Wow Us Wednesdays #315


Winter, spring, winter, spring, the weather just cannot make up its mind! Oh, well maybe it will get straightened out some time. Atlanta had the warmest February on record this year. I'm afraid about the time the calendar says it's officially spring we will be slammed with an ice or snow storm....just sayin.

Welcome to Wow! Let's look at some features and get this party rollin.

Learn how to create this vintage style pull down map by Blesser House.

Yep, More Chairs


Yesterday I shared my new side and host and hostess chairs in the dining room. Well, the breakfast room has a new set coming, too. Or I should say a new antique set coming. After finding my antique farm table in France I have been on the hunt for a set of antique French chairs with rush seat to go with it. I am thrilled that I found a set being sold by the same seller that I bought the vaisselier from on ebay and they will both arrive on Saturday.

This table has had three different sets of chairs used at it. I loved this set, but they went with the table that I used here before getting this one. I needed to sell the table and chairs together so they are gone.

Herringbone, Tufts, and Tacks


I have had mismatched chairs for so long in the dining room, but now I have four matching side chairs and two matching host and hostess chairs. They are the perfect new additions in here. What could be wrong with herringbone, tufts, and tacks? 

This is the look now, but soon this will change as I mentioned in this post.

Bonus Room Progress


What? You didn't know the bonus room was getting a makeover? I think I may have mentioned it, but who knows the paint fumes may be affecting me since I have been up to my eyeballs in paint again. The mister and I have been working on this room together over the last couple of weekends plus I painted on my own one day last week. If you would like to see what it looked like the first time I shared it click here. Then in 2014 it got a mini makeover and you can see that here. This time it is a much bigger makeover.

Farmhouse Style Is


Farmhouse style has been all the rage the past few years and of course farms and farm houses have been around forever. It's so easy to add farmhouse style and today I'm sharing what farmhouse style is.

More Than A Peek


The other day I gave y'all a small peek at my antique vaisselier that will be in my dining room in a few weeks. Many of y'all just cannot believe I'm going to replace my pretty hutch I have now. Yes, I have loved this hutch for many years and have updated it a couple of times, but I'm ready to replace it with a beautiful French antique. So I'm going to share the photos of it that were on ebay before I purchased it and you will see why I love it.