Yard Birds


Hello everyone, I hope your week is going good. I will be happy if we could get a little less rain and some more sun so the yard will get dry enough for me to cut. If it grows much longer it is going to be a lot more work to get all the extra clippings up.  Anywho this is a little post to show you how my metal roosters that were up on the bookcases in the great room look now and something new I bought. These pictures of the bookcases were taken before our recent new paint job.

This rooster is now

this. Little spray paint works wonders.

and this one

looks like this. Yep, tomato red. These pics are not necessarily where they are, but the sun finally
came out for a few minutes and so I took the pics outside. They are not on top of the bookcases anymore.
I will show you their new location soon.

I recently bought this canvas for only thirty five dollars and hung it

here in the breakfast room.

I think I like this canvas better here in place of the rooster plaque I had.

Well, just wanted to share some of my yard birds/roosters with ya. Love me some yard birds.

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Y'all come back now,



  1. Oooohhh...loving the roosters! Love the new color they are wearing! Can't wait to see their new home!

    You posted early today! I just stopped by to browse around...and NEW POST;)!


  2. You always have something fun waiting for us! The roosters look great in their new habitat, and that canvas is gorgeous! Enjoy!


  3. Kim, I love, love, love your roosters!! I love the new RED color! Absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see their new home!

    I stopped in at Hobby Lobby today, and they have lots and lots of gorgeous roosters! I came across one that was normally $69 (If I remember correctly) for only $20!! It was sooo pretty and very colorful! If only I had more decorating space I would have snatched him up in a second! I thought about you and me both when I saw him!!


  4. Okay, that does it...you have just GOT to stop posting so often, Kim!! I can't keep up with you!!!!!! LOL ;-)

    First of all, let me say "Congratulations" on your future granddaughter! How wonderful that your BEAUTIFUL daughter is now expecting. The circle continues!
    I loved seeing all her extraordinary wedding photos & the one of you & Mr. Savy with her is super delightful!
    You are BEAUTIFUL, too! No wonder she comes by her looks naturally.
    What fun you're going to have decorating that nursery.

    The roosters are going to be soooo incredible in the room with that awesome painting. It is way cool & your colors in that room are so very happy.

    You do know that Susan (BNOTP) & I have been looking for gorgeous champagne buckets for months now, right??? You are a LUCKY-DOG to find yours for a steal.

    About your gardenia bush...I have to use round metal cages or stakes specifically made for my peony bushes to help them stay upright. The blooms get so heavy. Perhaps such supports would work for your gardenia bushes next year. I don't know if you cut them back or not.
    Maybe a pretty white picket fence corner for them to trail over would help to support them. just thinking out loud.

    Now please go REST so I can catch up???


  5. Your roosters are quite the colorful ones now, aren't they! Can't wait to see where they roam! That is a very pretty canvas too!

  6. No Fair Kim! You always make us wait to see where you put things! LOL! I just love your canvas in its new home! Your whole wall looks just beautiful!

  7. Gotta love that spray paint!! I am quick, huh?? No grass grows under my feet!!


  8. Hi Kim, I just love your roosters all a happy color. The tomato red is awesome. I had done my now blue rooster, red at Christmas time, and I just can't wait to do him again around the holidays.

  9. Love the turquoise and the red. The birds look fantastic. Love your new painting too. I can't wait to see where the roosters are now. Hope you are having a super day. Hugs, Marty

  10. Loving the roosters and their new colors! The tomato red is awesome! You did good on the canvas piece! Can't wait to see where the rooster's new home is :)

  11. Oh honey, I love me some yard birds too! And I can't feed them due to the rats. Now I've really got my ire raised and as red as your pretty chicken!

  12. Kim, Love the roosters and the pops of red against your pretty green walls. What color is that green? I have a similar color in my den.
    Ours is BM Kennebunkport Green.


