A Little Bit of France, England and Turkey


My latest flea market finds represent three different countries. These pieces are not super low price deals, but I did get them marked down this week. Different booths had different percentages off. I did get some good buys on these things.

I have been looking for these vintage wine bottles to collect and found this one for only $35.00.

For some reason I was drawn to this picture. I have always been drawn to horse prints and this one with these cute children just drew me in. Then I looked at the price tag. It was originally $265.00 marked down to $185.00 and then 20% off of that.

Just look at those innocent faces.

This is where I ended up hanging it. I thought I could use it in the sitting room, but it didn't work in there.

Last, but not least is this Turkish jar. Everything in this booth was marked at 30% off. That made this piece more affordable. I was originally $118 marked down to $98 and then 30% off. Yes, that is right it was $68. which I was willing to pay since I know they usually are over $100.

I love the color and patina of this one. There were several in this booth, but this one was the best.

This is where it ended up after I tried it in different places. I bet you do that to don't you?

I hope all these photos look o.k. I am using a new laptop which is rather foreign to me. My desktop won't find the internet connection and I guess I will have to call ATT. I hate having to deal with them. I love my new laptop because it gets me out of the chair that I have been sitting in so much since I started this blog. Now I can go enjoy sitting in my sunroom again. I just don't understand why after hooking up the wireless router that now the desktop will not find the server. Ugh!! I have a lot of photos stored on my desktop that I can't get to.

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I hope you will go to these parties and see what treasures were found this week.

Y'all come back now,


If anyone knows anything about my computer problem and how to fix it just let me know. When I get on my desktop and click on mozilla firefox it says server not found since we hooked up the wireless router. All lights on the modem are working so I don't understand why I have not internet connection and the laptop works perfectly fine. This is the second router we purchased. The Belkin that we bought first wouldn't connect correctly at all. Now we have a Linksys 1000 that the guy at Best Buy would work with ATT. Oh well.

Post edit: Thanks to my good friend Debbie of  Debbiedoos my computer issues are FIXED!!!
Thanks Debbie!


  1. Hi Kimmie! Oh, look at all of the pretties you've found! I love everything and that old wine bottle in the weaving is so lovely!!
    Sorry about your puter woes! Wish I could help!
    Hope you figure it out soon and have a wonderful weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer problems! I hope you get it resolved soon. Laptops are great, though!
    I love all of your finds, especially the jar.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. The Turkish jar is about eight kinds of awesome. I am a terracotta freak and with the green that just makes it all the more lovely. Computers completely nut me up. We bought a printer that is supposed to print wirelessly from the laptop. The instructions for this is 20 pages long...just stab me in the eye...May never print a thing. Have a great and blessed weekend. ♣olive

  4. Nice treasures!
    Sorry - I am of no help about the computer. My daughter hooked up my router when I bought my laptop.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Great deals...and such beautiful things...love the vase!!!

  6. All wonderful finds, Kim!

    I have no idea how to help with your computer dilemma. I usally have to call one of my daughters to help out!

    Happy Weekend!...hoping you find an answer to the problem.

  7. Kim what beautiful pieces indeed. The Turkish pot is my favorite. Thanks for joining in this week. As for the computer....do you have a main station where your cable box is, ie laundry room? Sometimes you have to reset everything with just a switch of a button. Even the router, turn it off then turn back on. Your regular computer should have an area in which is shows all your wireless connections...you should be able to link up that way.

  8. Kim i am far from a expert but i was having problems while back with my wireless on the bottom to your right should be icons like sound, your virius icon and then a icon of a computer right click on that will list a few things like repair find connection etc....play with them i finally found out that since neighbor got wireless it was trying to connect to her's finally got it fixed by pure luck and have had no problems

  9. Nice pieces you found and they look wonderful in your home! No help with the computer thing. We have AT&T also and have been lucky. Of course, I have 2 teenage sons that know more than me so they keep it going on our 7 year old Dell computer! Good luck!

    The pictures look fine!

  10. Wow, I love that vintage wine bottle. Wouldn't mind having several of those. The horse print looks great near your sitting room with more horses :)

    have a great weekend!

  11. Oh I love the finds! I love how you mix the rustic, not so perfect peices with the very traditional pieces. Love that look! I also really like the new horse print as well as the others that you have.

  12. I often times have the same problem with firefox, but usually it resolves itself...eventually!

  13. I can't believe all of the things we have in common! I have a turkish jar very similar to the one you just bought! Your finds are wonderful and perfect for your home.

