Wow Us Wednesdays #232

Welcome to Wow! I'm so glad y'all are here to party. Are y'all staying cool cause baby it's hot outside?
Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my new outdoor space. Now, I just need it to cool down so I can sit out there.

Lots of great links last week so let's look at a few features and get this party started.

Practically Spoiled shared a full tutorial for transforming her oak cabinets into these white beauties.


My Outdoor Room.....The Deck Reveal

After what seems like forever getting the deck renovation finished I can finally say it basically is done. There are still a few things to do like paint the windows and the door, but that will be when it isn't ninety degrees plus out there. Let me say one thing.... without the help from Mr. Savvy this project would not have ever happened. I have one very hard working man who made my vision become real.

Now I have this beautiful outdoor room! The addition of the pergola created the perfect space.


Eight Ways to Style a Vintage Tool Caddy

I love old tool carriers and I have two that I use from time to time in my home decor. They are great for everyday use or for seasonal and holiday decorating.

I bought this one years ago at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. One year for Christmas I filled it with pine cones, antlers, ornaments and a candle as a centerpiece on my coffee table.


It All Started With a Walk Through

I know I have told y'all before that sometimes when I walk through a room in my house an idea to make a change will pop in my head, Well.......it happened again a couple days ago when I walked through the dining room.

This change took place the day after I got home from Haven. The change had nothing to do with Haven except for the fact that while I was at Haven there just may have been a little trip to Ikea. 


Wow Us Wednesdays #231

It's party time again! Hope you had a great week since our last gathering. I went to the Haven conference in Atlanta, which is just down the road from me, and had a grand time connecting and hanging with my friends. It was fun seeing old friends and making new ones. I wasn't going to go this year, but am so glad I did. I barely took a picture so there will not be a post about Haven.

Lots of great links last week and here are a few features.

Pat and her hubby from Back Porch Musings downsized a few months ago and I look forward to each room reveal. Check out her cozy den.


Blue Ticking Lampshades

I love a good bargain and especially when it's something that's been a favorite of mine like blue ticking. Of course I love red ticking, too or any color ticking.

Did y'all notice anything different in the guest room when I shared the new bedding last week.......


It's That Time Again and a Peek

It's that time of year again. It's time to connect with old friends and meet some new ones.


French Farmhouse Style Vignettes

You don't have to live in an actual farm house or in France, but you can create the look of a French farm house with a few simple items. Today I'm sharing some vignettes/centerpieces I have created in the past. Maybe some of these will spark an idea to try in your own home.

Here I used a grain sack, a vintage breadboard, a baguette basket, enamelware pitcher filled with lavender and an ironstone bowl of fruit with some cloth napkins hanging out.


Wow Us Wednesdays #230

Welcome to Wow! I hope your week is going well. I am busy this week preparing to attend the Haven Conference again this year. We have been away the last two weekends and this will be my third weekend away, but this time without the hubby. 

Let's look at a few features from last week and get this party rolling.

Check out this super cute kitchen reno with before and after photos by Leaving the Ivory Tower.


Backyard Progress

Last week the backyard got worked on and I am thrilled to say we have grass!

This is what the yard looked like when the makeover began last Wednesday.


Lady Antebellum Heartland Collection

One of my favorite country music groups is Lady Antebellum. Mr. Savvy and I always turned the radio up when their very popular song "Need You Now" would come on. We would also sing along to it even though Mr. Savvy has a way of not singing the same thing they are. I laugh at some of the words he comes up with when singing with the radio.

I like their new song "Bartender" too. They just harmonize so beautifully together. Why am I talking about Lady Antebellum? 


On The Other Side

On Monday I shared my sun room decorated for summer, but didn't share the other side of the room. I don't show this side of the sun room much since it's the side with the television and a bench for extra seating if needed.

The pillows on this side coordinate with the rest of the room. These change out just as often as the ones on the sofa and chairs.
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