My Master Bath


O. k. I hope everyone enjoyed browsing some of my dream bathrooms. I hope you aren't too disappointed when you see my real master bath. I told Mr. Savvy that I would love a claw foot tub or a slipper tub. Really, any nice looking free standing tub will do. His reply was when he's gone. What?! Does that mean he is going out of town and I can get someone in here to fulfill my dream?!! No, I think not. I know what he means. He thinks he is so funny some times. Oh well, I guess I will be happy with what I have.....for now.

When we built our house fifteen years ago and did a lot of the work ourselves my bathroom seemed huge and wonderful compared to the house we just moved from. Our first home of twenty years was a ranch style home with two itty bitty bathrooms. Now by the time we were nearing completion of our home we were so tired we could not think straight. Also due to not going too far past our budget for the house, we settled for just running the carpet from the master bedroom right on into the bathroom. That's right girls, I had lovely green carpet in my bathroom because Mr. Savvy was just too tired to tile the floor at that point. I just wanted to get through and move. Mr. Savvy did eventually hang the wallpaper I had picked out a few months after we moved in. Yep, I had bare dry wall until the wallpaper went up. We also at that time had all brass fixtures installed. That was the "in" thing then.

Let's move several years forward now to a mini bathroom renovation. The cabinets still need to be repainted and I will start on that soon. You can't see how beat up they are in the photos.

This is the way it looks walking in from the master bedroom. Yes, the wallpaper is gone.
saybrook sage by Benjamin Moore is on the walls. 

I bought this little chest at HomeGoods a few years ago to hold towels and toiletries.

This is where my flea market find hangs. I just love it in my bathroom.

and my other flea market find.

New granite called Verde Butterfly installed a couple of years ago in place of faux dark green marble.
The door to the left is the potty room and the other door is my closet.

Yes, and here is my gigantic tub with the faux marble surround. It is a nice tub just not
a free standing one that I would love to switch, too. Then we could redo the shower, too.

Better shot of the marble surround and my new oil rubbed bronze faucet from one of the csn stores.
Couldn't afford to do a granite surround and the new counter. So for now this works fine.

Nice basket of towels ready to be used and a lantern for an added decorative touch. The clock is for
Mr. Savvy to look at so he want dilly dally and run late for work.

Gotta have monogrammed towels in the south. I love these Egyptian cotton towels from Williams Sonoma.
I bought these on sale at 40% off and free monogramming. 

New chandy above the tub to replace a cheap white one I had before. This is from csn, too.

Calgon take me away! I do have jets in the tub for those tired achy muscles.

These two pictures hang on the wall in front of my tub. I found these at a local consignment
store for $15 each.

Ornate hook to hold towels right next to the shower.

Bought this little bench with ugly fabric on it at Marshall's and recovered it with this thick
cheetah fabric. Mr. Savvy sits here everyday to put his socks on.

Little tray holds colognes and this little bottle of mouthwash.

I bought this in a little shop in Savannah called Savannah Fine Linens.

Faucet handles

Little lamp by my sink. Repeats the cheetah fabric.

This is the travertine floor with glass insets that Mr. Savvy and I installed a few years ago.

New lights to replace the old brass ones.  I wish I had before pics, but I don't.

Close up of my custom lead glass window that I helped design.

I love how the light streams in through the stained glass late in the afternoon.

Linking to Centsational Girl for bathroom makeovers. 1/7/2011

Have a super weekend!



  1. Kim!!! I cannot imagine wanting to redo a thing in this gorgeous and elegant room. I just adore your soaking tub. It's huge! Your countertops are stunning! WOW! Great job on every single detail. Love the new vintage artwork, faucets and the vanity tray. I want one now! Fa-bu-lous! :)

  2. The changes all look great. The tub is nice, but I know how it is to have something else in mind!

    I hope you'll drop by to see the gorgeous kitchen JaneF posted for Met Monday. Don't forget to register for our giveaway if you haven't already!


  3. Hi Kim, I'm visiting from Susan's party. Your bathroom is beautiful and you've done a great job in showcasing all of the pretty details. I have to say that I just love the mouthwash in the little bottle, so much nicer than a plastic huge bottle :)

  4. Kim,
    You have a wonderful sense of style! Thanks for showing all the small details! It so beautiful! The granite is absolutely awesome!
    Crossing my fingers you get your dream tub soon!!

  5. Him,

    It turned out lovely. And I love the calgon jar you have on the back of the tub and the scooper it too cute.

