Bedrooms, A Bathroom Reveal, Pretty Tables and More


It's Saturday and that means it's time for lots of inspiration with my friends for Home Style Saturdays. Below you will find inspiration for bedrooms, a bathroom reveal, pretty tables and more.

This week on the blog I shared my summer master bedroom and choosing the pretties for the master bathroom.

Choosing the Pretties for the Master Bathroom


Oh, my head has been spinning trying to choose the pretties for the master bathroom remodel. We were supposed to begin this last April, but that was put on hold after my mom's accident and then me breaking my foot. I just couldn't wrap my head around a big project like this at that time. Well, now mom is well and my foot is better, even though I may need physical therapy to learn how to walk without limping, so this big job is finally underway and my house is a mess.  From the choices I have made the bathroom will be traditional with a little bit of glam tossed in. Of course it has to look much worse before it gets better and we are already at the worse part. The demo was done last week and now the puzzle will slowly be put together. I'm sharing some of the things I am either thinking about getting or have already made my mind up on. I put some of the items together to show you how they will work together. I shared some of the chandeliers in the running last week and of course most of y'all have expensive taste and chose the Visual Comfort one. 😉

The English bronze sconces are a go. I will put a single sconce on the left side of my mirror, on the right side of his mirror and the double one between the two mirrors over the make up vanity. The mirror is also the one I chose unless I change my mind again. I need to order it before I do. As I shared last week I'm trying to decide on a chandelier to go in the center of the bathroom instead of over the tub. 

Wow Us Wednesdays #345


Welcome Wowzers! It's hot, hot, and hot here! It is summer in sticky Georgia after all and I'm already ready for fall to arrive. I've even been shopping for fall bedding already. What can I say? I love dressing the beds and I hope they give y'all some inspiration for your own homes. So while the house is covered in dust and there are tools, tile, and bathroom items here and there throughout the house I'm shopping for fall. It's the only way for me to stay sane through this. 😒

Let's look at some pretties from last week and get this party started.

You'll notice that I have bathroom remodeling on the brain right now and I love these blue bathrooms even though mine will not be blue.

Love every detail about this powder room by Vintage Refined.

Layers of White Summer Bedding in the Master Bedroom


Oh, summertime. Hot hot summertime. With white bedding at least I can think cool. Well, that's what I'll tell myself. Today I'm sharing the bed in the master that I have had dressed in layers of white since Spring. 

Master Bath Progress Day Three


Yesterday the carpenters returned to finish the framing. Yes, they work on Saturday..... thank goodness.
Let's look at the master bath progress day three.

The new tub and shower set up will be similar to this, but ours isn't quite this large of an area and we won't have that wall sticking out by the window.
Photo source from signature hardware on pinterest.

In Two Days Time and Home Style Saturdays


A lot has been accomplished in the master bath the last couple of days. Tub, shower, cabinets, sinks, cabinets,toilet, and floor tiles are all out of here. Hope y'all don't get tired of progress shots because that's about all I have to share right now except for one more summer bedroom coming your way. I hate when a project takes over most of the house, but it is what it is.

I guess we could use the stuff outside. 😐