  14. Love all of your wonderful finds. Sometimes we just have to have some great treasures even if they aren't at GW prices. Your treasures are still great steals. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  15. What gorgeous finds Kim! I adore the wine bottle...I have been looking for some too...like you I want the real thing...I have seen a couple but none as in good of shape as yours...beautiful!

    The turkish pot is gorgeous in it's new home...I love the green and it's rustic character!

    The picture is just beautiful. I love everything about it. I can see why it had to come home with you! Love everything!

    Have a wonderful day!

  16. You know what? I have been having issues with Google Chrome and commenting on other's blogs-- and that is frustrating because you girls might not think I care anymore--but I DO!
    I think I will crawl under the basement stairs where our modem and wireless router is and reset them, too!
    Aren't we so blessed to be living now-a-days, to be able to find such varied decor items in one place?
    You found some beautiful things!
    I love the children's faces, too!
    Hugs, Kim!

  17. It looks like you found some great things Kim. I love all of your horsey items and think you have found the perfect place for your most recent print.

    Enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to see the nursery.


  18. AWESOME KIM!!~ So glad...now that will be $150.00 from the Geek squad...I qualify for Geek!

  19. AWESOME KIM!!~ So glad...now that will be $150.00 from the Geek squad...I qualify for Geek!

  20. Kim,
    Your finds are fabulous!! The Turkish jar is wonderful. What that would look like with sunflowers in it on a table! I also love the wine jug. I just bought one of those at an antique store too. They were $179 in Pottery Barn, so you got a very good deal! Glad your computer is working now. Have a great weekend.

  21. Hi Kim! Love that rattan covered vintage bottle. I have two of them that a friend gave me. I made one of them into a lamp. Enjoy yours!!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Hi Kim, I love everything you bought. I really love the vintage wine bottle....Kathy

  23. Great finds Kim! I especially love the horse print.

  24. Your Turkish jar is out of this world! I just love pieces like that, and the colors are so nice. I also love vintage wine bottles. I love the really huge ones! I've never seen one quite like yours, but I like it a lot! Great finds.

  25. Love your treasures!!
    I don't know much about computers as i usually just call my oldest son who is an IT specialist and he comes and fixes ours lickety split!!


  26. That turkish jar is making me drool! The print is wonderful for your home and the wine bottle is so unique! You find the best stuff!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  27. Thanks so much for your visit. You know, the more I look at my print propped against the wall, the more I think I will leave it that way. Yayy. No hammer and no holes!
    Glad you got the computer issue taken care of. My son's computer will not hook up to this router.. my husband's and mine do but not our son's. These computers.. can't live with 'em or without 'em.
    I love your purchases, especially the vase from Turkey. Very nice! But then... that print with the little boys and the horse... love it... and where you hung it too.
    Have a GREAT weekend!
    Ladybug Creek

  28. Fun shopping day for you! and it sounds like you have your computer repairperson, Debbie in house and everything is working! YAY!

    Love all your finds.

    From Virginia

  29. Hi Kim! Beautiful items!!! Love those wine bottles too because they blend with sooo many styles! My hubby is a computer expert and I will be happy to ask when he gets home but the suggestion above from ChRis is what I do also BUT you also want to view wireless connections which you will find when you right click on the computer icon; look for your connection (Linksys) be careful with wireless because it will try to connect you to the strongest site if you don't default your computer to whatever you are using. A lot of people are using "unsecured" sites (Linksys is secured - look for the little gold lock)without being secured people can sit in front of your house and use your connection! Hope I didn't confuse you more!!!lol Sincerely, Jeannette

  30. Hi Kim

    I love all your purchases especially the rattan wine bottle.
    I think your photos are fantastic and they are nice and large something i haven't figured out yet!

  31. Kim can I just tell you how much I am enjoying living vicariously through you and your trips to the flea market right now? I am knee deep in sawdust and mortar dust right now, and oh how I long to spend a day shopping for pretties! Clean clean clean is all I do lately and can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us..especially the Turkish jug. Someday I will show you the fab wicker wrapped bottle I found...for $3!

  32. Gorgeous finds! I love my laptop and being able to blog wherever! Sun porch, bedroom, etc!

  33. Love the Turkish jar, what a find, don't let the dog knock it over! I had my Grandmothers vase and sure enough the cats were acting up chasing each other, knocked it over and broke it! It sound like you got your computer fixed. i was going to tell you to reboot your router like Debbie said. I occasionally have to reboot mine (just unplug it and then plug it back in). i finally got a Apple Mac and my life is now wonderful! I sit on the couch and never have any problems!