  6. I think your bathroom is lovely as it is! Don't forget - a free standing tub requires cleaning under the tub as well as in and around it!

  7. Kim your bathroom always looked great and I love how your recent find looks hanging on the wall,perfect spot for it!!

  8. After seeing your bathroom pics...yes! you need that free standing tub absolutely! Your bathroom is lovely. I'd kill for a bathroom that large.

  9. Kim that picture looks awesome in your master bathroom! I did not realize how big that piece really is. Your master bathroom is beautiful...I would be very happy with what you is a dream bathroom to me:)

  10. Kim, your master bath is lovely! I am crazy for the stain glass window. All your updates are fantastic...that chest is gorgeous too!!

  11. Love the look of your master bath. you have an eye for decorating and have done a wonderful job. So inviting to take a long relaxing bath with a few bubbles and a good book.

  12. You have so many lovely things in your bathroom! Thanks for sharing all these photos.


  13. Kim...I love where your wall plaque ended is perfect over your storage chest!

    Your entire bathroom is beautiful...I love the floor with the insets...I can't believe ya'll laid it all by yourselves...well done. The oil rubbed bronze fixtures are gorgeous...we have brushed nickel...and while I like them I am really loving the darker finishes these days.

    It is always a pleasure to visit and get a peek of your home...LOVE IT!

    Happy Sunday!

  14. Beautiful! I love the touches of green. That window is to die for! I could go on and on. You amaze me.

  15. I would love to have that gorgeous bath!
    Great eye for details, love that chest and the leaded glass window is superb!

  16. Kim, I have the same mindset as Pondside. A free standing tub will need to be cleaned underneath and all around the sides, etc. So much more maintance then what you have! Dust always accumulates! You have done a beautiful job from what you described you started with! I especially like the bath salts apothocary jar w/scoop and the crystal mouth wash holder! Very pretty essentials! It's all gorgeous!

  17. wow...seriously stunning. So many wonderful finishing touches. I adore that jar of bath crystals with the scoop, it really caught my eye.

  18. Kim, Your bathroom is really lovely! The faucets, the little bird cabinet,granite ..everything is perfect. You always do such a beautiful job accessorizing your home and the bathroom is no exception.
    xo, Sherry

  19. Wow, you did all that? You have a gorgeous bathroom! You and your hubby did a wonderful job. I love the tub and the floor and the stained glass window. The cabinet is cool too. Great photos!

  20. Kim,
    Your bathroom is wonderful. The colors are soothing and great!

  21. What a beautiful bathroom, I love the stain glass in the mosaic. Have a wonderful week:)

  22. Hi Kimmie! Oh, honey, I love your pretty bathroom! How nice and how large! You can do stained glass too? It's gorgeous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. I'm with ya on that claw foot tub, but wish I had a chandelier about my tub! I've got spot lights - can you imagine? Who wants a spot light when taking a tubby? Love all your details, too!

  24. Wow your bathroom is so gorgeous!! I love a claw foot tub but I don't know if I'd give up that one for it!!!

  25. I guess what they say is true: the grass is always greener......I just LOVE your bathroom, it is a dream to me! The counters are gorgeous and that FLOOR!!! I have a small window and now I want to do stained glass after seeing yours!!!! The sun comes in that window in the afternoon so it would be beautiful! If you really want the tub I hope you get it but I would die for a tub with jets like you have.... XO, Pinky

  26. It;'s me again:) I just realized you and I are both Virgos! Now I know why I love all that you do!!!!

  27. Beautiful bathroom, just beautiful!

  28. Gorgeous!! It's all so lovely. Not disappointed at all. All your touches are perfect!


  29. This is GORGEOUS!! I don't think it needs a thing! Wouldn't you have to redo the floor if you changed the tub? I just mentioned a new tub to my husband today. Let's just say his reaction was "under"whelming :)

  30. Beautiful bathroom, love all the touches you have added. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Nice bathroom good enough for a girl to be pampered in! I love love the chandy the stained glass and the artwork around your tub!
    Good taste!

  32. I really like your bathroom!!

  33. Your bathroom is lovely Kim. I love the french faucets and the chandie....Love the cheetah footstool and shades too. It looks wonderful!

  34. Redo What?!?! I would love to have a bathroom like that!!!!
    Have a great week.

  35. Kim you make me want to take a bath! The little glass bottle is so pretty. I love Savannah. I've only been there once and can't wait to go back.

