The New Bonus Room Guest Space with the Twin Beds


I had so much fun transforming the bonus room into a guest room space with the twin beds. When I brought home these twin beds from my dad's home I knew they were going to replace the queen size bed, but I didn't know the decorating would go towards kids. When I started looking for bedding and then adding the accessories it just went in the direction of a room for kids which would be our grand kids. Of course adults can sleep in here, too. Kids rooms are so much fun to decorate and I haven't done one in a long time. I love how this space turned out.

The Master Bath Details and Sources


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my Master Bath Reveal post. Today I'm sharing the master bath details and sources. None of the products were sponsored. We remodeled out of pocket just like the everyday Joe and who knew a bathroom remodel could cost almost as much as new small car? 😮
So without further ado here are the master bath details.

The number one thing that everyone seems to love and mentions the most is the floor.

She's Ten and Home Style Saturdays


Happy weekend y'all! It's time for another addition of Home Style Saturdays where six of my blogging friends and I share some inspiration from past posts. First I want to say Happy Birthday to my girl....well, the four legged one. She celebrated ten years yesterday on Friday the 13th!

Check out lots of inspiration in the links below and have a fabulous weekend!

What I'm Loving.....Twin Beds


I have always loved twin beds whether they are for kids or adults. There is just something about a pair of beds all made up in pretty linens and usually some kind of chest or table between them. I didn't ever think I would have twin beds in my home, but after my dad's passing I ended up with the twin beds that were my grandparents'. I've had so much fun setting those beds up and will be sharing them soon.
Here are some inspiration photos of twin beds.

The Mind of a Decorating Lunatic


This is how my brain works. It's Monday morning and I'm cleaning the house. Then I look at the pillows on the sofa and think....hmmm, I could switch those up for a new look. Maybe use the striped multicolored pillows and then switch out the brown for blue and maybe just maybe even add a pop of coral. Then the switching begins and it's 10:30 and I'm still cleaning and haven't had breakfast yet. Oh, and I'm still in my pajamas, too. Yep, that's pretty much my normal around here when a new idea pops in my head. It's definitely the mind of a decorating lunatic, but oh what fun!
And girls, I know I'm not alone.

Wow Us Wednesdays #357


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays and thanks so much for partying here. I hope your week is off to a good start. I'll be glad when it starts feeling more fall like here since we are feeling rather tropical these days after Nate moved through. It just doesn't feel like fall, but I know it's out there some where.

Let's look at some features from last week and get this party started.

Pretty dresser transformation by Timeless Creations.

Fall Dessert on the Deck


Did y'all have a good weekend? Saturday was nice, but Sunday was gloomy and rainy as Nate moved through. Today I'm inviting y'all to join me for a fall dessert on the deck. Let's pretend that it's cool outside, since it is actually very muggy, and dusk is setting in. I made an apple bundt cake from scratch and you are welcome to join me for a slice. 

A Fall Patio, Halloween Mantel, Budget Flower Styling and More


It's the weekend and that means it's time for Home Style Saturdays. This week it's all about a fall patio, halloween mantel, budget flower styling and more. So I hope y'all will stick around and check out all the inspiration below and enjoy the weekend!

Home Style Saturdays Logo

Fall Front Porch


Last weekend we did a lot of yard work which included adding some fresh pine bark nuggets to the beds in front of the house. We put out sixty bags and will need a lot more to do the rest of the beds. Since we are getting up there in years we can't work from dawn to dusk like we used to so things take longer.  I trimmed the bushes first and then the mulch covered up the clippings. While the yard was looking so much better I finally felt like sprucing up the front porch for fall.

Fall Style French Farmhouse Guest Bedroom


This guest bedroom is the one I like to have fun with when I style it seasonally or for the holidays. I changed the bedding and added some fun new pillows mixed with old ones and layered quilts for those chilly nights. I have also incorporated some family heirlooms.

Come on in the fall style French farmhouse guest bedroom.