Fluffing the Dining Room


With the house being in renovation construction mode my creativity to do anything has been squelched until I took up all that nasty pink paper that was protecting the floor and I cleaned up the dust and grit. As I was looking at the boxes sitting in the dining room I realized I was ready to make some changes so I started fluffing the dining room. 

I was ready to change out what was on the table by creating a new vignette.

Master Bathroom Progress Week of August 14


Last Monday was a day off as there was no workers, but on Tuesday and Wednesday the carpenters came to work more on the trim and they installed the vanity base and a large built in.

After trying six samples of paint colors and even going back and having some black added to a color the cabinets look rather light when the light pours in, but they'll be fine. I was going for a gray blue and that is what they are.

Home Style Saturdays Inspiration


Hope y'all had a great week. It was pretty busy around here and be sure to come back tomorrow for more progress shots of the master bath.

For now let's check out my friends below for lots of inspiration.

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Today I'm sharing the heirlooms I got from my Dad's house, but a little back story first.
Two weeks ago we had to make a trip to Florida to clean out what we wanted from my dad's house. There are grown step kids involved as my dad had remarried years ago and she passed away a few years ago. As many have had to deal with wills and estates and who gets what it's even more messed up when there are two different families involved. We thought before my step mom and dad passed away that it was all split a certain way and a done deal. Well, no, things were changed. So after we have been waiting for months for our legal council to tell us when we could do anything about the estate all of a sudden we are being told by the other side that we had to be at the house at a certain time and we had to clean the house out as they were putting the house on the market soon. We knew they got the house as it was in their mother's name and for some reason we got all the contents. This wasn't easy to put together on such short notice. We all had to make arrangements and rent a truck and trailer as there was my dad's boat and vehicles that had to be brought back, too. In the end we were there when we were supposed to be and we cleaned out and brought back what we wanted. We unloaded different loads at different homes and a lot of the stuff landed in our garage. We haven't had time to go through it and to put things where they need to go, but hopefully very soon. We didn't get to our house until 10:30 pm on that Sunday night two weeks ago and we were exhausted. So here is what my garage looks like at the moment and some of the pieces that will be coming inside.

Mr. Savvy's car has been moved out and all this has moved in.

The Tufted Chairs in Their New Spaces


Last month I shared my new host and hostess chairs for the dining room as the tufted ones I had there before took up too much room and there was no space behind them. I know everyone preferred the tufted ones, as did I, but they were impractical. So after getting the new chairs I had to find new spaces for the tufted chairs and really the only spots I had was in the guest bedrooms. I love how they look in those rooms, too.

Wow Us Wednesdays #349


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! Thanks so much for all the comments on the bathroom progress I shared a couple of days ago. It's actually beginning to look like a bathroom now and the carpenters showed up late today and started the built in shelves for the towels, other bathroom goodies and some pretties. Check out my instagram to see it.The shower glass guy came yesterday to do the final measurements for the glass and that should be installed in a couple of weeks....I hope. In the mean time hubby and I will be painting as soon as the carpenters finish.

Let's look at some features from last week and get this party started.

DIY Flamingo watercolor embroidery by Flamingo Toes.

I Had to go Back and Get It


I just had to go back and get it! Almost anyone who goes antique hunting will tell you if you love it then buy it and you will find a place for it. I'm so glad I went back for this vintage French child's chair and I'm pretty sure I know where it will be used. Since this shop was out of state it was better for me to go ahead and buy this or it would have driven me nuts thinking about it. You can see the post about the shop here.

Master Bath Progress Week of August 7


Y'all I was hoping this bathroom renovation wouldn't take this long, but we are now going into week seven. I have been so over the dust and grit all over that pink paper we put down on the floors. So after the tile guys left yesterday I pulled it all up.....every stinkin bit of it! Then I vacuumed, dusted, and mopped and it was like I could suddenly breathe again. Yes, more dust and mess is yet to come, but not as much as there has been. We need to put down fresh paper anyway when the next round starts. The tile guys were here all week and they tiled the shower and the floor. They will come back to do the wall over the vanity once that is installed with the counter top. We haven't even talked to a stone place yet for the counter. We will get on that next week. We also need the shower glass guy to come back for the final measurements. The carpenters are bringing the vanity base tomorrow and I guess they will start doing the rest of the trim work around the tub, doors and window soon. We don't even know if the custom window is ready yet. Anyway as this project drags on here is how the progress went last week. 

On Monday the tile guys did the prep work. They installed the Durock and formed the shower floor. They finished around 3:30 since this had to dry. 

Fall Decor Ideas, DIY Wreaths, Little Luxuries and More


Are y'all ready for the weekend? I hope y'all have some fun plans. My son and his family are here for a very short visit as we will be taking them to the airport today for them to fly off to Italy to spend time with my daughter in law's family. Wish I was jetting off!

Thank you all for the well wishes for miss Bailey. She is home again and feeling good. It was just some nasty bug.
Be sure to check out all the inspiration below where you will find fall decor ideas, DIY wreaths, little luxuries and more.

Why I Love Decorating With Cows


If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you know I use cows in my decor whether it's paintings, figurines or even pillows. Why do I love decorating with cows? I don't know. I'm just drawn to them and my motto is to decorate with what makes you happy and you will love your home. I probably shouldn't love cows in my decor so much since I remember when Mr. Savvy and I were dating and he was living with his dad on a farm occasionally the cows would get out and he would have to get them back in. A couple of times this happened when we were supposed to go out on a date. I was not pleased with those cows, but now I love them in my decor.
Oh, and one time years ago when we got home from church we had cows in our backyard eating our monkey grass or lirope that was out back at the time. They were pulling it up and chowing down. I was like, uh dear, we have cows in our backyard.

This cow painting from Ballard's is a favorite and it has moved to the breakfast room, but may move back here. See more of this room and my tips for a comfortable guestroom.