  34. Kim, what awesome finds! Did you get them at Queen of Hearts? Those are just great vintage wine bottles, glad you found them! I have to say, that vase from Turkey, I think I'll have to find one too, love it! Look at that beautiful print with those little boys, precious. I do love where you put it, you have a great eye for decorating! I can't wait to meet you and shop at Queen of Hearts sometime, would that not be fun?



  35. Oh Kim, you get the prize for getting some of the best pieces at one time! Did you get them at Queen of Hearts? What great and lovely finds. That vase is out of this world, I would like one too. I'll be keeping my eye out for one. That print is just incredible, those little faces, be still my heart! Happy you found those good looking vintage wine bottles, you did good! You are my kind of shopper!

    (have to say, this is the second comment, I do not see my other one! If you get two, oh well!!)

    Take care!


  36. Beautiful finds! You have such lovely taste! My favorite would have to be the wine bottle in the basket! You have it displayed so wonderfully too!

  37. Glad your computer issues are fixed! I have all my photos on my desktop and when we have problems with it I find it very odd to use my laptop!

    Looks like you found some great accent pieces. The painting with the children is just darling!


  38. Kim, I would have bought every one of those treasures you bought, and they would have been MY favorite things instead of your favorite things! What a deal on the wine bottle - those are hard to find unless you pay big bucks. Love that painting. The children are so sweet, and I'm also drawn to horse paintings. That jar is fabulous, and the color looks so pretty with your marble hearth. What wonderful treasures to link to F.T.S. Thank you for linking up. laurie

  39. Kim, Love your new treasures. You know the best places to shop!

  40. You have great taste Kim! My dad had 2 of those wine bottles on the back of his junkin trailer Thursday I saw. I'm just curious how much his is now! ha! I love the horse prints too!

    Keep on Junkin'

  41. Some great finds here, I love the picture too for all the same reasons! :D

  42. Hi Kim, I am so glad you found a wine bottle! You have commented a couple of times when seeing mine and I know you have been looking for one. The picture is wonderful and I am so in love with the turkish jar! There is something about these old jars that makes my heart beat faster.
    xo, Sherry

  43. Hi Kim!

    Sorry to hear of your computer problems...Wish I could help. I am afraid it would be the blind leading the blind. I especially love the print with the children and the horse. So many times the antique pictures of children have them so serious looking. And, you are right...How innocent!

    Have a good weekend, Karen

  44. Great finds, Kim! The picture is very pretty and I just love the Turkish jar....Christine

  45. Kim,
    Great finds! Loving that wine jar and tuscan jar! So glad to know I am not the only one that moves things all over until I find the "perfect" spot!
    So glad Debbie could help fix your computer touble. She's the best :)

  46. LOVE the Turkish jar!!! So glad you found a friend who could remedy your computer issues! Makes me crazy sometimes trying to figure these things out, but sure glad we have them!

  47. Kim,
    Those computers- can't live with them, can't live without them. I was without one for an entire week- it was kind of nice to unplug but now I have some major blogosphere reading to catch up on! I'm glad Debbie could fix yours.
    I love the wine jar. It would be a great start to a centerpiece for an Italian dinner tablescape! Can't wait to see more finds, Michelle

  48. Beautiful treasures. A bargain is not always low cost or inexpensive. If the value to you is more than what you had to give up for it, that is a bargain.
    But- with all the discounts, you did good money wise as well.

  49. Love, love everything you purchased. You really got some great deals. I can see why you couldn't pass these items up especially the jug, oh my that is a beauty,Kathysue

  50. Neat finds. I really love the turkish urn!

  51. Hi Kim,
    I seriously want that wine jug! I love it! I found an old bottle like that, but much smaller than yours, at a yard sale last summer. I have not been able to find any since, so you you have gotten a real treasure!

  52. Your post made me chuckle because I am always buying stuff that I HAVE to have and have no idea what to do with it once I get it home. I've been known to rearrange entire rooms for a terrific find.

  53. Great finds but terrible prices! Too much money!!

  54. I gotta tell ya', Kiddo...you find the bestest STUFF!! Things I would walk right past, you grab & make them look SOOOOO beautiful by where & how you place them. I swear I'm going to pay to fly you up to Ohio so you can help me re-do this house. Get someone else to cut your grass!!!! LOL

  55. I just LOVE all your finds! I collect the wine bottles as well! And I love horse prints too! And the jar is wonderful! Very FC! :)

  56. Kim I absolutely love the horse picture. And those children are so adorable! I love paintings with children any way and being originally from Ky the horse state. WEll enough said!

  57. Hi Kim
    Your pictures are beautiful as always. I love all your finds, but the picture is my favorite.

    :) Michelle