Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta


It had been quite some time since I made a trip to Scott's in Atlanta. It was so beautiful last weekend, especially for January, that I talked Mr. Savvy into going with me.....he never goes. Only thing is when he is with me I feel more rushed, but he wasn't pushing me and we actually were only there a couple of hours. We basically whizzed through both buildings and missed some things I'm sure. The last time I went to Scott's I was with my daughter and when we stopped by the grocery store on the way home I tripped and fell outside on the sidewalk and split my forehead open. Yes, happy times. So now when I think about going to Scott's I remember the fall.

I loved this horse painting and it was already sold. 

Wow Us Wednesdays #309


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! I hope your week is going well. I thinking about those who are dealing with the ice storms. I have lived through many of those and it isn't any fun especially when you lose power for days and you're trying to stay warm. No, problem staying warm in the south as of late since spring seems to think it's time to move in. I'm sure winter will return though and we really need it to keep the bug population down.

Here are some features from last week.

Mary shares how to create your own DIY edible birdhouse.

The Five Master Bedroom Bed Styles of 2016


As I have said many times I love changing how the beds are dressed just like the simple changes in the guest room I shared yesterday. Sometimes they are changed for the seasons and sometimes it might be because I found a new pillow or some new bedding. I looked back at my posts last year and had changed the look of the master bedroom bed five times. I really thought it had been more than that. Today I'm sharing the those five looks and maybe you will be inspired to try a new look on your bed.

From One Room To The Other


Little changes were made in the front guest room after taking out the Christmas decorations and of course pillows were the main change.  The pillows that are now in this guest room were in the other guest room last year which you can see here.
The great part about keeping the colors the same from one room to the next is being able to swap things from one room to the other. It's the easy way to make a room feel fresh without spending a dime. That's what I did in this guest room.

First Antique Store Visit of 2017


After staying cooped up during the frigid temps last weekend, wow what a difference a week makes with spring like temps this weekend, I ventured out to the antique mall just to get out. I took lots of pictures with my phone to share with y'all.

The Best Chili Recipe


I know everyone says their recipe is the best, but I have been making This One for years and have tried others and always come back to this one. Don't fix something that ain't broke. I even had a reader email me a couple of weeks ago asking for my chili recipe after I had mentioned it casually in a post. She said she had tried numerous recipes and still hadn't found one that she truly loved. She made mine and wrote me back and said it was really good. It makes a ton so she said she was going to share with friends. You can also freeze it which is what I do after we eat on it for days.

This photo is from 2013 and I don't eat saltines anymore, but they are good with it.