8 Simple Ways to Add Fall

Labor Day is the unofficial mark of the end of summer even though the first day of fall isn't until September 23rd. Since summer is leaving it's time to think about fall and decorating our homes for fall. Today I'm sharing some ways I have added fall in the past and you may just see some of these ideas repeated in different ways this year. Just click on any of the links to see more.


Restyled Kitchen Open Shelving

The best change I made in the kitchen a few years ago was to remove the doors on this cabinet even though Mr. Savvy was not fond of the idea. I really wanted to take down the whole cabinet and add thick wood shelves, but he said no way so this was the next best thing. It basically stays the same, but recently got changed a bit.


Wow Us Wednesdays #237

Are you ready to party? Good. Looks like fall is sneaking into your homes. I guess now that it's September it's okay to welcome fall.  Where did summer go??

Let's look at some features from last week.

Debra at Common Ground shared this grain sack runner she made, but I just kept looking at the cute decor in this room.


My Coolest Find Ever

On Friday I decided I deserved a little retail therapy after having dental work done on Thursday. So I got my shower and dressed, hopped in my car, and headed to an antique mall. I wasn't looking for anything specific, but was keeping my eye out maybe for something that would work with upcoming fall decorating.

By golly I do believe I found the most perfect and unique thing evah!


French Accents

Today is normally the Sunday that four of us share French Country style decor and ideas with y'all, but this series has come to an end because Anita, the host, is just a tad bit busy these days and something had to give. Don't worry though it's a very good busy. See, she just wrote her first book and she is busy promoting it! And I am the lucky recipient of a copy to review and share with y'all.

I have been a follower of Anita's blog, Cedar Hill Farmhouse for years. I remember first seeing this image of this gorgeous metal bed covered in French linens and I was wiping away the drool. I was hooked and you will be, too.


I Confess

Let me just confess......I am a chair-aholic. That's right I have a small problem with bringing chairs home that I find while out junking. I don't know how this problem started, but I need to get it under control. :)

Meet my latest obsession. 


Simple Fix For a Short Table

A few weeks ago when we were moving furniture out of the sun room for the new rug I had decided to take the drop leaf table out which meant it had to go somewhere else. I really didn't have a place for it in the house so it ended up in the garage. Only problem I already had this sofa table in the garage so something had to give.

I decided to bring the sofa table back in and use it as it was intended.....behind the sofa.


Wow Us Wednesdays #236

Oh, my a touch of fall is in the air here with some lower humidity and a little bit lower temps which means the upper eighties instead of the nineties. I'll take it! Now I can sit out on my deck without getting too hot and maybe soon the mosquitoes will leave.....crossing fingers. I have been using the Cutter outdoor spray and it works well. I just ran out and need to go get some more.

Anyway I'm so glad to have y'all here to party and let's get it started. First here are a few features from last week.

I love this mason jar lamp by Chatfield Court and the lamp shade is just perfect.


I Saw Past the Flaws

How many times have you gone antiquing and found something you really like, but you didn't buy it because it had flaws? Well, if I turned down everything with flaws I probably wouldn't own many of the things I love to collect. Perfect items cost a lot more than the imperfect ones. When I spied this huge green demijohn, while on vacation, I gasped. Then when I took a closer look I realized it was covered in what looked like flecks of concrete dried all over it, but I also noticed the great price.


A New Look in the Sun Room

Last Monday I shared my new bound Smart Strand Carpet from Mohawk that I got for my sun room and told you that some changes were made in the sun room. Since we had to move the furniture out to put the new rug in I thought why not change some things up?


Third Time's the Charm

Just a few short weeks ago I showed you an ugly weed infested and bare ground back yard, but with lots of work and eleven pallets of new bermuda sod we have a lush green lawn.


Mismatched Farmhouse Style Bar Stools

Once upon a time there were three industrial style bar stools sitting nicely at the kitchen island. The many times they showed up in a kitchen blog post there would be many questions asked as to where they could be purchased? Well, about four years later those bar stools have been recalled by World Market for possible faulty seats that could come loose and possibly injure the person sitting on it. So what to do?

 I didn't want to buy another new set of stools so I decided to use what I had. I had two old wooden bar stools that I had found at different antique shops over the last few years and had painted them and used them in several different locations in the house. Now I just needed one more so I could use them at the kitchen counter.
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