on the house.