What a Day


Boy, am I tired. I have been out with Mr. Savvy all day looking at new cars. We have been to three different dealerships and that is just draining. We think we are going to get the Buick LaCrosse.  Anyone have one and do you like it?

It is a lot of car for the money. We looked at the Chevy Equinox, which I did not care  for, but Mr. Savvy really would like to get it since it is cheaper and good on gas and he is cheap. Let's just say it out straight.
He has a 2009 Chevy Traverse now that is almost new, but it has been in the shop for a month with motor problems so he wants to trade it. We also looked at the Cadillac SRX, but that was too much money.
This picture is of the Regal that we also looked at. The LaCrosse is a little bigger.

He feels that the Buick is the best deal for what you get. It did ride nice, too.
 Now, I did like it in white, but he is leaning towards a color. 

Now moving on to other things, I bought two of these bowls a few weeks ago. I love the chippy patina of these and the price was really good.

I placed it on these books in the foyer

and lined it with moss

and stuck this little fern in it.

Added the large white jug with daisies to create this vignette on the chest that I moved here in place of the other green chest that moved to my bedroom which you can see here.
Keep up with me now.

I am so glad this works in here so I could use the other chest in my room.
I think I am going to find some baskets or something to put underneath.

This chest is an antique that we picked up in a shop here many years ago. The bottom drawer needs some
work on it, but we just don't open it. This piece was all dark like the top and then I painted and glazed it.

Here is the detailing on the doors.

One more close up of the chippiness of this bowl.

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  1. Sorry can't help with the car! I do love that chippy white bowl and how you fixed it up. Love that cabinet also!!

  2. Sharp looking car, I like the Buick myself. Great bowl, I have the same one in brown...I am liking the white though much better....

  3. Ooooohhhh I love getting a new car! Get the white...I love white!

    Your buffet looks great in the entry...like it was made for that spot! I adore your new white find and the fern is the perfect touch! The whole vignette is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your sweet comments! I am going to be showing more soon;)!


  4. Car shopping is not fun- I hate the haggling so I feel your pain. That chest is amazing. Great job with the moss and ferns, it really looks lovely. Can't wait to see if you are going to paint that trunk- red, white and blue!

  5. Kim. your foyer is fab. I love the green sideboard and the vignette is perfect. Love it! Marla

  6. Oh, I love that white chippy bowl~ and your buffet looks great in your foyer....perfecto!

  7. I love the antique chest...so pretty and it looks so good there in the entry! We just got a 2010 Chevy Impala..dark gray and I am loving it! I keep taking it out for day trips and the sound system is awesome! Good luck with picking one! (I would have chosen the Cadillac but my hub's a cheap one too, but i am grateful for this new car!)

  8. The car looks nice...I can't help either. My hubby and I both drive BMWs and have enjoyed them. Love your decorating ideas. I will try the moss in the bottom of a bowl. I love the way it looks!

  9. The chest in your entry looks great! I really like your whole entryway.

    We were just at the Ford dealership looking. We are torn because my husband can't drive with his vision problems. He thinks we must have a truck...so we have a nice truck that's only a couple of years old. Only I want my own SUV again!! I'm such a spoiled brat. :)

  10. Sorry - no help on the car. Like you entry way and the vignette you created. You did good. :)

  11. I have a Buick Rendezvous (now called an Enclave). It is a wonderful vehicle, drives and rides nice, lots of room and easy on the gasoline! I have about 75,000 trouble free miles on it, and it runs like a champ! HTH
    I love coming to you blog to see what you have moved around!! Thanks for being such a good blogger!

  12. I don't envy you the car shopping at all. I detest looking at cars and just end up telling TGD that he should just please himself because I don't mind what I drive (and I have my little red miata!)

  13. I personally would go with the Chevy Equinox because it's still an SUV! You can get's lots of stuff in SUV's! LOL! Love this chest in your foyer! It looks great! Good swap!

  14. I was wondering where you were today!! The first day I have been home all day and online!! No help from me with the car. It does look nice. If you are going to spend that much money on a new car, it is best to get what you want for sure!

    Love the bowls. Very unique looking. The chest looks great there in the foyer. I like the idea of something underneath. The other chest looked like it had more storage for the bedroom!

    Have a good evening! I'm making meatloaf for the hubby!

  15. Do NOT get the Equinox. We went from a Trailblazer to an Equinox because it was time to trade, and the Equinox claimed better gas mileage. It is VERY NOISY. We hear road noise so much that we can hardly hear the radio. We regreted the purchase after our first road trip but must drive it till it dies.

