Patina and Texture


I was walking around in the yard the other day with Miss Bailey and I was looking at a rather old and large tree we have out back. I noticed the deep crevices in it and the moss and other things growing on it. I started thinking about how even things in nature take on a patina caused by the elements. I also noticed all the different textures found in the garden. I grabbed my camera like a good little blogger and took some photos around the yard of things I found with patina and texture. Come walk with me.

This is growing on a tree and it adds texture and a patina

This is an old flower pot that has been outside for a couple of years

this is where the water has turned to algae in the bird bath which want even stay full due to all this heat.

Even the stucco under the faucet has a patina

this tree is old and look at all the moss growing on it

This is the trunk of a crepe myrtle. They shed their bark every year.

Moss and age showing on this bench leg

Heavy moss on this tree

even the meter box has developed a patina over the last fifteen years.

I painted this bench last year and now it is wearing away to the original finish. I love the way this looks.

This tree has some really strange things growing on it.

Lot of moss growing in our back yard due to all the dampness we have from underground springs.

This ornamental grass adds great texture

And here is a patina on the side of the house that I wish wasn't there because it needs to be cleaned and
painted. Work is never done when you have a house.

I know most of the time we are hurrying here and rushing there, but this weekend just slow down a little and take a little time to notice things around you a little differently.

Have a super weekend!!!

Y'all come back now,


  1. Neat Kim...I love the moss on the trees...that is my favorite look of all. Neat to see things we normally do not even think of or take notice...that is what I call a creative blogging mind!~

  2. These are beautiful, Kim!

    We have some of that "unwanted" type patina on the back porch steps. If we can ever stay home long enough, we'll get that cleaned off.....but then....we are getting hot Missouri temps and humidity....I think we'll wait till Fall.:-)

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Nice pics....of things we often rush past. Good to stop and think about the patina time brings can we think of dust and wrinkles as patina, too??? ;p


  4. Kim, you are one creative blogger! I am always in awe of your great posts. I enjoy dropping in to see you. Love these photographs! Those trees are huge and they have such character with the moss growing on them!

    Have a great and happy day Kim!


  5. Kim, you have just helped me with my project for my graphic design class!! We are supposed to find an organic design inspired by nature. Your comparisons around the yard to aged patina are perfect examples.

  6. Nature has a way of decorating the world! You are so right about work never being done when you have a house. If we can just stage it to where only a few things needed to be done each year, that would be great! Have a great day! Any plans????

  7. It's good to slow down for a bit and look at the tiny perfect bits of art all around us!

  8. Hello Kim,

    Great post! Although I am always rushed, I do try to take the time to see the beauty around me. Especially the not so obvious beauty. Great photos of patina and texture!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Love the moss growing on the trees! You really got some great shots!

    Are you going to follow your own advice and slow down;)...I'll believe it when I see it!


  10. Way to slow down and admire the patina! I think so often we rush through the day and don't think about all that is around us. I am very much trying to live "in the moment" and enjoy each and every day. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  11. If only we had moss growing on trees like that. I love it!

  12. It was a moment of revelation for me a few years ago when I took my camera outside and discovered patina and textures. It was no longer just about a pretty photograph. It was also about the perception and depths I came across.

  13. I often prefer the beauty of textures and patinas more than flowers. Sometimes, the flowers seem too perfect.

    I enjoyed your creative, observant post!


  14. Good advice! I hope to go to the park this weekend and spend some time walking...maybe I will always sit and enjoy the surroundings! ♥

  15. Funny how sometimes we see the patina outside as much needed maintenance, BUT inside we call it "decorating with natural items"...i.e. moss, distressed wood, etc.

  16. The siding on the front of our house is looking a bit 'patina-like' too and could use a good power wash as soon as this VERY humid weather goes away.


  17. Just love the mosses and ornamental grass...and I won't tell anyone about the patina on the side of the house...

  18. Clever post, Kim. I'm a very tactile person so I look for textures and patina is most things. For me, things seem to get better with age. ~ Sarah

  19. I love moss especially the ones growing in between the brick flooring of the gazebo. I like the moss on the trees too, Kim. I guess they grow on the side of the trees that do not get lots of sunshine....Christine

  20. Mmm..I just saw this post! Such a nice reminder to me to appreciate things a bit differently. I have alot of patina around my house, that I often wish wasn't there! Time to slow it down and enjoy it a little more! What a wonderful point of view!