  36. I love your bathroom and your tub is fantastic!! I am debating between ORB and Chrome for my masterbath (we are using ORB in the powder room) and I think I just made up my mind, LOL! I love all these beautiful pictures, helps me with ideas!!! :)

  37. Very very nice work on your bath. Its just lovely and I would imagine a fanstastic spot to be able to retreat and get away.

    Have a lovely week and stop by and join us on Fridays as we Celebrate and find beauty.


  38. Simply gorgeous bathroom, Kim! It is hard to find a bathroom as large as yours in a house in NYC ..we have closet size

  39. Sure do like all these pretties in this bathroom, Kim. You did a mah-vel-ous job putting things together. I simply have to get started on my baths soon. They got put on hold when Mr. S went to the hospital in Jan. Now I have to wait for the contractor's schedule. Nuts! Have a fun week- I know you're probably up to some new project. LOL
    hugs, Sue

  40. well i just love your bathroom that cabnit is dareling and every detail is just to perfection.Your tub is lovely i to love claw foot tubs for the look they are nice .But for me i think down the road and it is very hard getting in and out of i have Arthrtisin my hips and if it gets much worse i will be doing showers.For me you have a dream bathroom as always love it all

  41. Kim I just love your new flea market picture on that wall above your chest. It looks so perfect there. What a lovely bathroom you have. I've gotten lots of ideas from this post!

  42. I wouldn't change a thing. Plus do the stand alone tubs have the jets. I gotta have those.

  43. Beautiful bathroom. Love the tub!

  44. You and I are just alike! I wanted a free standing tub but the budget didn't call for one:( I had a tub just like your (in my house in Florida) and it had beautiful tile surrounding it. I loved it.

    My favorite thing is the faucets. I love faucets and the little details like that.

    It all looks beautiful!

  45. Absolutely marvelous--love everything about this bathroom. So inviting and relaxing--you've done a wonderful job of pulling it all together!! :)

  46. Your bathroom is lovely. I am getting ready to redo 3 baths and put in a third and put in a new kitchen. My head is spinning right now and I walk around with a notebook in my hand 24/7 but in the end it will be wonderful. Since we rarely use the tub we are putting in one massive walk in shower (no door) with all sorts of sprays and a large bench. I can't wait!

  47. Kim, what a lovely bathroom, every detail is out of this world gorgeous! Oh my, that chandelier, so classy!

    Have a great week!!


  48. Kim, your bathroom is sooo pretty! I'm so excited I have something the same as you now! ha! Your my inspiration of for finding new home decor! I'm sooooo tired of palm trees! ACK!

    Also, I think that was a good deal on the books too! That was very sweet of you!

    Have a good day Kim!

  49. SOOOOOOO pretty, Kim !! I love every detail. I'm a huge fan of painted pieces (and HomeGoods!), and your flea market finds found the perfect "home" in your beautiful bathroom. The chandie is beautiful ... I've wanted to hang one in our master bath, too ... just another thing to add to my list. Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful home. Take care, Becca

  50. Just beautiful my Dear friend...Love the tub area...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  51. LOVE, LOVE the faucets!!!

  52. Hi Kim,
    Nothing to be disappointed about here, I think it is a gorgeous bathroom, and I think your tub is divine. Who needs a free standing
    tub with that beauty!!

    Loved your lil painted cabinet as well. Very quaint.
    Have a great week,
    Blessings Galore,

  53. Hi Kim...

    Girlfriend...your bath is absolutely gorgeous! In fact, it is my "dream bath" standing tub or not! hehe! Really, I love everything about the pretty sagey green wall color! I also love that little chest with the birds on it...your new treasure find (art) looks beautiful hanging above it! Girlfriend, you have done an amazing job with the decor of this each and every detail!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bath with us for Met Monday...what a treat!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  54. Hi, well all I know to say is Wowwwww! Yep, Wowwww! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

  55. Hi Kim - I think your bathroom is lovely. You and Mr. Savvy should do a design/renovation business together! I think you might enjoy my post today - it features architectural salvage and there are some bathrooms with clawfoot tubs you might like to see.

  56. Kim...this is so beautiful! I love every bit of it! Especially the pretty glass over the! i have a soaker's my favorite place to be Ha ha! Come say hi :D

  57. I love free-standing tubs but haven't had one since my days in Ohio :-( The bathroom looks great! I love the flea market finds, so neat!

