Around the Yard, Deck and Creepy Crawly Things


Thanks for all the great feedback on my last post. Glad that most of you feel the same way I do. Now I want to share a few things out back, but before I do let me just tell you BEWARE OF SNAKES!! Today I cut the grass and then I started finishing a job Mr. Savvy had started a while back. You see we had a problem with giant ants invading his garage. Well he bought some ant poison and followed their trail which led out to a huge tree next to his garage. He then pulled a lot of the pine straw away from the tree and proceeded to put the poison around the tree. After weeks of repeating the poison they were finally gone. Today I decided to start putting the pine needles back around the tree. I was tired of looking at the pine bed all messed up. So I had my gloves on and I started picking up the piles of pine needles and shaking them out. I am almost done and I pick up a pile of pine needles and Eeeeeeeeeeek!! A snake was in that pile and I shook it out and when I saw it I bout came out of my skin. See we have poisonous snakes here around our pond. This snake was resting in the pine bed for some reason and I had picked it up! It grosses me out just thinking of it. Just wanted to share that little bit of excitement I had today with you. We even had already named this tree snake tree before we built our house. There was a huuuuuuuggge snake up on a branch of this tree when we were walking the property. There was also two snake skins on the ground this spring.

This is snake tree

That's where it was right in those puffy spots of pine needles. Eeeewwwww!

We have these two huge Rose of Sharon bushes behind the deck and they are full of buds that are
just starting to open.

This is what they look like and if they do like my gardenias they will be bent over from
the weight of so many flowers.

Can you see all the buds in just this one area?

This is one of my pots of begonias on my deck. I love the patina that has formed on this pot.

Look at all that chippy crusty goodness.

I planted just three tiny plants about a month ago and look! These do real good in our Ga. heat.

I am in the process of sprucing up my plain Jane deck. Here is a before shot of my chairs and table.
Everything is brown. Brown chairs, brown table, and brown deck. Can you say brown?

And now a little spray paint  on the chairs and table and a lantern that was painted too. No before of the lantern. It was a bluish green and had frosted glass that I removed.
More deck updates coming soon.

My little babies are getting feathers now and growing so fast.

This shows more feathers showing on them

This is how I am taking their pictures

I just happened to be taking pictures when mama bird was feeding them. Mr. Savvy is ready for them
to be on their way so we can clean up the mess. I am so afraid they are going to fall out and hit
the hard porch below. I hope they all make it.

I will share more of my deck transformation soon. Just a few small things to dress it up a little.
Oh, and one more thing I need to show you.

Look at my cute little baby grill that Mr. Savvy bought me last weekend. We had a nice
big grill that had completely rusted out the back. We were going to clean it up and paint it and then
I realized I was looking at holes through the back. So it went to the garbage and Mr. Savvy said he was
going to just buy a small cheap grill and when it rusts and ruins he will just buy another one. We don't really 
need a big one anyway. It is usually just the two of us. He could not believe even the smallest one is still
like a $130. The guy tried to sell him a bigger one of course, but he was not backing down on this. I say he bought it for me because he does not grill out like most men. No, I get to do that, too!

Well, that is just some things going on around here. I hope the snake thing didn't gross you out.
I am linking to A Southern Daydreamer  for Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan.

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments. I truly do appreciate them.

Y'all come back now.


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  1. I would having been screamming and running like a bancy rooster. Your flowers look beautiful. Can't believe you climb on the ladder inside to get the pictures, hah.

  2. I"m so glad I'm not the only one with snakes!! I hate them with passion! We have them a lot here, especially in the creek. Love your Rose of Sharon a lot too. My mom gave me tons of little seedlings when we moved here so I have them everywhere, and I love them. They tend to multiply. Love your new color splash on the deck. I've never seen the back before! Beautiful as always:-)

  3. YIKES!!~ Kim I would have been screaming my head off, I hate snakes! Glad you had gloves on. Your red chairs look great. I have never seen your back deck, so I can't wait til I do:) Little Mama bird is so cute.

  4. Kim,
    I love the red chairs! Those babies are too precious. I am hoping to work on my antique glider some more on my next days off!

  5. Oh Kim,

    Have to start with the a big huge loud eeeeeeekkkk!! I hate snakes and I would have had heart attack on the spot! think you picked it up. OMG! Poor sweetie! I know it must give you the heebie jeebies! Okay, off to your beautiful roses, look at all of those wonderful buds! I do believe you so have a green thumb! What a transformation on your deck chairs, they look great, love the brilliant color too! Aww...look at those baby birds, so sweet to see them, thanks for sharing. Now be careful on that ladder!

    I really your blog.


