DIY Toile Sideboard Tutorial


Last week I shared the sideboard makeover with the new color and toile added to the door insets. Today I'm sharing just how easy it is to add the toile. 

Mini Summer Tour


Summer is official and it's time to share how the foyer and dining room look and have looked for several weeks. Old bottles the color of the sea add that summer feel and tie these two areas together and I didn't do this on purpose. It just happened which is the way most of my decorating happens.

Wow Us Wednesdays #279


Welcome to Wow! Can y'all believe it is officially summer now? Funny the last two weeks when our air didn't work we had the hottest weather and now we have been enjoying cooler lower humidity after getting the air fixed. Yes, it is fixed!!! It's been so nice out again that I'm cooking out as much as possible before the heat hits again and I know it will soon.

Let's ring in summer looking at some features from last week!

Julie from Little Farmstead shares her cute summer ready porch.

Summer Sunroom 2016


Happy first day of summer!
 What a better time to share my favorite room decked out in summer style. I love to change up my rooms seasonally with just a few simple accessory changes like switching out pillows and bringing in things that speak summer like shells, coral and hydrangeas. This year the room is dressed in blue and white which makes it feel cool on these sultry days. The best thing I did a few months ago was to paint the walls in Dove White by Benjamin Moore to really brighten this room up.
 I'm not going to say much and just let the photos do the talking. 

Adding Summer Around the House


It's so easy to add summer style in your home. I grab my saved shell collection each summer and scatter it here and there in bowls, baskets or other vessels. I also like to use my pieces of coral, that normally stay in the master bath on the hutch the rest of the year, and add them around the house. And of course flowers. My choice are the hydrangeas from my bush since they are free.

Blue hydrangeas are perfect in a red trimmed enamelware coffee pot.

Antiquing to Escape the Heat


Monday was our hottest day yet this year and this week. So what to do to escape the heat in this house with no air? Go antiquing of course in a nice cool store. Sounded good to me and I'm taking you with me.

Oh, if my pockets were deeper this antique French hutch might have been bought.