Spring Flowers, Better Sleep and More....Home Style Saturdays


It's time for Home Style Saturdays. If you missed my great room reveal last Monday be sure to click my link below. You will also find spring flowers, better sleep and more from my friends.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Cloches, Chairs, a Daybed and More...French Country Fridays


I'm so ready for the weekend and it's a long holiday weekend for the mister. First thing I want to say is that I'm praying for all the families in Florida affected by the tragedy there this week. The school this happened at is only four miles from my son's house that they just moved into a few months ago. The grands are home schooled and are elementary age so thank goodness they weren't involved.
This hits way too close to home.

Let's move on to a happier subject and that's French country decorating.

I dug out a post from last year about finding the perfect chairs and be sure to come back Monday to see how I changed them up.

French country breakfast room with antique table and chairs from France plus more inspiration

How I Decorate with French Everyday Items


Today I'm sharing how I decorate with French everyday items. I have collected quite a few French items that the French may use in their daily lives, but I display them as decorative accessories throughout my home. I have only gathered these things through my blogging years since 2010. 

1. Demijohns: I have demijohns scattered here and there as I shared in the sitting room. They are on top of the hutch and on the floor.

Wow Us Wednesdays #375


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays and Happy Valentine's Day! Do you have plans to go out or maybe just stay in? I remember us driving around for over two hours trying to find a place to eat that we didn't have to wait forever. Never again! We don't really do anything special for Valentine's anyway. Sometimes we just go see a movie. We don't have to sit and wait for that and I'm perfectly fine with having popcorn for dinner. 

Let's look at some features and get this party started.

How to make a magnolia leaf wreath by Duke Manor Farm.

The New Paint Color in the Great Room


Painting a large area with tall walls is no easy job, but five years ago that's what we did and at first I loved the new color, but then I loathed it as it just got more and more golden looking. I kept living with it because it was just too big of a job to take on again. After almost five years I couldn't take the color any longer and since Mr. Savvy refused to go way up the ladder again I had to hire painters. Best money we've spent to get the look I was going for in the first place. The power of paint always amazes me. 

Today I'm sharing the new paint color in the great room along with some updates.
Not the best photos as I tried to take these quickly between sunshine and rain coming and long visits at the hospital.

Morning sun coming from the front of the house creates a beam of light on the coffee table.

Home Style Saturdays


I hope y'all have some great weekend plans. I'm afraid I will still be sitting at the hospital with my mom. She has good days and then off days and we are praying she gets better soon. Another MRI was done yesterday and we should get the results today. 
Today you will find all kinds of inspiration below from spring decor ideas, marble care, and even crafts and sewing.