Country Living Fair Atlanta 2016


I love when the Country Living Fair comes to town and I spent all day there with my sister on Friday. I'm telling y'all my legs still hurt....can we say out of shape. After being very summer like right before the day of the fair it was very windy and chilly on Friday. Not complaining here because it wasn't hot! It was so windy that pine needles were landing in everyone's hair. I'm glad no large tree parts were falling. The turn out on Friday was like a Saturday or Sunday crowd. I guess everyone took off from work.

This was a cool way of using a round frame around a painted canvas. Yes, that's canvas.

My Home's Paint Colors Updated


It's been a couple of years since I shared my home's paint colors and I get asked all the time so I thought I would do an updated post since some of the colors have changed. All the paint in our home is by Benjamin Moore. I have tried other brands and I always come back to Benjamin Moore. I use Regal Matte for the walls so imperfections don't show up. It's a finish between flat and eggshell. All the trim is in Chantilly Lace in semi gloss.
 If you want to see the full post of each room just click the highlighted link.

Great Room, foyer, stairwell and upstairs hallway, since it all ties together, is in Manchester Tan. Sometimes it still looks too yellow to me so I will choose a new color some day and would love to hire someone to paint all that instead of Mr. Savvy and me.

Seeing Orange


Seeing orange and blue and green.....and. I know I just shared the great room recently dressed for fall, but y'all know I can't leave well enough alone. Things just come over me and I go with the flow so a few small changes took place in this room. After I made the changes I glanced across the room, while standing at the kitchen sink,  I realized I was seeing orange. Now, I have never been a huge orange fan, but I can handle it in small not in your face doses. The oranges I see in here are muted and not your bright Crayola orange.

Wow Us Wednesdays #296


Welcome to Wow! Is the weather in our country screwy or what? We are breaking records this week with summer type temps and I'm just wondering if fall will ever arrive and stay instead of giving us a peak and then leaving again. I'm ready for sweaters and boots and I'm tired of flip flops. I think what is going to happen is it will suddenly get cold with winter temps. Since we have no control over the weather I guess it is what it is. 

Lots of fabulous inspiration shared last week so let's look at a few.

This porch by Cottage in the Oaks is cozy and ready for fall.

French Country Master Bedroom Refresh


A few weeks ago I shared my new chair from Soft Surroundings in the great room in a French Country Fall Tour. I had also ordered a couple of other things, but one item was on back order so I waited patiently. The last item finally arrived and my master bedroom got a little makeover again. I love a pretty bed and bed linens and I have had my eye on this French Market Quilt for years. Now, I finally own one and I LOVE it.

Our Home Story Revisited


We had two milestones last week, Bailey's birthday and we moved in our home 21 years ago on October 11, 1995. Today I thought it would be fun to share an old post about our home story again since I have so many new readers.
This story was first shared during my first year of blogging in 2010 since I had a tag line of "On a Budget" and folks were questioning that so I felt the need to explain.
The photo below was taken a few weeks ago from the lawn mower when I was mowing the grass that used to be green. The shutters are actually darker than they look in this shot. The sun is extremely bright on the front of our house for about half a day.