Oh Me, Oh My........


............what a mess I have made. This is why I don't bake very much. It always seems that something goes wrong. I thought I would make a fresh peach cobbler last night. I sliced the peaches and poured sugar over them to make a nice syrup. Followed the directions of this recipe that I got from Our Old Southern House blog. Natalie lives here in the same city I live in. She actually lives in a very old house that they have been fixing up. I did not even know about her or her blog until she left me a comment. Then when I saw photos of our little town I commented back and came to find out that she and my daughter went to school together. It is such a small world. Anyway getting back to the mess I made. I placed the cobbler in the oven and then I started smelling something. I opened the oven and a plume of smoke poured out! The dish I used was too small and the cobbler decided to pour over the edges and burn in my oven.

I grabbed a cookie sheet to catch the mess that continued to fall.

Oh, what a MESS!

Now I have to deal with this today. It is a self cleaning oven, but I have to get most of this up first or I will have a house full of smoke and stinch! It already smells bad enough when I clean the oven and there aren't any spills in it.

So I am going to clean up this crud and then go out and cut the grass while the house smells bad for three hours.

I also wanted to let those who haven't heard that we lost one of our bloggers this week in a car accident. I did not know her, but read about it on two other blogs today in my blog roll. Kathysue of 
Good Life of Design was a blogging friend of Marija of Holding Court blog and was in hopes of meeting her friend some day. Please read her tribute to her and read Marija's husband's tribute, too. It is so touching and heart wrenching at the same time. Also Acanthus and Acorn blog has a touching story, too. They also had become very close and even spoke on the phone and were hoping to meet some day. I believe Marija did leave me a couple of comments on my blog and I know she will be missed in the blogging community. Be sure and read these stories.

Everyone try to have a great day today. Live everyday to the fullest!

Y'all come back now,



  1. Sorry, but I am glad I am not the only one with baking disasters... Mine just turn out ugly. I am more of a cook than a baker...
    Better luck next time!

  2. I hate it when that happens in the oven...thank goodness for self clean ovens though! Sorry to hear about the death of this lady...I will go over and check out these blogs, thanks! :D

  3. I did that with pizza on the very first night we moved in our house. Lovely! Sorry to hear about the blogger. I will have to check it out. It is crazy how we seem to get so close to people we don't even know! But we do!

  4. OMG Girl I do that all the time...and I would rather be beaten with a wet noodle that clean ovens ha ha!! Yes I read Kathysue post about this great woman and went by her blog also...what a shame for her family and friends to lose someone so young and beautiful inside and out...Now go get that wonderful yard of yours mowed and enjoy nature for awhile...Hugs and smiles to you my Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  5. Oh gosh Kim, thank you for letting us know about Marija. You never know when your last day on earth is, I will go over and give my condolences.


  6. It is such sad news about one of the bloggers. Your advice to live everyday to the fullest is right on.

    Sorry about the oven mess, but thank goodness for self-cleaning ovens!

  7. Kim, sorry about the overflow...how was the cobbler? We LOVE it when she makes this cobbler...it is her grandmother's recipe. Next time, just remember to use a larger dish....thank goodness for self cleaning ovens. Have a great day.

  8. oh goodness, that is one heck of a mess! yikes. did you still try to eat the rest of it? haha! (i know i would!)
    and i love brooke's nursery. LOVE IT. we did brown and blue for mary margaret's nursery...and brown was actually our main color (w/blue accents) for our wedding. 7 of our rooms are actually different shades of brown. i can't wait to see how it all comes together--i know it's going to look fabulous.

  9. Kim,
    I hate it when the racks get a gummy! Oh well, it will clean up. I am sorry to hear of the loss :(

  10. I recently found Marija's blog and what a lovely woman. So passionate about her family, friends and life. Very very sad. On another note, sorry for your mess but hope your cobbler tasted yummy!

  11. I hate when that happens. I've started using a cookie sheet with sides on it, I just set the baking dish on that and slide it in the oven. Makes it easier to pick up out of the oven too.

    I heard about Marija. I don't think she had visited the Back Porch. I did not know her. It's so sad, to hear this news.

  12. How good of you to share your mishap. I hardly ever use a recipe so I could easily do the same. I will read the tribute. Life is very fleeting I know as I have lost many first degree relatives.

  13. The cobbler was delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Yum!

  14. That cobbler looks delish regardless of the mess! Hope you got it cleaned up!

    And it was truly heartbreaking to read the tribute by Marija's husband! Such a tragedy! I will keep her family in my thoughts and prayers.


  15. I hope the cobbler was still delicious!?

    So sorry to hear about Marija. I didn't know her..., but just the thought that a loved one "disappears" like that. I'd rather not think about it.

  16. OOO, haven't we ALL had this mess before. It sure looks good tho and fresh peach cobbler is one of my favorites.

    So sorry to hear about Marija.

  17. You know, of course, that this will only happen when it is over 100 degrees outside. Never in the winter when the warmth inside the house would be welcomed!

  18. WOW! This was a bad week Kim! I'll bet it was super yummy anyway. :)

  19. This has happened to me more times than I care to recall. Good luck with the clean-up.


  20. Hate to hear the sad news. I shall visit these blogs. I hate to even use my oven. I made a mess with something similar recently. Then couldn't get the oven self-cleaner to work. Probably broke. I don't cook enough to care at this point.

  21. I am just now reading your blogs today. We've been at the pool all day and got back just in time with the storm coming! The news of the death of that blogger is soooo sad! I went over to her blog and read what her husband posted. It reminds us that life is so fleeting and not to take it for granted! On another note, your oven spill reminds me of one that happened to mine recently, except it occurred the very day I had just gotten finished cleaning my oven!! Jimmy cooked something and it dripped all over my clean oven. I didn't even get to enjoy it being clean! Hopefully, your peach cobbler turned out good in the end though.

  22. How mean am I? All I can think of is thank goodness it's you and not me;)!

    I hate it when things like this happen...yuck!

    I hope the cobbler tasted good after all of that trouble!

    Enjoy...or try too;)!

  23. Ewwwww! What a mess! Thank goodness for self cleaning ovens! It is bad but without them it would have been even worse.

    I saw the story about Marija and it really puts life in perspective. So very sad for her family and especially the children.

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