Empty Nester Again


No, not that empty nester.

This empty nester!
When I was painting the sitting room last Friday I saw the mama bird feeding the babies then later I noticed
they were gone. Just like that. They didn't even say goodbye. Mama bird did leave behind something 

.....a MESS!!!

Hope you enjoyed some more photos of my daughter's wedding. She sent me these after I did the first post.
June is usually all about weddings even though my daughter didn't quite make June. Her's was
July 1, 2006. Even planning a year in advance the place she chose was already booked.

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Thanks to everyone who commented on my bird picture and where it should go. I like it in both
places, but kind of like the vignette it creates over the nightstand. It was probably 80/20 with the nightstand being the first choice. I knew I could count on my blogging buddies to help out.

Y'all come back now,



  1. Kim, you are so clever! Your daughter is gorgeous.

    The mama bird might have another batch of babies there. Yikes!

  2. I love seeing the wedding photos! Absolutely gorgeous!

    I think I might have missed out on your bird picture. Will have a look now.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I know you are somewhere in Georgia - where is that antebellum house in the photo?

  4. Her wedding photos are gorgeous. We had a mama bird and babies and got to see the babies take off (which was heartbreaking to my little girl) but now there's a new mommy in the nest who's been hanging out a lot so we think we'll see some new babies soon.
    I see the moss from your yard in your lil' nest too! :)


  5. Hi Kim,
    Your daughter was a beautiful bride! I would want to look at the pictures over and over, I just love a good wedding!!
    That mama bird tricked you, she just up and left with her babies so you couldn't follow them! They do leave a mess, but I love our little birds and their nests.
    Have a great day,

  6. You had me with that one! I will never mind seeing more photos of that gorgeous wedding, what a beautiful daughter you have. Abby's only 15, ooops I just typed that by mistake, try 16, but she loves getting wedding ideas already!

  7. Beautiful post Kim...minus the poop!~ I loved your daughters dress...it was so elegant and beautiful just as she....hope Mama bird and babies are all flying high somewhere and leaving their messes elsewhere for now:)

  8. Glad the birds flew the coop! I walked outside to find a baby on my picnic table Sunday, thought, oh this isn't good... Took most of the day for him to move on and find his Mama, but it was a happy ending!

  9. You really had me going! Your daughter is gorgeous~ it looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Glad mama & babies have flown the coop :-)

  10. I love seeing more pics of your beautiful daughter and her lovely wedding party! While I am ready for a wedding and grandbabies over here...it kind of tugs at my heart a bit to think of an empty house...thank goodness for my baby boy...we still have him for several more years!

    How rude of your birdies to not leave a note or anything;)! And what messy guests...I would not let them stay again...or at the very least charge more for their stay!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  11. What a great post and what a gorgeous Bride!

  12. Funny...Funny! And more great pics too!

  13. I love wedding pictures. Your daughter is just beautiful! I bet she is cute as can be pregnant! Oh, your babies are gone! Messy little buggers!!! They were pretty cute though!

  14. Love the birds, hate the mess. Your daughter was such a gorgeous bride. I'm OK with being an empty nester, works well for hubbs and I!

  15. What a gorgeous bride!
    Honestly, her dress is just stunning!
    I love seeing wedding pics, so fun!

  16. Very cute and beautiful post! Drat! Those birds could have left you more that THAT! Joni

  17. Very pretty! Your daughter is gorgeous! This looks like it was a lovely wedding! Now, isn't that just like family to up an leave you with a mess! Don't worry they'll be back to visit you from time to time too!

  18. I love her wedding pictures! I also love she choose black for her bridesmaids dresses. Sorry about the poop left behind. Them boogers left a mess on my porch making their nest.

  19. Wonder if momma bird will be back? Your daughter's wedding photo's are beautiful!

  20. Hi Kim,

    What lovely wedding photographs! Your daughter was a beautiful bride.


  21. Aren't birds messy?!
    Your daughter was such a beautiful bride - lovely memories for you.

  22. Kim, I'm sorry your baby birdies left without so much as a goodbye!

    Your daughter's wedding was beautiful...her dress was exquisite! And I see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, what a beautiful girl!

    Kat :)

  23. Your daughter is just beautiful!

    The little birds are pretty sweet too!

  24. Your daughter is beautiful!

    The bab birds are pretty sweet too!

  25. Gorgeous, gorgeous bride and girls!! I get to look forward to planning two weddings with my girls. I hope they do not elope, lol!

  26. So enjoyed your daughters wedding pics. She is positively stunning!!
    All lovely photos. thanks for letting us see them! What lady doesn't love Bridal pics!
    Glad we were able to help you decide where to put the bird pic! Somehow I had missed the guestroom redo so looked for the post, the guest room came out beautifully too!
    Blessings, Nellie

  27. Awww cute! Hope the baby birds made it from the nest alright. The picture of your daughter in the garden is just beautiful. A beautiful bride.

  28. Hi Kim....
    You can keep showing the wedding photos...a glorious bride, such a beauty!
    Love your new birdie print and your bedroom is superb...every detail!
    A charming home...Loved catching up with you this evening.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  29. Just look at your gorgeous girl! Isn't it amazing how soon they ALL fledge? Jacqueline

  30. What a gorgeous bride!! I love her dress and her flowers! Bye Bye Mama and baby birds.

  31. Beautiful Bride and wedding party!! Hope Mother bird got all her babies out safe and sound. I have seen that here. One day they are waiting for Mom to bring them food - next day they are gone.

