And The Christmas Tours Begin

Can you feel the excitement in the air? So many blog Christmas tours are beginning this week and I can't wait to check them out! I'm proud to be included in one this week and today it is all about Christmas mantels.


The Perfect Spot

Did y'all have a nice Thanksgiving and did y'all end up in a turkey coma afterwards like Mr. Savvy did? Yea, while I cleaned up he was asleep in his chair. We had a good time with our family, but not without incident. I think I cracked a rib before everyone got here when I leaned over to clean out my tub and then I cut two fingers on one of the cheese knives, but bandaids took care of the bleeding. Just call me miss klutz. My rib is sore, but I'll live. It just hurts to bend over and to move certain ways. My Christmas decorating may be in slow motion this weekend. Anyway it was a beautiful day with good food enjoyed with family and that's what matters. Now on with today's post.

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In this post I shared a uber cute new painting in my dining room from Minted. I told you it was not my original choice for that spot so today I'm sharing the one I thought would hang in the dining room, but ended up in one of the guest rooms. Sometimes things just work better swapped around.

It landed in the front guest room over the stacked vintage lidded baskets. Yes, recently I had a different art piece hanging here, but you know that things don't stay the same very long around here.


Wow Us Wednesdays #249

Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! Are y'all ready for turkey day? I think I almost am. I just need to keep the house clean and start roasting the big bird early on Thursday and then welcome my family as they arrive. I can't wait! I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to any of you who will be travelling to your Thanksgiving destination.

Now let's look at some features from last week and get this party started!

Chatfield Court shares a tutorial for creating these beautiful living ornaments.


The Last Fall Vignette

When I shared the new art work in the dining room and how the little black lamp from the foyer moved in there, too I told you I would share what lamp I'm using in the foyer now. I figured I better show you the way the vignette also changed on the chest some before I put it all away and start decorating for Christmas. So this is the way the top of the chest has looked for the last month or so. This is the last of the fall decor for 2015.


Stories of Savvy Southern Style Vintage Curated Collection

If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you know I have a slight thing for stools. They can be tall, short, new, old, wood, metal, stained or painted it just doesn't matter I seem to gravitate towards them when I see them. I was thrilled to be invited to create a curated collection for Bits Of Vintage. I love to incorporate vintage with new in my home and there are lots of items in this collection that will mix with many styles.

When I first saw this little white chippy stool I just knew it needed to be in my home.


Simple Table Ready For Nine

As promised I'm sharing the other table set for Thanksgiving. The dining room table that I shared last week is set for six and I needed nine more at the breakfast room table. This meant adding the extensions to my antique French farmhouse table that I have never used before. This is also the first time using this table for Thanksgiving since I didn't have it last time I hosted.


Holiday Bedroom Ideas

Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas? Nothing over done, but maybe just some touches that add the holiday spirit in the rooms? I like to decorate mine especially if there are going to be guests staying in them. Today we are going back down memory lane to see how I've add a few holiday touches to the bedrooms.

For those of you who have not been reading my blog since the beginning the now farmhouse style room used to be done in a nautical style. In 2012 I added flannel sheets, a vintage quilt and then just added a big star pillow made from an old quilt. I purchased the pillow at the country living fair the first time I attended it. Also the enamelware pail was from the fair, too and I placed a small tree in it.


Rustic With a Touch of Glam

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only one week away? Gosh this month is zipping on by. Before it does I wanted to share one of my two tables this year ready for my family that will be gathering together here this year. We take turns hosting and it's my turn. The holidays is really the only time I get to set a fancy table. Well, really not that fancy, but certainly not the everyday look. I'm calling it rustic with a touch of glam.


Wow Us Wednesdays #248

Well, the countdown to turkey day is here! I've been planning my tables and getting things prepped for the big day since I am hosting this year. There will be fifteen of us this year which is down since my son and his family won't be joining us this year. Are y'all ready?
 Well, if you aren't ready for Thanksgiving I hope y'all are ready to party here!

Lots of fabulous links last week and here are just a few highlights.

This is so super cute by Cami at Tidbits. She shares a full tutorial, too.


Vintage Bamboo Folding Chair

When I shared the new look in the great room yesterday I didn't show y'all this side of the room. Today I want to show y'all my favorite find from the country living fair. I was looking around in one of the booths and I spied this vintage bamboo folding chair sitting behind the booth.


Great Room Project Reveal

 Two weekends ago when the rain began, that we thought would never end, I decided to tackle a project that had been on my mind for some time. If I suddenly get in the mood to paint then I usually will jump on it before that mood leaves me. So off to the paint store I went and there was no stopping me.

Do you see what got changed?


From the Sun Room to the Guest Room

When I shared the new pillows and sign in the sun room the other day I told y'all the blue plaid pillows that were formerly in the sun room had moved to a new spot. The other perfect place is in the farmhouse style guest room where I have lots of fun with color and mixing patterns.

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