Neutral Master Bedroom

A little over two months ago I shared how I added a pop of color in my master bedroom and now the pop of color has been put away and neutral is the color of the day. The red will probably show up again in the colder seasons. We will see. I'm loving this look now.


Transforming Lamps From New to Old

What do you do when it rains for days? Apparently I either get lazy and do nothing or I paint. The last few days I have done a bit of both.
 See how this lamp just blends into the wall color? I had been wanting to create more of a worn look, than the factory finish the lamps came with, and a lighter color, too so there is no better time than the present. This was a very quick project, too since this paint dries so quickly.


{Movie Review} Woman In Gold

I saw the movie "Woman In Gold" this week and really enjoyed it. It has not soared at the box office and has not been given super ratings by the critics, but hubby and I liked it. Most of the time we don't agree with the critics.

This is the true story of Maria Altmann, played by the fabulous Helen Miren, who fights to get back the portrait of her aunt which had been taken by the Nazis when they invaded Austria during World War II.


Do You Have a Spot?

One day last week it was hot. I mean H-O-T! Way too early for it to be ninety and humid. I love spring and I need spring before it gets hot. Anyway, I am normally sitting and blogging in my sun room, but we haven't put the air conditioner in there yet this year, seeing how it is early April, so I found a cooler room to sit in. Do you have a room that is quiet with no t.v. and you have a comfortable spot to just sit and reflect? A spot where you are surrounded by things you love? Things that all have a story behind them?

This is that spot for me in this chair in my sitting room. This chair is so comfortable.


A Fresh Look in Less Than 10

One of the simplest ways to make a space fresh is to create a new vignette or display. I had left the vignette on the chest in the foyer the same since January so it was time to change it a bit.

I moved the large ironstone punch bowl with ivy that was here to a new location and that started the whole change. I decided to use this old rattan tray here this time and filled it with a few things to add texture.


Wow Us Wednesdays #217

Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! I hope a lot of y'all enjoyed spring break last week and I hope y'all are ready to party here this week!

Let's look at some fab features:

Sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy a bit longer in bed like Chasing Quaintness did.


The Guest Bath Deets

Thanks so much for all your comments on the new guest bath reveal. I answered several questions that were left in the comments and some by emails.
I was going to add this to the reveal post, but that post was already long so I thought I would share what it cost to get this job done. Of course we saved a fortune doing the work ourselves (well mostly the mister a.k.a. handyman extraordinaire).



Farmhouse Style Guest Bath Reveal

I am so excited to finally reveal the guest bathroom that we worked so hard on to transform from dark and dated to light and bright. I shared several progress posts over the last several weeks and I never expected this to take so long. The last hold up was waiting on the bath faucet and shower kit to come in that had to be special ordered to fit the existing plumbing. What was supposed to take a week to come in took almost four weeks, but it's in and all is good now. So are you ready? There are lots of photos from different angles since this is a tiny room with no window for natural light.


Memory Refresh

I thought I would refresh your memory, or for those seeing this for the first time, show you what the guest bath looked like for the last nineteen years before we recently remodeled it. When we built our home we were on a very tight budget so when choosing things for our kids' bathrooms we were able to get some end of the year models, that needed to be sold to make room for the new models, at a very good price. Who cared if they were brown, right? The brown worked for my son's bathroom. I never loved these pieces, but the price was right at the time. My daughter got the white tub, toilet and sink which made that bathroom much easier to make over. It was just a band aid fix on that one.

The wallpaper was the only thing I still liked, but it had to go to create the new look.


Even Mr. Savvy Liked It

Mr. Savvy and I usually go to a movie on Friday, if there is a decent one to see, and yesterday we saw The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I normally love Nicholas Sparks books turned movies and this one did not disappoint. I have seen so many action films lately with lots of shooting and bullets ripping into bodies with the sound effects that it was nice to see a sweet love story for a change.

This is a story about a bull rider trying to make a come back after an accident and a college student who fall in love, but with conflicting paths.


How I Fill A Huge Dough Bowl

Today I'm sharing one of the other great finds from The Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC. There were many dough bowls through out the building, but this one just had that special somepin somepin that made me buy it. Plus the price was really good for this big boy.

It is quite huge at 40 inches long. I thought my old one was large until I brought this one home.


I'm Part of Something New!

Have y'all heard the buzz and seen this little fellow buzzing around?

Well, not this little fellow.....