  58. I love everything about it! Love the white with black...the sage color on the walls and the fixtures! The chandy is just what I would like above my tub! And I always like to see what someone with style has around their tub! Yours is quite elegant but functional, too!♥

  59. Kim,
    The updates are wonderful! I have the same mouthwash bottles and have used the apothocary jar on the tub for a client!

    Too funny we were on the same path again today...birds!!!

  60. This is beautiful! Our house is a ranch and our largest bathroom is in the basement! Our master and guest baths aren't nearly the size I wish they were, but we liked the house enough when we moved here that we gave up the idea of a huge bathroom. I think yours looks wonderful.

  61. Oh My Oh My Oh MY!! There are so many things I just LOVE. The jars, the mouthwash container, the faucet, the chest, the jar of bath salts....swoon! Such a beautiful bathroom!

    I'm curious where your little bird tray ended up (like the one I bought at a garge sale). Did I mention OH MY!!!

  62. What a beautiful bathroom! The stained glass window is my favorite!! Love the chandy, and the mouthwash bottle, and Calgon jar!

    P.S. - thanks for the compliment!

  63. Well, all I can say is that it was worth the wait!! I don't think we will ever break down and fix our yukkkkkky bathrooms. This house was built in the 40's and the tubs are probably from the 60's? Pretty shot , but nice and deep. We still have the old floresent bulb medicine cabinets! Pretty awful!
    I think I could live in your bathroom!

  64. Love your new bathroom. I am looking at redecorating my master bath in the next few months. This post has given me plenty of ideas. And I have GOT to get me one of those mouthwash dispensers! Love it!

  65. You want to redo it?! I love it.

  66. Everything is just beautiful!
    I especially love the granite counter tops and the cabinet with the little birds on it.
    I happen to have the very same tray that holds your colognes and mouthwash. That's a great idea.

  67. Wonderful job! Love the window, love soap in a jar, lots of pretty touches. All the oil rubbed bronze looks great.

  68. Kim, everything is just stunning! I love the butterfly marble, chandy, and all the details that you have chose.

  69. Did you actually write the words, "I hope you won't be disappointed..."? Are you wacky??!!

    It's all so well appointed and pulled together, Kim! Just lovely. Like a magazine photo shoot.

  70. Hi Kim,
    Have I mentioned lately that I think everything you do is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavelous and oh my gosh this new bath decor is no exception.. you just have the TOUCH.. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Happy Thoughts

  71. This is just as beautiful a room as all the others in your lovely home, Kim. You have a wonderful talent for gathering & mixing just the right elements.
    Your new wooden wall hanging looks fantastic over that gorgeous chest.
    The flooring is outstanding & I am SO impressed that you guys were able to do that yourselves.

    I can't wait to show this room to DH, too. He is NOT going to be happy with you, ya' know! ~tee-hee~

  72. I forgot to say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your ornate towel hook!!
    And only you would think to put the turquoise Scope mouthwash in a pretty crystal decanter!!! Wonderful idea!

    My DH also hates to pay people to do things he can do himself but the problem is now days he CAN'T do those things, but hates to admit it. *sigh*

  73. Okay, I am a little late commenting as my Blogger was down most of the day yesterday! I just love to look at your home as we started out with the same color schemes and it shows me what is possible now! I also have the green faux marble double sink vanity that I am hoping to eventually get rid of too!! The pallet picture is just awesome there! Great ideas for me!

  74. Kim, This is a masterful master bath re-do! I could just move this beautiful bathroom right into my home and be totally thrilled with every detail! I think that is what impresses me the very most! You have paid great attention to every little thing.
    I love the mouthwash in the crystal bottle, the cheeta touches, the monogrammed towels... they all go perfectly with your well thought out design.

    Now this makes me want to re-do my master bath. I have a lot of brass in it.
    Calgon...take me away!

  75. Oh I think your bathroom is simply stunning. I don't see a single thing I would change. It is just gorgeous. I love all of your accessories and all the finishes in the bathroom are just exquisite. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  76. What a wonderful, gorgeous bathroom. I love every detail. thanks for inspiring me.

  77. This is really lovely!!! All of your touches here and there are perfect!

  78. I am in love! Especially the window, it makes my heart go pitty pat.

  79. You have the lovliest home! I enjoyed your beautiful's been years since I did stained glass work but always enjoyed it and appreciate the fine workmanship. Thanks for sharing this space with us on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

  80. Wow, that is one gorgeous bathroom! And what a beautiful mosaic! Thanks so much for playing along. :)