  16. Your entry way looks so nice and welcoming, love what you did with the little bowl and moss. Any new car is a nice car, hope you get what you want ;)

  17. Thanks Jay. Yes I noticed it was loud and told my husband that. Glad you mentioned it, too.

  18. No help with the car, but I would never choose white. Looks nice, but you'll be washing it a lot. Ha! I wanted to mention that there is a "lemon law". If you haven't already - see if your Chevy falls in this category. You would recoup most of your money.......I just love your foyer. The door with all beautiful windows is just fabulous.

  19. Thanks Karen, it was still under warranty and they fixed it. He just is afraid it may have more problems later when it is out of warranty.

  20. love what you did with that chest!

  21. The new car looks beautiful! I heard about your car being in the shop (from Duffee). I couldn't believe it had major trouble so early. It's probably a good idea to trade it then. I'm out of warranty on my SUV and now everything is out of pocket! Hope it keeps running for a couple of more years. I will need a new car by then. I agree about trying to find one good on gas. That is our mission with our next car! Been looking at all your "pretties" everyday. Every thing looks good. Cody left for Chicago today for his summer job. I was very sad to see him go. Also, I got my first crown today. Yuck! Not been a good day. Good luck in your car shopping adventure. I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

  22. Good luck with the car shopping. It's fun to get a new car but kind of stressful too! Love your new bowl. So pretty!

  23. Hello Kim,

    I cannot help or give an opinion on the car but I can tell you that I love how your foyer looks now! Love that chest! The chippy bowls are great!


  24. Car shopping is not fun! My husband will haggle the person so much, we end having the mananger come over to talk to us. We just got a new van a couple of weeks ago. I wanted an SUV, but they use so much gas and I still have kids to tote around, although not as much, but I like the room of the van. On another note, I like the table from your bedroom at your front entry. The white bowls look great there, too!...Michelle
    P.S. I was updating my blog and added your blog button. :)

  25. I am no help with a Buick or Chevy. I just got a new Town and Country. It is my third. Yes, I drive the Mom-mobile! I love my minivan and I am not ashamed to say it!!! Good luck with the choice. I always hate making those decisions!

    Love the table in the foyer. Looks so cool and clean! That bowl is too cool! I love how you arranged it on the foyer with the jug of daisies. "Aren't daisies the happiest flower?" - Meg Ryan, You've Got Mail

    Hope you are keeping cool!

  26. Hey Kim The antique chest really looks great in your foyer especially with that mirror above it, and that little bowl is just too sweet and adding the moss and fern finished it off nicely!!

  27. Car shopping is draining!!! I just picked up my new ride today. HATE shopping for them! I do like the LaCross! It is a nice car! Yep!

  28. I really don't believe there are any cheap cars anymore. But Mr. Savvy at least will buy a new one. My Joe who is frugal or cheap, which ever one you want to call it, will only buy used cars. He has a great track record doing this. He bought me a Mini Cooper when I retired and I love her. BTW your bowls are chippy and fab. Your entry is stunning. ~olive

  29. My kids are car shopping right now. So fun, but so stressful.

    I love the chests you have downstairs and up. A girl can never have too much storage.

  30. I love the Buick LaCrosse! Don't own one, but had a Buick before (LeSabre) and loved it.
    My husband says he'd get me a LaCrosse next time.

    Hope you enjoy whatever you get!

  31. Hey there! I am driving a Chevy Equinox and I love it! The main reason it won out over others is because it has plenty of headroom for my hubby and son who are both around 6'8"! It also has lots of room for hauling treasures from the flea market with the back seats folded down. Love your new look in the entry...I have a sideboard waiting to find a new home in ours!

  32. I understand about cheap husbands! When I got my Camry almost 2 years ago, he wanted me to get something smaller (read: cheap) but I was coming out of a big SUV and I held my ground on the Camry...he loves it!

    My last 3 cars were white and they were so pretty, but I went with black on the Camry.

    Can't wait to see what you end up with.


    P.S. I love that sideboard in your foyer!

  33. Your new car's grill looks happy. I like happy cars!
    YOu have a beautiful foyer and the little latticed chippy urn is just lovely, as is your pretty green chest! I love what you have done!

  34. I LOVE a white car!!! There is just something so fresh and pretty about it! Good luck with your decision! I know how hard (and annoying )car shopping can be!

    I love your new chippy bowls! And love how you have it on your chest! Looks fantastic! :)

  35. Love the chest. It looks great there in your house.

  36. I think those white bowls are a sign of things to come! I can see you and Mr. Savvy motoring around in a brand new "white" car!

    I love your foyer!

    Kat :)

  37. Your sense of style is awesome! LOVE that beautiful soft green chest, and the chippy bowl with fern would look great in alot of places.

