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Are you ready for the weekend? This week was so off and has felt like the weekend all week. Hubby was off on Monday for Martin Luther King's day and then home again on Wednesday because of the snow. I still can't believe we have had snow twice in less than a couple of months. I'm looking forward to the temps in the upper fifties next week. 

Yesterday I shared my tips on how I styled my winter coffee table and below find the link to my winter French farmhouse sunroom along with more inspiration from my friends.

How I Styled My Winter Coffee Table


During the cold months I seem to crave more in my home. More accessories, more pillows, more throws.... just more. Then as spring nears I want less and a fresher airier look so I'll begin putting some things away. Today I thought I would share how I styled my winter coffee table in the great room.

Wow Us Wednesdays #371


Welcome to Wow and to our new party time. By posting this party on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday evening my posts can be spread out as I am probably going to be blogging a little less this year. This way I will have a post out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then the Home Style Saturdays post which is sharing a post that has already been published at an earlier date. This gives me a few days off or if I have something to share on those other days I will.
Oh, and we have snow again in less than couple of months and more than a trace as they expected. Not heard of here. 😊

Let's look at some features from last week.

You will want to tour this 384 sq. foot cabin reveal by Dancing Dog Cabin.

French Farmhouse Winter Sunroom


I've made some changes to the sunroom and I am loving the new look. Before there was a very large blue rug and blue patterned curtains and right before the holidays I changed out the rug and curtains.  No one seemed to notice the changes when I shared the Christmas sunroom. Another big change in here is the chandelier. I am so glad the ceiling fan is gone!

French Farmhouse Winter Sunroom

Kitchen and Laundry Room Supplies, Winter Essentials and More


 After having a few days of temps in the sixties this week it is going to be a very cold and windy weekend so I am going to cuddle up with a throw and a design book and maybe start watching something new on Netflix. I think I will whip up some hot chocolate, too.

 I shared My Tips For Warming up Your Home During Winter  this week on the blog and I dug out a post from last winter for my link below about creating a cozy corner. 

MyTips for Warming Up Your Home During Winter


It's winter time and it's gray looking outside with all the leaves gone and the cold dreary days and we are spending a lot more time indoors. So let's make the inside of our homes cozy, warm and welcoming. I walked around the house and took a few shots to share my tips for warming up your home during winter. These are not styled just for photos, but the way things actually look around here now after putting the holiday decor away. Most of these are close ups and I will share full room views along the way.

Drape a cozy throw anywhere.