September Recap

We are already through a full week in October. Time flies by so quickly and the older I get the quicker it goes by. September went by so fast it is just a blur so I had to remind myself what I did in September by looking back through my posts and I'm sharing some of them here just in case it was all a blur to you, too.

My open shelving in the kitchen was restyled a bit after adding to my vintage collectibles.


Wow Us Wednesdays #242

Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays. I hope your week is going well. I'm not going to complain about the rain anymore because it has gone. We woke up to sunshine for the first time in two weeks, but then some clouds rolled back in on and off. Still better than it was. I hope everyone else dries out soon, too and I sure do wish we could send the rain where it is needed.

Lot of inspiration shared last week so let's look at some features and get this shindig going!

The Organized Life shared some great ideas for transforming storage containers on the cheap.


How to Combat the Blahs

How was your Monday? Good? We had a few breaks in the clouds and just seeing the sun for a few minutes lifted my spirit, but I have the song by The Carpenters stuck in my brain....Rainy days and Mondays always get me down... Do y'all remember The Carpenters? Some of you may be too young, but I know the ones around my age will remember them well. 

To combat the blahs and brighten up the inside of the house a bit I went to a couple stores in search of some pretty flowers. 

Some how flowers have a way of making things brighter on a gloomy day.


Playing House

I love a pretty bed. Maybe you have noticed that. Changing the bedding is such an easy way to change the feel of a room. I mostly just change the pillows and the duvet or quilt that I place at the end of the bed. It's what Mr. Savvy calls playing house when I switch things up. After taking the Lady Antebellum bedding off the other guest room bed I decided to use the standard shams from that bedding set in this guest room. The good thing about having neutral walls and carpet means I can switch things from one room to the next and play house.


More Fall Shots Around the House

Let me just say if the sun doesn't return soon I'm going to scream! I can handle a couple days of clouds and rain, but days and days of it make me crazy. I love bright sunshine and am longing for some crisp cool sunny days to welcome fall. Since the clouds and rain are hanging on here for dear life, my house is dark inside and not too good for picture taking. I did grab my camera with the lens that can let in more light and just snapped these shots around the house that show touches of fall I have added.

In the foyer I replaced the little velvet pumpkin that sat in this old trophy with these feathers.


Whimsical Fall in the Guest Room

I'm not a very serious person and I like to add a touch of whimsy in each room if I can. I don't want my home to be formal or boring. So when it came to decorating the farmhouse style guest room for fall all decorating rules were tossed out the window and adding fun things took place.

The psychedelic cow art stays in this room and certainly adds some fun. I love all the colors.


Wow Us Wednesdays #241

Welcome to Wow! Are y'all enjoying fall and all the fall inspiration throughout blog land? I know I have. And can you believe we are at the end of September? What?? Where on earth did it go? Before long we will be enjoying turkey and dressing and then a few weeks later exchanging gifts. Oh wait, I'm talking crazy....or am I? The holidays will be here before we know it.Before they sneak up on us let's look at some features from last week and get this party going!

Great DIY fall sign by Her Tool Belt.


Cozy Fall Sitting Room

I hope y'all had a nice weekend. We had gloomy skies and drizzle on and off, but it was cool and felt like fall. To ready my sitting room for fall I added darker colored and textured pillows, a thick cozy throw for those chilly evenings, books stacked on the floor with some pumpkins, and some fall florals. It's so easy to add these things to add a bit of the season and to create a cozy space that beckons you in to sit a spell.

 Oh, and I almost forgot this room got a bit of a furniture change. I took out the round table that was in front of the sofa and brought in the ottoman that goes with the chair. Now I have this wonderful comfy spot where I can put my legs up.


My Stylish French Girlfriends

Well, not my stylish French girlfriends. Why would I have stylish French girlfriends? :) I wish I did, but I'm talking about this fabulous book by Sharon Santoni who also writes the blog My French Country Home. I was thrilled when she asked me to share her book on my blog.

This quote by Sharon describes the essence of what the book is about:
"My girlfriends come from all walks of life and from all over France. They may live in a chic Paris apartment, a little country cottage or a grand chateau. The important thing is that they are doing things with style and that they love what they do."


Lots of Fall Inspiration

Did y'all get to visit all the fabulous Fall Ideas this past week? I have you covered right here all in one spot. There is so much inspiration for mantels, tables, wreaths, and crafts. All the links are below.
So get your coffee or whatever you drink and get comfy and be ready to be inspired.


Bringing Out the Details

 I have been wanting some tall old French or Italian style carved candlesticks for some time, but they are so dang expensive and this chick just can't pay those prices so I have stayed on the hunt and stayed patient. Well, my patience paid off in a pair of look a likes at a very good price. I didn't love the color or finish on them so guess what? Yep, painted them.


Pine Chest Makeover in Mora and Restyled Cabinet

I told y'all I'm on a painting binge and this chest became a victim, too. This chest was in pretty poor condition and I had put off painting it until now. Mr. Savvy was surprised I even bought this since it isn't super sturdy. Yea, it's a bit rickety, but I love the shape of it and it didn't cost much.

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