Trending....Dark Cabinets


If you keep up with design trends you may have noticed that there are a lot of dark rich colors in home design now. It seems what goes around comes around again. When we built our house in 1995 jewel tones were trending. Our great room and connecting foyer was painted a dark raspberry color, the dining room was navy and our master bedroom was a dark green and then there was wallpaper in the master bath and in the kitchen that tied all those colors together. Of course over the years the dark colors have been painted over and I have gone neutral. Funny how now the dark jewel tones are back and I have seen several on instagram going to the dark side. Me, not so much, but I do love the look.

Kitchen cabinets have gone darker too with rich deep colors and I'm sharing some I found.

Winter Bedroom in Pastels


As I have read from several others on blogs and on instagram it seems that after the Christmas decor comes down most want calm and serene spaces. After I took the white tree down in this guest bedroom I changed out the bedding to this pastel palette as I am craving calm, too and of course I love trying different bedding combinations.

Winter Bedroom in Pastels

Friday Favorite


I hope you have had a good week! We have had nice days filled with sunshine with the week starting out unseasonably warm and then turning cold. I'm okay with the cold as I love the change of seasons and I have winter clothes I would like to wear before it gets warm again. 😉 This weekend calls for a cold rain so I'll be staying warm inside while doing some more purging that I have been working on.

Today I wanted to share a cozy old home that I found on pinterest that was renovated by G. P. Schafer Architect. Gil Schafer III also has a book with this home in it "A Place To Call Home".
 This home has so many features that I love and I could just pack my bags and move right in. If you love old homes I think you will love this one.

Enjoy my Friday favorite.

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Art


First let me say thank you for all the kind and understanding comments on my last post. I always say I have the best readers! So many of you have or are going through similar circumstances and told me how hard it is. So thank you for sharing your stories.

After taking down the Christmas decor I changed up things a bit and today I'm sharing with you how easy it was for me to create the art on the mantel. See, I'm already doing a post. I think the glorious sunshine has helped my mood. 😊

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Art

My Word of the Year and Blog Changes


Happy New Year! I don't normally choose a word of the year, but last year wasn't a good year for me and things need to change. My word is LESS. Less stress, less time sitting, less time on the computer....we'll see. Of course less also means more. More time for living life. More time to take care of myself because that certainly didn't happen last year.