My New Ride


Yay, it's the weekend! I hope y'all have some fun plans. I guess I will watch Mr. Savvy do my job of cutting the grass. I really like to cut the grass and work in the yard and in a few weeks I'll be back at it. Maybe I'll take my new ride out and pop some wheelies on the driveway. Or maybe not!

This has really helped me to get around without having to limp so much which throws the rest of the body out of whack.

Choosing a Master Bath Vanity


I told y'all back in January that the master bathroom was going to get renovated soon, as in April soon. Well, that obviously has been put on hold especially since I can't even go upstairs yet on this foot in order to sleep up there while our room is a mess and no bathroom to use at night. It is going to eventually happen and it has given me time to choose how I want the space to look. After my accident with the foot it has made me realize that I need a place to sit and put on my make up instead of standing the whole time. Remember hubby says we are staying in this house as we grow old together so a place to sit will work much better. Since I'm sitting way more than normal I've been on Pinterest a lot and today I'm sharing some vanity ideas I like.

French Ironstone


Most all my ironstone that I have collected in the past is English, but recently I have purchased a couple of French ironstone tureens.

Wow Us Wednesdays #323


Welcome wowzers! Can you believe it's the last week of April? This month has flown by. Of course the faster the days go by the faster it's going to be sticky hot instead of enjoyable out. I hate to see spring leave us.

Let's look at some features from last week that are spring inspired.

Curly Crafty Mom shared how to make this pretty embroidery hoop wreath.

Where I Buy French Antiques


I have been a fan of French country style for many years and the first few years I didn't own any French antiques and only a couple of English antiques.  I decorated with mostly new furniture and accessories in French country style colors of brick reds, mustard yellows, sage greens and more when those colors were very popular. As time passed my taste and style changed. Not the French style of it, but the colors. I started leaning more towards neutrals and then adding in more blues, tans and soft greens and grays. I was very fortunate to travel to France three years ago on a brocante shopping trip and was able to ship home some purchases. I truly hope to go again some day, but will probably only buy things I can bring home on the plane. I have also found some wonderful French antiques right here in the states in antique shops, flea markets, Ebay and Etsy shops. You don't have to travel to France for some great finds.

This French buffet in the foyer is great for extra storage and I love the wood. This was found in Normandy in a large building filled with lots more goodies. 

Always Look on the Bright Side


Seriously y'all I keep laughing at what has been going on lately and wonder if I'm secretly being filmed for Candid Camera or some other reality show. Life goes along so smoothly and then BAM things go awry very quickly. As I told y'all my mom is in a nursing center for a fractured pelvis, but I never told y'all how that happened. So I thought I would share her very freak accident and what's going on lately with me, too if you missed it on IG and FB. With all that has been going on I am staying positive because there is no point in being negative. "Always look on the bright side".