Party Time

Saturday was my granddaughter Leila's fourth birthday and her party was at a bowling alley. I have not been in a bowling alley in years and boy have they changed. Here are some photos from her party and I did not have time to edit them getting ready for my trip. These were all taken with my Samsung camera.


Old Bed New Room

I hope y'all had a good weekend. I am in North Carolina for a few days checking out all the new furniture and home decor trends at the High Point Furniture Market. I hope to have some good photos to share soon.

Things change quickly around here especially when the mister finally says we should get a new mattress. I just shared the Guest Room Bed with you a couple weeks ago in its new color, but now that room has changed again. Remember I told you there was a big domino effect going on here.


On My Way

I'm on my way to my friend Shirley's in North Carolina today so we can attend the High Point Furniture Market. I attended in 2012, but did not go last year. Looking forward to seeing the new furniture and home decor trends.


Favorite Room....Shabbyfufu

My name is Janet and I have been blogging over at Shabbyfufu for over 8 years now. I've recently gotten to know Savvy Southern Style when I participated in several link parties. I thank you Kim for inviting me to share my favorite room with your readers today!
Since we've lived in this South Florida home for 24 years and raised our family here, it's gone through many changes and several style incarnations as you might imagine. It's difficult to pick a favorite room in our homes I think for most of us, and I'm no different than anyone who looks to home for sanctuary and comfort...


A Change in the Kitchen

I know y'all think I'm crazy and I sure hope y'all don't think I purposely repaint things to have something to blog about because I don't. The way life happens around here is I can just be walking through the house and all of a sudden I will look at something and the idea of how a piece might look better in a new color literally pops in my head. That's exactly how this makeover came to be.

Do you see what got a quick  paint job?


Wow Us Wednesdays #191

Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! I sure hope your week is going well. We are having stormy weather today, but that's okay. I like days where you can stay inside and get cozy or catch up on projects.

Last week there were lots of great links and here are a few that caught my eye.

The Styled Soul shared her pretty small space solution in the guest room.


Bed and Bedding Choices

Yesterday I shared what my queen size bed looked like before the change to a king size bed. This past weekend we actually took the queen bed apart and set up the king size frame and headboard. We are just waiting for the box springs and mattress to be delivered. Then I get to play dress up! That's the fun part.

I put together this collage of what I'm using. I ordered another upholstered headboard, but this one is lighter in color and it has wings. It is not white like the photo shows, but lighter than the last one.


My Bed At The Moment

Well, I think I have finally nagged Mr. Savvy enough to make him break down and agree to buying a new mattress. I have been waking up with hip and back pain for weeks, no months, and I am pretty sure it is from our very old mattress. Forget the eight years time to replace like they say in the ads. We are way past eight. It's more like eighteen! I told him since we need a new mattress and box springs that we really need to switch to a king size instead of a queen. We are getting older and he sleeps rather restlessly sometimes and I need my sleep and my space! So since we are in the process of getting a new bed and all the bedding that goes with it I thought I better show you what my bed looks like at the moment before it all changes.

This is how it has looked for several weeks.  I decided to bring my cow pillow in here for a bit and I love it with the quilt in the same colors at the end of the bed.


A Vintage Framed Sampler

When I was hunting at the Liberty Antiques Festival a couple weeks ago I came across another piece of artwork.

I stood there and looked at it and pondered about whether I really wanted it or not....for about half a second.


Drove Right Past

Last Saturday I posted that I was headed to the pumpkin farm. Well, we drove right past it and decided to check out Hillcrest Orchards that was just down the road.


Favorite Room....House On The Way

Have you ever had one of those "did I really just read that" moments? A few weeks ago, it happened to me.
Kim emailed me and invited me to share my favorite room with her amazing readers. I might have given her the fastest "yes" in the history of responses!
I'm so excited to be here today...can you tell?
My name is Leslie and I blog at House on the Way. My favorite room is one of my most recent room makeovers. It's the place that I call my own...my master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Tour
One of the things that I love about my bedroom is my DIY Fabric Tufted Headboard. I love making headboards and this Pottery Barn inspired project is my absolute favorite. It's a tall design with clean lines, which makes it such a classic style bed.


Something You May Not Know About Me

There is probably something most of y'all don't know about me, but I am obsessed with clothes lately. Probably even more so than home decor. Well, they run pretty neck and neck.

I love white jeans year round and they really do look sharp with boots. I would actually share photos of me dressed in some of my outfits if I had a photographer, but I don't. The few times I have asked Mr. Savvy to take a photo either my head is cut off or at the waist when I want a long shot.
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