  6. Kim I am with the other gals I would have been screaming like a crazy lady with that snake!! Yikes I hate them. Your flowers are beautiful and your deck looks great. Sweet birdies I hope they all make it also! Careful on that ladder!!

  7. Nope - I don't like snakes either. I know there are suppose to be some good ones, but I am not going to get close enough to find out what kind it is.
    I agree with you about the phone books. I also think it should be an option.

  8. The snake thing does not gross me out, we have them around here too! But I would have totally freaked if I had picked it up! My husband just told me the other day when he was power washing the house he came across one by the air conditioning units. I said, did you kill it? He said, no, it wasn't poisonous kind! I was like, Huh? I do not like snakes! Good ones or bad ones they need to go! And OH NO! Your husband sounds like mine on the grill, why spend alot of money on a grill when you are just going to toss it in a few years and get a new one! LOL! I hear ya! I love your Rose of Sharon, but do not like your snake tree! :)

  9. Glad no one was harmed! I only kill them if they are venomous. DH kills them all. Great choice on the red.
    Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday (post #3). If you haven't registered for our glass vessel sink giveaway, it's open until 5pm EST Wednesday.


  10. Okay, I'm getting freaked out just reading about your snakes. I can't imagine actually having picked one up. EEK!
    Your baby birds are so adorable!

  11. The plants and deck look nice, thanks for no snake pictures-yikes!!! I like the new chair color, it really pops-enjoy!

  12. Love the colors you are adding to your porch. I have the same Urn on my front steps :-) The impatiens aren't doing much in there yet though..

  13. Love anything RED, especially your chairs....I do not love snakes!

  14. Oh my gosh you are taking tutorials from Debbie on the spray paint thing. What a difference some paint makes. I also hate phone books, I recycle them but please stop the madness.

  15. Love the sweet baby bird pics~ I got a chuckle out of your ladder photo, I would do the same thing. Hope they get their wings before they leave the nest :-)

  16. Ewww! I hate snakes, too.

    You have a beautiful backyard!!

    Love the new grill.

    Our rose of sharon isn't blooming yet... should be by the 4th of July.

  17. Wow, so many great things to comment on! But first, I'm happy that snake didn't bite you! We have poisonous snakes here too and they are often in the water so you have to be so careful!

    Ok, now on to all of your great stuff! I love your painted chairs and lantern, and your plants...beautiful!!! And I love your cute little grill! Thankfully Mr. Tide does the grilling, I sometimes do it, but I leave most of the grill work to him!

    Kat :)

  18. EEEK to the snake experience...that would really freak me out, I would dream about it for sure! I hate snakes, I think because my brothers put a water snake down the back of my shirt when I was little, now, just thinking about them gives me chills!!!
    I love the deck chairs much better! Come say hi :D

  19. We had a snake come within a foot of our kitchen door last weekend in the country. It was 4 feet long! I may post about it--it freaked me out! Love your garden chairs painted red.

  20. Hello Kim,

    I am not bothered by snakes so I do not mind if they are in my yard (as long as they are not venomous). I figure if they are there then I will not have a rodent problem. I love the new colors on your deck, it really brightened that area up. I like your pot filled with begonias. I am so glad you posted and update about the baby birds. They look adorable. Several years ago when I lived in TX a pair of birds built their nest above our deck and I was so worried that they would fall out and either end up injured or killed by the fall that I placed cushions from my patio furniture on the deck below the nest. Attractive no, peace of mind yes!

    ~ Tracy

  21. Ahh, I would have totally freaked out if I realized I was that close to a snake! Your begonias are beautiful. And that pot is perfect for them.

    I'm not going to tell my hubby that you mow AND grill! He's been trying to convince me to mow the yard. Not going to do it!

  22. LOVE the red chairs! I think it is awesome that you go to such great lengths and heights(!) to take photos of those precious little baby birds. I would be worried about them too. Can't wait to see what else you are going to do with the space.

  23. If I ever get that close to a snake you are going to have to call the home to come get me! OH MY WORD!

    The red chairs are gorgeous...makes me want to reach for can of spray paint! I love being outside this time of year...sprucing up the patio is one of my favorite past times!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  24. I hate snakes and my dh hates them even more! EWWWW!

    Love the new red paint! My porch is boring! I think your s loos great! The sun beams down all the time on it and it's just to hot out there for me.

    Begonias is about the only thing I can't kill here! The can really take the heat! I love your pot too! I finally understand the word patina now! Thanks to you! ha!

  25. I dread coming across a garden snake, so I can't even imagine living in an area where there might be poisonous ones! I also read a post by Kate at Centsational Girl today about a giant Black Widow spider she dealt with. I think my skin will be crawling for a few days!

  26. Hi Kim! Your flowers and yard are all looking great. You know I love those chairs painted red. You just can't go wrong with a little red paint. :)

  27. okay Kim...I don't know where to start. The snake, the baby birds, you up on that ladder or the great red chair transformation. Wonderful post...

