...........I don't think so at least not yet. Just wanted to share with you what Mr. Savvy and I accomplished yesterday. Our pond has been looking rather bad and I knew I could not take care of it all by myself. The grass had really gotten very tall around the pond and usually I just take the weedeater to it and cut it down. Then all the grass ends up in the pond which then needs to be scooped out or it just sits there and looks awful. Well, at my age, first using the weedeater all the way around this pond bout kills my back and arms. Then to scoop out the clippings with a pool net is not easy at all. Add ninety degree temps and humidity and it is an exhausting job! Well, finally Mr. Savvy took our push weedeater thing and cut all the overgrown mess down around the pond and then he started digging out all the leaves that had fallen in from the fall and the clippings out of the pond till his back was killing him. See we are not getting any younger here folks. I let him rest a while while I scooped out a bunch and this is what it looks like now. Oh, and this junk in the pond does not smell good at all.

This is what it looks like from the sunroom.

See all those piles of rotted leaves. Now we are letting them dry out some and then we have to 
load all that stuff into the wheelbarrow and dump it in the woods.

Yes, we have to pick up all this stinky stuff.

We are going to dig this up. I don't like the way it looks.

I don't want to leave you with just photos of muck. Here are the water lilies. They were being taken over by the muck, too.

There is a bloom hiding under the leaves.

The leaves are covered in the grass clippings from us cutting the tall grass around the pond.
Some days I can have as many as thirty blooms.

Well, I just wanted to show you what we are doing this holiday weekend. I hope you are doing something fun or maybe you are like us and have things that need to be done. At least we will be able to mark this off the honey do list.

You don't have to leave a comment. I just wanted to share my project with you.

Have a good one!

I should be back with a prettier post tonight.


  1. Oh but I want to leave a comment! Love the lilly pads, my Mom had a huge pond at her old house and they where filled with these. What a job Kim!~ YUCK MUCK is right. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  2. Hi Kim - we worked like crazy yesterday - me weeding and TGD doing what he could with the bad knee. I weeded a 200+ foot bed on the drive and worked on a new herb knot garden-to-be. Ponds are a lot of work, but I have to say that ours are pretty natural - keeps things a bit easier.

  3. Y'all have been working hard! So neat that you have that pretty pond in your backyard. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. We have to do all of that too, Kim. I kind of laugh when people don't realize the maintenance that is required to keep a pond pretty...and smelling good. :)

  5. Hi Kim,
    When I was reading your post I envisioned a small fish pond. From your photos I can see this was quite a job. Take it easy tomorrow and enjoy Memorial Day.

  6. That looks like a lot of work, but to have a water feature like a pond on your land must be wonderful!

    I planted and weeded today...

  7. Kim,
    You pond is great and big! I am sure it will look beautiful, as the rest of your property when you get done.
    We are leaving Fla tomorrow. I cannot imagine what awaits me in my beds on Tues! :)

  8. Kim I had to leave a comment, Oh my!! That is a lot of work for you guys but having a pond to look at with all those wonderful trees outlining your yard has to make it worth it. I get tired just thinking of all your hard work. You sure do keep your home and property up beautifully, Now go and sit down with a glass of ice TEA. You deserver to relax!! Happy Memorial Day to you, sweet friend,Kathysue

  9. Hi Kim- I know it's a lot of work but in the end it's such a pretty thing to look at and enjoy!! You need to take tomorrow and rest up my friend!

  10. Wow, that looks like a lot of work, but it's looking so nice now, and just think you can just enjoy it all summer! Pretty. :-)

  11. It feels good to actually mark something off the to do sweet hubby has been able to mark off two things today...I am so proud of him. Your pond is beautiful and I know you enjoy it. Just have one question for you...Do you EVER rest??? You are one busy person. Enjoy tomorrow and get some rest.

  12. Kim, how wonderful to have a pond on your property. The lily pads are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  13. HI Kim, I didn't realize you had a pond! We do as well, it is posted on my RMS site. Ours is not as large as yours and is man made (by my DH0. We actually cover it with netting in the fall and uncover in the spring to keep all the leaves out. We have fish and the rotting leaves would kill them. Also make a MESS as you know:):) Thanks for showing us the pond, I know it can be back braking work, but it is beautiful!!!! XO, Pinky

  14. Think about composting Kim. You have a lovely place, with all of the grass clippings and rotting leaves, you could naturally fertilize and keep weeds at bay! Love the pond!

  15. Oh Kim my back is killing me just looking i know the feeling well of the clean up but what a pleasure to see it when its all done you go girl:)

  16. LOL! Ponds are soooo beautiful... I don't know if we knew then, what we know now, if we would have one again. LOL! They are a lot of work!! But, a lot of enjoyment, too. Your lilies are wonderful!

  17. I dont know if you will get this since this is an old post...I was just reading about your pond. My parents have a large pond (in Pennsylvania) and when they first dug it they got a permit for grass carp. They are a very strange looking fish, but you will never know they are in there. They keep all that gunk and goo out of the pond and it is crystal clear. They pull off very minimal funky stuff from the edges. In fact, sometimes my mom blows grass from the lawn mower into the pond to keep them fed! Just a thought, it saves many long backbreaking hours! (Im not sure what the process here in GA is as far as getting them, contact the fish and game commission?)'

  18. Bethanie, I hope you see this. I have heard about those fish and really do need to get a couple. Thanks for the info.