Come Hang With Us


I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It has been so hot and sticky here this week, but I still have to let miss Bailey get out and enjoy the fresh air. This is the first year that I have let her walk around in the back yard without a leash on. She is enjoying her freedom a lot. Sometimes she goes a little farther off than she is supposed, too. If she sees our neighbors out she will run as fast as her little legs will go to go see them. I just don't want her to run to the front since we live on a very busy street.

Bailey and I were just out walking around the pond and she wanted to share these photos with you. We actually found a shady spot and a breeze was blowing.

We have a lot of duckweed on the pond this year. I have gotten a lot out. A lot of it is out of reach.
It is good to keep algae down, but I can't let it cover the pond because it will deplete oxygen from the water and the fish will suffer.

Our mountain of water lilies.

She just saw a frog jump in

Don't look at how greasy she is. I just put her flea and tick medicine on. Mr. Savvy and I have
already had a couple of ticks on us this year. So far none on miss Bailey. If I mention flea medicine she runs
from me. She hates that stuff.

Bailey says come on over and just hang.

Hope the rest of your Sunday is great. 

Y'all come back now,



  1. Gorgeous pond! It must be so much fun to have such a large one! Bailey is such a cutie! We switched Maxie from the topical flea/tick to the pill. Less messy for everyone.


  2. I'm on my way!!! Looks so lovely and Bailey is just so stinking cute!

  3. Kim,
    I love the pic with the trees reflection in the pond.
    My dogs hate the flea meds, too. I have to sneek up on them while they are aslpeep! Mean Mommie :)
    I am sure that is what they are thinking, lol
    Have a good rest of the day!

  4. Looks so lovely and peaceful. It has been awful hot and sticky here this weekend!! Yikes! Love the Lilly pads. That Bailey is a doll!

  5. Such a beautiful, peaceful spot.. and miss Baily looks like she just loves it too!

  6. Baily is just too cute for words! Isn't it amazing that they know immediately when you are getting ready to put their flea and tick stuff on them! Tess used to run and hide. LOL!

    Those water lilies are amazing! Just beautiful. I'd love to be just hangin'!

  7. Look at that precious little Miss Bailey! What a cutie! What a beautiful pond! Oh, it's just the most lovely place and glad you were able to find some shade and a breeze and a frog for little Miss Bailey! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Nice pond!!

    We do the flea and tick application to our two dogs every month. Not taking any chances.


  9. Great pictures - Bailey is adorable. Your yard is so pretty.
    Hot and humid here, so have been in most of the day, but I do need to water some plants.

  10. Just a beautiful pond Kim! these photos look so relaxing. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  11. Beautiful pond!! It looks cool there, whether it is or not. It is so hot in the Houston area right now, I wanna come hang out by the pond over there! :)

  12. This is gorgeous Kim.

    Thanks for reminding me, it's time for Molly's application. She's almost 8 years old and has never had a flea or tick.

  13. Will take me about four hours Kim...have the ice cold lemonade waiting in the sun room! Bailey is beautiful as is that pond...I love the reflection of the water from the trees.

  14. Oh so cute! Now if I did come on over, my golden retriever would be living in that water! :D

  15. Bailey is adorable!!!! The picturesof her by the pond are so cute!

  16. Kim it looks devine love the pics now all you need is a paddle boat i had one and use to pull with a long handled net to get the gunk out baily would love it my cat use to go with me on it.You can tell mr Savoy its great excerice for the legs too thanks for shareing you pis so enjoyed them:)

  17. Hi Kim! Your pond looks beautiful. It seems you need to be an expert to maintain something like that, and you do such a nice job...I would have to pay someone! Ha. Love the photos of Bailey enjoying the shade and pond. Enjoy your week.

  18. Kim, you need to frame that last pic of Bailey. It's adorable. She looks quite thoughtful in that particular pose. Your pond is sooo beautiful! And so big! I can't believe you have that many leaves on your waterlilies. Mine don't look anything like that. Gorgeous home and yard you have. Wish I could come sit with you.

  19. The pond is lovely. Bailey is absolutely stellar! I'm going to steal her. (Did I just write that?)

  20. My Yorkie, Izzy, will head to anyone outside if she sees them. I usually tie her.
    A couple of months ago I let her out and she ran to the pool (across a busy road) because she heard the kids playing.....THEN
    she couldn't find her way home. I was looking everyone, franic as this had never happened before. I just knew someone had her. So sure enough here she comes in a black Cadillac. They didn't know who she belonged to but someone told then a franic lady in a green bug was asking around about her. She didn't have a collar on because our Springer puppy pulls them off and eats them. I was scared, so be careful. Friendly little angels aren't they.

  21. How cute is sweet Bailey! The pics are darling!

    Your yard is looks like you have so much could you be on a busy street?

    Love it all!

  22. Your pond is so beautiful. I would love to have my own pond some day. I doubt I would ever go back in the house.
    It has been hot here in California too and we are having more humidity than usually. Don't laugh it was 40% and all anyone in town could talk about was the humidity. Our average is about 17% here in Bakersfield.
    Miss Bailey looks wonderful and I am glad she is protected from those nasty ticks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. I just put the flea stuff on my little Spanky and I hate it too, but we have fleas so bad up here that I have to do it....Bailey is so cute and I just love your pond, how beautiful

  24. Baily is so cute by the way...could I trust any of mine by a big body of water. Newman would try to go fishing!

    You backyard is so pretty! And so is Baily!

  25. What a lovely visit to your pond.
    I love the water lilies - we can't keep them as our ducks eat them. We deal with the algae problem by having a fountain on a floating pump - it keeps the water moving and provides lovely background 'music' that only a splashing fountain can provide.

  26. Kim, Miss Bailey looks like she has found the perfect spot. I'd love to be right there with her. Your pond looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. ~ sarah

  27. Kim i wanted to ask you what size shade does the no5 lamp use i ordered it on line my t didt have it i want to get a burlap shade .thanks Linda

  28. Linda, I basically got the one they showed with it. It is a medium. The drum shade I wanted to use with it did not fit on the socket correctly. It is one of those shades where the metal comes down to the socket. I really hate those kind but that is how it is made.

  29. Bailey sure likes the outdoors! Great pictures Kim and I love that pond!

  30. Bailey is so cute!! That's great that she doesn't try to run off without her leash. Before we got our fence, Stanley would take off running and there was no way to catch up to him and it made me so nervous. My hubby finally caved in and we forked out the money for a fence. Life is so much easier now!

    Your pond is just great! :)