  28. I don't like snakes either Kim. Last year I was weeding in the back of our house and we had a lot of stone walls put in and what do think was living in one,yep a garden snake I think I screamed so loud the whole neighborhood heard me!!Love the new color on your deck chairs and lantern!!

  29. Kim, I am totally petrified of any snake. We once found one in our garage and I would not park in there for over a year or use that door. If anyone ever wanted to kill me all they would have to do is put a snake on me and I would die from a heart attack! Your deck furniture looks good painted and your begonias are so pretty.
    xo, Sherry

  30. I love the birds.... we have them nesting in one of our hanging baskets, three little eggs just waiting to hatch. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Ooo I'm sure I don't like snakes, but my creepy heebie jeebies are spiders! Your place looks beautiful! I'm loving the continued photos of the baby birds. I hope they will be ok and fly away safely. Take care! :-)

  32. Kim, I'm glad the snake didn't hurt you! I might have had a heart attack. LOL
    I'm behind in my visits because I've been away from my computer. Love seeing your deck and the new changes and also the master bath photos. What a relaxing spot. ~ Sarah

  33. Scary! I would have freaked out!
    I love the red paint! That really gave the chairs a new life! We had baby birds on my back porch last year. My kids and I had a great time watching them hatch, momma bird feeding them and then learning to fly! Keep us posted on how they do. As always your yard is gorgeous!

  34. I really have a problem with snakes...I'm not sure I could even buy a house if I saw a snake when I was looking at it. I live with a field in the back, so I'm sure they are out there...I just haven't seen them. I got chills just reading about you picking one up.

    Love the red chairs...what a difference! Your flowers a beautiful, don't you just love this time of year?

  35. I would be running and screaming snake! You have a lovely garden and patio.
    Joyce M

  36. I hate snakes as well!! They freak me right out! I have had them in my compost pile and always scream when I see one, LOL!
    I love your rose of sharon, it's gorgeous! I have a few and need to find out how to propogate them for the new house! Your little birdies are adorable! LOVE them! And your red chairs are wonderful!

  37. Okay, so what kind of snakes are those? I'd be freaking out! My friend has had 2 rattlesnakes in 4 months in her backyard. We do live in a desert but she happens to live near a mountain and there have been many sightings on the trails this year. I have vowed not to go on that mountian until they go back into hibernation. That all said, your flowers are looking pretty and can't wait to see your deck transformation!

  38. We had a snake in our yard this spring too....almost grabbed it when I was weeding. Eeek!

  39. Just a part of living out of town with nature!! Our dog just killed a copper head in our front yard. One thing I hate more than anything is snakes!! Love your chairs! Ours need to be sandblasted to get the rust off of them first. Nice post!

  40. My hair was standing up on top of my head reading about your snakes. Yikes! But it settled down when reading about your birds. How cute! Love your blog!

  41. Yikes! I almost stepped on a coral snake cutting roses when we lived in Florida. No more grass for me!

    Love the deck transformation. That is on our list, too.

  42. What sweet baby birds. And your red chairs really spruce up the porch.


  43. oh my goodness...did you scream...I would of just died!!! I love your yard.

  44. Girl, I DO NOT DO SNAKES, so I feel your anxiety! I love your yard, though:) We had the same issue at one of our houses and I refused to go in the back yard. I hate them! Also, with you on the grill...we bought an inexpensive one as well, 'cuz they are always rusting. I just love visiting your home!

  45. Oh dear, snakes are NOT one of my favorite things!!! I would have screamed too if I had picked it up. We ahve had many snakes here over the years, some of them BIG!!!! YOur flowers and chairs are beautiful! What kind of birds are they? We have titmice growing in a box on our back deck right now. Hopefully we will get to see they leave the nest! XO, Pinky

  46. OMG!! You actually picked up a snake and then you stayed out there and continued working. I would have been sooooo gone back inside, no way would I have stuck around. If I saw a snake I don't think I would even go outside at all. Yikes!! You are one brave lady, miss KIM!!

  47. Hi Kim,

    Nice to meet you. I'm another southern girl up here in the Tennessee Smokies. I spent lots of years off and on in Alabama, MS and Louisiana on the coastline. I don't miss the high humidity, blazing summer heat nor hurricanes..LOL I ride them out "in spirit" only.

    I know about that "freaking out" over a snake...even the ones that aren't poisonous. The baby birds are so sweet. Your deck is looking great with that color added..just amazing how it transforms things. I watch for more updates

    I'm sharing some of my photos of wildlife that I have each evening.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  48. Nice little this 'n that post, Kim. I like your new colours on the deck!