How To Decorate With Demijohns


I have quite a few collections and I thought I would start sharing what I collect and how I decorate with them in my home. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for ways to decorate with your collections or you may just find something new to collect. Today I'm starting with my demijohn collection.

Some of you may not even know what a demijohn is. The definition says it is a bulbous, narrow necked bottle holding from 3 to 10 gallons of liquid, typically enclosed in wicker.

Farmhouse Style Guest Bath Updates


As many of you know I have been removing most of the red in my home over the last several months. I still like red I just don't want to have my home filled with it anymore. My taste changed somewhere along the way and I just needed to make things a bit lighter and fresher. I think it was happening around the time I turned.....ahem, sixty. Anyway, in April of 2015 I shared the guest bath transformation that Mr. Savvy and I worked on. There were red accessories in there and they needed to be removed to go with the new lighter colors in the guest room and the rest of the house.

Wow Us Wednesdays #284


Welcome to Wow! I sure hope y'all are staying cool during this heat wave that is affecting most of the country. I went out early yesterday to mow the grass before it got terribly hot and I still sweated a lot. I think I'm ready for the fall cool down. How about y'all?

We can stay cool inside and look at these features from last week.

Find out how She Holds Dearly installed this rustic brick wall.

My Southern Summer Kitchen


Summer in my southern kitchen means lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I wish we had our own garden,but after trying out one in our yard a few years ago Mr. Savvy decided not to do it again. That's okay the fresh goods from the farmer's market work just fine for us.

Worth the Wait


I wait patiently each summer for our crape myrtles to bloom. This is when our front yard looks the best when these huge bushes are loaded with blooms. It seems ours bloom a bit later than most I see around in shopping centers and business parks. I don't know why ours take their dear sweet time, but they are worth the wait.

A Versatile Pillow and Giveaway


It's the weekend and we are going to start it off with a giveaway!
When I shared the summer master a few days ago I shared this wonderful new pillow on my bed. I had shopped in a local store and shared photos of the shop on the blog awhile back and on instagram. Well, the folks at Sugarboo and Co. noticed and offered me a gift and a giveaway of the same thing I chose for one of you. Y'all know what a crazy nut I am about pillows so of course that is what I picked.

Today I'm sharing how the pillow works in different rooms in my house because it's so versatile.