I Thought They'd Never Come


When I placed an order for some French style candlesticks back in early January I didn't expect them to take long getting here since they were in stock. After realizing three weeks later that I had never received them I contacted the company I ordered them from. 

Pillow Pairings


While the grout was drying in the kitchen, YAY, I was trying out some pillow pairings on the sofa in the great room as I change out the pillows for spring. I ordered some new ones from Etsy a few weeks ago to use either in here or the sitting room since they can work in either room.

The Schumacher Betwixt pillow is the new one (I ordered two) and I paired it with this older pillow from Pottery Barn.

Don't Blink


Seriously, y'all should know things can change quickly around here. I just shared the guest rooms upstairs and the most recent one is in the links below, but don't blink because small things may have been updated. I've been freshening up things for spring and one of the easiest ways to make those changes is by changing out pillows. Sometimes pillows I buy end up where I intended them to go and sometimes they don't.

I ordered some blue and yellow pillows to add to the sunroom, but didn't like them there as much as I thought I would so I moved this yellow  one to the French style guestroom.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Coffee Table


You've probably heard of the movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Well, this is the story of the sisterhood of the traveling coffee table.

I Had No Idea


When I shared this post the other day I had no idea it would be happening so soon! I was very surprised by my better half that we were going to the tile store last Sunday afternoon to get the tile I wanted and then bam this project was underway!

This is how the old tile looked. While it was okay I was not in love with it with the new white cabinet color and it's a bit too busy to me with the busy granite pattern. So once Mr. Savvy realized he could just remove a few tiles and not a total removal he decided to go ahead with this project. The raised brown piece that you see in this photo runs all the way under the cabinets and since it sticks out that was the only thing he needed to remove. Once he got the first piece out the rest came out fairly easily.

Wow Us Wednesdays #318


Welcome wowzers! Can y'all believe it's officially spring? It's my favorite season as long as the temps stay comfortable and not too humid. Sometimes it seems our spring speeds right on by and summer weather hits with the sticky humidity that I do not like at all. So for now I will just enjoy the cooler days of spring. Soon I will need to spruce the deck up so I can sit out there and enjoy it.

While I'm dreaming of enjoying the deck again let's look at some features from last week.

This is such a cute centerpiece idea for your Easter or spring table by Housepitality Designs.