Where Did You Get?

I wanted to answer some more questions that I get asked time and time again. The most asked question is where did I get the red checked fabric from or where can I purchase the red checked curtains? Obviously I love them since they are in three rooms of my house and I chuckle when I get asked where is the fabric from because this chick doesn't sew. I really wish I did enjoy sewing, but it makes me break out in a sweat. I'd rather paint.


Ralph Lauren Home at High Point

A few weeks ago I shared the Bramble showroom with you that I toured at the High Point Furniture Market and forgot to share my other favorite designer with you....Ralph Lauren Home. I have always loved his home line. I just wish I could afford it.

 Have fun browsing this collection.


Simple and Rustic

Can y'all believe that Thanksgiving is one week away? I'm not hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year because we take turns and this is my year off. My sweet newlywed niece is hosting it at the farm they got married at. There will be over forty people and we are going to enjoy things like skeet shooting, football, corn hole, pool and farm animals for the kids to visit. Sounds like a day of fun doesn't it? My son and his family will be coming next Wednesday to stay with us and I look forward to time with them since it has been several months.

I put a pretend Thanksgiving table together just for fun and I'm sharing it today. It was very simple to put together using what I had on hand. Maybe you are still trying to come up with ideas for your table and need some inspiration.


Help Me Choose

I told y'all I want to replace the master bedroom ceiling fan that we do not use with a pretty French style chandelier. There are several that I love and I want to see which one y'all like?


Wow Us Wednesdays #196

Brrrrrrrr, are you feeling it where you are? Over half the country is snowed in and we are way below normal temps in the south, too. According to the forecast we should be hitting 70 by Sunday! Crazy crazy weather.

Since this party is called "Wow" Us Wednesdays I thought I would share a wow of my own today. I was looking at google analytics and noticed traffic coming over from Good Housekeeping so I had to check out their site to see what was going on. Lo and behold they had featured my tabletop Christmas tree from last year in the sun room along with six other bloggers. Very honored to be included.


It Never Hurts to Ask

When I was looking around in the garden center, that Shirley took me to near her home a few weeks ago, I spotted this little stool sitting in a room next to a table. I thought to myself what a cool chippy stool. 

I'm not sure why I'm drawn to old stools, but I am. Especially chippy worn ones.


The Bonus Room Transformation

Y'all just do not know how much better I feel just by getting the STUFF cleaned out of my hoarding bonus room. This is the room over our garage and it is long and narrow with one small window. We don't have a basement so I was putting anything and everything in this room. Finally, I got in the mood to clean it out, after finding out my son, daughter in law, and three grands were coming for Thanksgiving. I needed this push to get this extra bed set up since there isn't a baby bed anymore. There are no more grand babies. They are growing up so quickly.

The first thing you really need to do is go over to THIS POST and refresh your memory of what the before looks like. It isn't pretty and I'll wait for ya. Go on.....

Okay, now that your eyes hurt let's get on to the pretty. All this is just a temporary quick fix. I will be painting the room after the holidays and we will replace the overhead florescent lights with new fixtures.The walls are very banged up and they need to be repaired and painted.


My Cozy Room

It looks like old man winter is making an early appearance throughout most of the country. Even here in the south we are quite cold. I have one room in my home that just feels cozier than the rest.....the sitting room.


My Home's Paint Colors

I have been getting asked a lot lately what some of the wall colors are in my house so today I am doing an updated post of the colors. All paint is by Benjamin Moore paint unless otherwise stated.

Breakfast room and kitchen: French Canvas


My Breakfast Smoothie

For those of you who don't know I lost 28 pounds earlier this year and thank goodness I have kept it off. I cut out all foods made with wheat flour and am trying to mostly eat organic and no processed foods. For three months I drank a smoothie every morning and then juiced for lunch. Juicing means I bought a juicer and placed fresh raw vegetables and some fruits in it and I drank the juice that came out. Then I ate a light dinner each night and drank lots of water with lemon. I still have my morning coffee with cream and organic sugar. That is the one thing I would not give up. Now I may juice a couple times a week for lunch. I lost the weight in less than three months. Many have asked that I share some of my recipes. I don't really have a lot of recipes to share, but this is my go to breakfast every morning.

I made this one using frozen blueberries and every other day I use frozen strawberries. You can use whatever fruit you want to.


Until I Find The Right One

When I was in the midst of setting up and styling the new king size bed in the master I looked over at the mister's armoire, where all his unmentionable and other things are kept, and thought that piece needs a new paint job. 


Just a Peek

I just could not wait to share some peeks into the new and improved x-hoarding room.

It feels good to have that room cleaned out and usable again.

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