  32. WOW what a beautiful bride- must of been a wonderful wedding- so jealous...

  33. Your daughter makes a stunning bride! I love anything to do with weddings ~ I'm hostessing a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on the 25th ~ please stop by and read about it ~ I'd love to have you join us.

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  34. Kim, how beautiful your girl is and looked!

    A day I know you were just so happy over....

    Great post with the bird babies.... our babies all leave sooner or later!


  35. What beautiful pictures of your daughter!! Love the way you worked her in with the birds nest!! Cute ending!!

  36. Your daughter is gorgeous and I bet the wedding was, too. You are to funny...love the birdies, hate the mess, and they didn't even say goodbye!

  37. Beautiful bride, and thanks for the laugh about the bird droppings. :)


  38. Funny...I loved seeing more of the wedding pictures. We had babies in the nest when I left home, but they will be long gone when I get back home. Hopefully hubby will clean up any mess left behind!

  39. Oh your daughter looks beautiful on her wedding day.
    Happy White Wednesday

  40. Beautiful bride~! I have 3 nests full of hungry birdie babies.. Yea, some messes here to but I'll steam clean when they go out into the world:)


  41. Beautiful bride! Congratulations!
    Love watching baby birds in their next - mammas can be soo protective.

  42. HI Kim ~ These photos are amazing. Your daughter is gorgeous - her dress, their dresses, the flowers your home - everything....perfect! (even the birdies...but not their mess)

  43. From the all of the photos, that must have been a beautiful wedding.

    Every spring I watch birds scurrying around to build the nest, then to sit on the eggs while the male feeds the mother. Later the male and female work themselves silly trying to keep the babies fed. Next come the flying lessons, then they're gone. It always makes me a little sad because it reminds me of us as parents...but not the poop.

  44. What a gorgeous bride! Your daughter is an absolute vision, and that had to have been a beautiful wedding.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this, and also the cute birds. Sorry they left a mess without so much as a peep goodbye! ;-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  45. What an absolutely gorgeous bride, and the bridesmaids look beautiful too!
    It's amazing how quickly those baby birds get kicked out of the nest. And what a big mess they leave behind!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  46. Bet you cried at your daughters wedding.. how could you not.. beautiful girl! ( I did at two and they laughed at me)...as for the birds,, that is what we teach our children.. "Fly away"! I must have done a good job.. all three of mine did fly and never came back! (well except to visit)!
    Lovely Post!

  47. I love the pictures of your daughter's wedding! She looks beautiful!!
    Funny twist (lol)! They leave me presents all the time, too!
    Happy WW!
    ~ Jo :)

  48. Kim, thought you would get a kick out of this...my husband said "Thanks Kim"....since I have been following your blog, I have been busy redecorating...and today WE, make that he is painting my dining room...he is really thrilled...lol. I am so excited, changing from a deep red to a sage green. I so enjoy decorating and have so enjoyed your blog! I can't wait to read it each day.

  49. Thanks, just doing my part to keep those husbands happy! Now you need to start a blog so I can see it too.

  50. An empty nest is an empty nest, Kim. I always wonder what it is like for birds to see their young sail off into the skies in a different direction. Perhaps nature is set up for this to not be a sad thing?

  51. What fabulous wedding pictures. Your daughter is beautiful. Love her dress.

    Goodness, I cannot believe the birds have already left the nest. They still seemed too young. Or maybe that is me transferring my thoughts about my youngest who is thinking about leaving the nest...

  52. If you and your readers would go into my blog and read my post....
    We may have a STALKER out there... not to scare anyone.. it may be nothing!!
    Thank you


  53. Glad you got to post more wedding pictures. Hope you can keep the nest as a keepsake. I have about 5 now that I've found in my backyard. I think they're a work of art!

  54. Your daughter is gorgeous, Kim.

    Hope the birdies are enjoying their new found freedom! :)

  55. The wedding pictures are beautiful~ your daughter is so lovely! And I laughed at the empty nest part...:)

  56. You must have been beaming all the time, you have such a beautiful daughter, All the girls are beautiful. It must have been a wonderful wedding.

  57. Don't you hate it when they don't say 'goodbye'?!

    Beautiful wedding photos. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Your daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful bride! And your new little birdies are TOO cute! :)

  59. congratulations and best wishes to the beautiful bride and her groom! love that blue frame...verbena cottage

  60. Lovely wedding and very lovely daughter, Kim!..Christine

  61. Kim, I was beginning to think you had just had a wedding in your family and was wondering how you possibly had the time to be doing all the projects you've shown of late. LOL You trickster!
    Your daughter is gorgeous! I'm headed over to see the original post. ~ Sarah

  62. I love the wedding photos. They are gorgeous! About the bird poop, UGH! I have that on the threshold of our front door. I do not know how the birds got there and it is nasty:(

  63. Lovely daughter and fun friends in a beautiful outdoor setting. My her heart not take flight too far from you.
    Blessings ;-)

  64. Your daughter looks so beautiful and happy !
    Much happiness and congratulations to her and her new husband. I have enjoyed reading a bit of your blog and plan to come back and finish it.

    I am adding my name to your Followers if that is ok with you. Please feel free to stop over and view mine. it's taken a while to get going as I could not get connected to any feeds. i know, strange.
    My URL is filled in below...... Will be looking for you !

  65. Woop's just lost my comment.
    I have to add to the other comments that your daughter looks lovely.
    Congratulations to her and her husband -- she looks very happy.
    They are good days !