  38. Good luck with your car shopping. I like the new chippy bowl and the changes in your foyer. Love the green chest.
    xo, Sherry

  39. Oh how I love your foyer. The chest is perfect there, the mirror is awesome, and love your new bowl! As for the car, I do have the Cadillac SRX and LOOOOVE it! I got black, but it, too is hard to keep clean. Good luck with the decision, let us know what you get! XO, Pinky

  40. Girl I have a black Caddy and just love it...but it's hard to keep clean up here on my mountain with all these dirt roads...
    Love your antique chest the beadworkd is awesome on it...and you know what it does look great in the entry...but it's the kind of piece that would look great no matter where you put it....I hope all is well in your world my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  41. I like the car and I hope Mr. Savvy picks out the white one. I love a white car.

  42. I love what you did what that chest in your foyer.
    The green is so soft.
    Did you glaze it too?

    It is just awesome- but your whole house is.

    Love the car!


  43. Can't help you with that...I'm a truck-girl! I need to ride a big truck that can fit all the white treasures I find in my path!

  44. I love the chippy white bowl. Where did you get it. I'd love one like it.

    As far as cars...personally, I wouldn't by anything American...sorry...

    I have a Hyundai Santa Fe (SUV) that I love love love. It's a 2005 and I haven't had a bit of trouble from it. Not one single bit.

    In the past I've had a Honda Accord and a Nissan Maxima. I liked both of those very much too. And they ran and ran and ran. Kept both way over 100,000 miles.

    No problems from them at all.

    But I love my Santa Fe the very most.

  45. The foyer is just wonderful!! The antique chest is perfect, love your touches with the vase and chippy metal basket, ooohh and I love that new car smell!!

  46. Car shopping is the worst!!! The car looks really pretty...maybe it comes in a taupe or other light color as a compromise?

    I love your tombstone door and sidelights!!! Don't put anything under the chest, just tape the lamp wires to the back with painter's tape and let the gorgeous floors show!

  47. Good luck with the purchase of your new car...it's very NICE! Woo, hoo...isn't it fun getting a new ride?

    I LOVE your foyer and the way you have it decorated, very pretty! Your hard wood floors are gorgeous, as well! Where did you find the mirror? I love it!

    Thanks for sharing...its always such a treat! =) ~Liz

  48. Hi Kimmie! Oh, good luck with the car! This is a pretty car and I just knew that Buicks used to be such great cars!
    Now I love the white piece you found and how you've used it. The moss is great!
    Your buffet is so pretty! I love the color. You always make such prettiness!
    Oh, about the Bathroom Divas! You can snap anytime you want to. I just waited until I had a few to make a post! I've just had two Diva parties but want y'all to snap anywhere anytime.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  49. well Kim i must say i love the chippy bowl looks great with the moss the side board is awsome in the foyer she really shows her class there and more people can enjoy her.As for you car my husband works for chevy we just got an equinox last week i love it its wonderful on gag and can pack it up with even a piece of furniture .Thats what i always look at i have a chevy tracker and i will never drive a car again they just seem to close to the ground and you cant pack stuff in them.our neighbor came over and he loves his equinox sayed he drove it to fl and it was a great ride .well it up to you what you get have fun shopping

  50. Kim, you do as much moving of things around as I do, I think! I stay out of my husband's living room with my moving things about, and I have my little garden room for that. I wish you'd come to my house to paint and glaze. I just love that piece you did. My husband is headed to the nearest Audi dealership in Dallas Friday to order himself a new bright red Audi. Men and cars...

  51. I live in Buick Central. When we first moved to the hood(as in neighborhood;)) we laughed at the number of people that drove Buicks. 1 neighbor has 3!! So I suppose they are pretty good cars. One neighbor just traded in her Chrysler 300(it was that pearly white) for a white La Crosse. It is a sharp car for sure, and knowing her, it must be a good car because she's not the type to NOT get the best. Hope that helps, oh and btw, everyone around here keeps them forever. Nice bowl!!

  52. That chest is wonderful and the chippy bowl on top makes it perfect! Theresa

  53. The Hubster had an Equinox for three years. We got it out of necessity and it seems like a good car for the money. Not impressed. It stared having issues right and left and so this past spring we traded it in on The Hbusters dream vehicle- A Ford 150 4x4. Practical on gas no but I do have to admit she sure is pertty!;)

  54. Can't help you with the car, Kim cause the last Buick that we owned was in the 70's, a Buick Le Sabre that turned out to be a lemon, so we never bought a Buick again. But that car looks really sharp. I like the cabinet there, it's perfect!..Christine

  55. I love this chest, Kim! I think it looks great in that spot with the mirror over it.