  13. Love the rooster makeovers. The rooster pictures is great!

  14. Gotta love a can of spray paint. Love your gutsy use of color!

  15. Hi Kimmie! Oh, now you know how I love the Yard Birds!! I love their new looks! Woo Hoo! I can tell they're so proud - they're absolutely struttin'! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. HI Kim, I love your new canvas and that is the perfect spot! Love the newly painted roosters too! Hope the sun stays out for you!!! XO, Pinky

  17. Hi Kim,
    I really like your metal yard birds. And the painting is really great! It has so much movement - seen from further away it really looks awesome!
    Kim those chandy shades with the red trim are great, I'd love to know if you did that yourself or bought them that way. I'm getting tired of the ones on my kitchen chandy, but don't want to spend a lot on new ones! And I'm feeling lazy right now...don't want to recover the ones I have. What to do?(I think about this way too much, and bet my hubby doesn't even realize we have shades on the chandelier...!)
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  18. Love the red, Kim. Can't wait to see where those chickie are hiding, now :)

  19. Hi Kim,
    Will we ever get tired of roosters? I don't think I ever will! Like what you did with yours and the canvas does look better on the wall than the plaque.
    Hope you have good weather soon. Check back with me tomorrow as I have another giveaway you might be interested in.

  20. I love your roosters! My MIL just started collecting rooster things for her kitchen, she would love all these:)

  21. Hu Kim, Love the new canvas painting! Your roosters look great all decked out in their new colors.
    xo, Sherry

  22. Oh your yard birds are painted so pretty and your picture looks fantastic!!

  23. Okay, I am dying to know what the announcement is! And, I love your yard birds! LOL! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with those two either! ;) We are NEEDING some rain; send it our direction.

  24. Love the new canvas in your eating area. You know I love me some yard birds too!

  25. Funny, I'm trying to bring yard birds into the kitchen of this old house too... haven't found any yet... BUT.. I did cover the wingback chairs that will be in the "keeping room" part of the kitchen in a pheasant toille.

  26. I like the canvas on the wall...can't wait to see the brightened chicken/rooster in their new home.

  27. Oh, I love that rooster painting. Love the "movement" in it!

  28. A woman after my own heart!!! I love birds AND roosters!!! Everything looks great :)

  29. I love your wall and the rooster canvas..I also love that clock with it.
    Good job.

  30. Love the birdies sporting their new cheerful colors! The new canvas painting looks great on that wall with your other goodies too. Hava a great weekend :o)

  31. What a cute addition your yard birds make outside. Such a clever idea and the canvas looks great there. Blessings, Patty

  32. I love the way you are so willing to change things - try something a little bit different. Very inspiring for someone like me, who has a hard time changing. Can't wait to see where those newly-painted roosters are going.

  33. Can't wait to see where the roosters are going, Kim. Love the new colors.

    I like your rooster canvas. I bought two new canvases this week. One is already in the hearth room. The other one is going to the lake.

  34. The rooster picture is wonderful and perfect were you hung it!

  35. Roosters are everywhere! I love to see how creatively designers can work them in so beautifully.

  36. Kim i love the new color and the canavs is just wonderful love it where you put itit fits right in to your charming space:)

  37. Love the roosters! Your breakfast room is awesome!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  38. Your roosters look great! I really like your breakfast room also!
    Come by my blog and enter to win a $50 CSN gift certificate.

  39. Okay after an hour over at CSN.lol I am looking at your blog a little more. Kim this is fabulous! You have done the nicest job with this blog. I love the blogs where you can tour your homes on the sidebar. Your home is gorgeous. I am trying to get up the courage to post images of some of our home, but I am still working on it. My husband dared me to start blogging. This was in November. I had never read a single decorating blog when I made my first few posts. Then I discovered you were to go to linky parties and get to know others that blogged in your topic. Wow! Was I ever blown away! If I had seen some of these beautiful blogs before I started I would have never done this blog. I have way more imagination than money and I just keep blogging. Now I am addicted to reading blogs and visiting and seeing all the talent. It is inspiring. Thanks for inviting me to your giveaway. I am so glad I had a chance to follow you today.

  40. I love the roosters! You definitely have something to crow about... (lame, lame)

    I love your whole breakfast room, too.

  41. the chicks look so wonderful in their new colors! your canvas and entire wall is beautiful....maybe the chicks would like to move there? ;)