Summer Bedroom, Bathroom Reno, Shopping Tips and More


It's time for Home Style Saturdays where seven bloggers share lots of inspiration each week. This week we are a couple of bloggers short, but you will still find plenty of ideas from the five of us such as my summer bedroom, a bathroom reno, shopping tips and more. 
I hope y'all have some fun plans this weekend. I'm going to start a project that I hope to share soon.

French Country Fridays


Welcome to French Country Fridays. It is hot, hot, hot and I'm sticking inside and I might even start a new project this weekend. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Maybe you're stuck inside trying to stay cool, too. If so I hope you'll check out all the inspirations below.

The Summer Deck in Cool Blues


I am really late sharing how I styled the deck this year. I actually got it ready in the spring when the weather was much cooler and the humidity was lower.....but with not being home much and then the rain showers coming in day after day and week after week it has taken me awhile to have a day to get it photographed. Finally when we had a couple of cooler July days I was able to snap some photos to share. This year I wanted the deck colors outside to be an extension of the colors inside so I used blue this time.

The Summer Deck in Cool Blues

Fun Colorful Summer Guest Bedroom


I hope y'all had a good weekend. We had some fabulous fall like weather yesterday which was a welcome change from all the heat even if it was just for a day.

I love changing up the bedding seasonally in the bedrooms. It's like playing house for me and helps me get my mind off other things. I love letting my creativity flow when I can and if you have been following me for awhile then you know I can flip from color to neutral and back to color in the wink of an eye. I love neutral, but I also thrive on color so this summer I have created this fun colorful summer guest bedroom.

Beginner's Guide to Camping, Edible Flowers and Much More


This week for Home Style Saturdays we have some wonderful ideas from a beginner's guide to camping, edible flowers and much more. So get comfy maybe grab a snack and enjoy.