Z in DeZign


Oh my, it is the last week of alphabet Thursday in Miss Jenny's class because this week is the letter "Z".
I can't believe we have been through the whole alphabet, well actually I started late.
I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with. I started thinking about how the letter "Z" is used in
design and here is what I came up with.

Here are some examples of clothing and home decor with patterns using ZIGZAGS. Click on the link to read the definition of ZIGZAG.

This is an antique trunk with a herringbone pattern that has been formed with ZIGZAGS. In design sometimes it forms the herringbone design or

the chevron pattern as in these two pieces of jewelry.

Here is a shirt with a ZIGZAG stripe on it and this beautiful quilt with a ZIGZAG pattern.

This is a vintage linen towel with the ZIGZAG pattern that formed hearts.

Basket and vintage copper drawer pulls.

A German vase and a carbon fiber cloth hybrid.

Here is a table runner with ZIGZAGS for a contemporary look.

Here is a Ralph Lauren glass and  Rogers Oneida silver plate spoon  with the chevron pattern.

Two throws

Ancient pottery bowl

I have this seagrass rug with the zigzag pattern in my great room

and this Pottery Barn pillow in the guest room has the chevron pattern.

Now I will have you looking around your home and in your closet to see if you have the ZIGZAG pattern on anything.

Thanks Miss Jenny for having us use our brains to think up things using the alphabet. This was a lot of fun.
I should have gotten you something for the end of the school year.

Be sure and check out the other "Z" words this week at Miss Jenny's.

Just a note, my blue dyed skin has to wear off. Yippee. It is much better than it was though.

Y'all come back now,


all images from theinsidesource.com/topics/home_and_garden/view/trendlet-alert-zigzags/


  1. What a fun post! I never notice how many things have this design...but now I'm looking around! Thanks for the giveaway info! Hope you're not baking or feeling blue today! lol You deserve a day off! ♥

  2. Great post Kim! I love all of these great Z's found in design!

    Kat :)

  3. Wow you rocked the Z in zigzags. Very comprehensive post Kim. I enjoyed it. ♦olive

  4. Love your Z post! Isn't fun that when you start to look for something then you see it everywhere. I will have to look for some Z's in my home.

  5. Oooohhh *Z* is a tough letter to come up with stuff. Everything is beautiful Kim! Love the pillows.

    Have a great evening.
    ~Melissa :)

  6. You clever student, you! You always have the most original alphabet posts!

  7. HI Kimmie! Oh, look at all the fun you've had finding Zness! I'll bet this was fun!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. Kim, what a happy and stylish stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Z".

    It's funny...now I look around my office I see all kinds of zig zags!

    And here, I thought you were just going to show us some pictures of rickrack! I should have known better.

    Your links are always a surprise waiting to happen!

    Thank you for linking up!


    PS. You did get me something. You let me get to know you better through this meme. No better gift than that!

  9. What a fun post! I particularly love your sea grass rug, as I'm a nut for sea grass!

  10. Such an eye you have for the Zigs and Zags...very fitting post for you...nice job...peace

  11. Fun Z Post~ I never noticed the chevron/zig zag patterns before, now that you point them out I see them everywhere :-)

  12. hmmm, you've certainly got me thinking...

  13. Now I'm sorry I didn't walk around my house and look more closely. You're right...I have Z's in my house too.

  14. Amazing pieces of art...love the quilt..do not thing I have seen that pattern before....Happiest "Z" day....bkm

  15. Fun finds. I only wish I had been around longer than W...It has been so much fun. Hopefully I can find some other fun spot to connect to this wonderful group of people in blogland. Have a blessed week Debbie

  16. What a lot of great pictures of the zigzag pattern. Good Z post.

  17. great zigzags - I like the dress and wall decors

  18. It is amazing how many ways there are to interpret a zig zag design. Great post!

  19. Zig Zags are awesome! I love it.

  20. You go girl and your zigzags! Question for you... how do you like your seagrass rug? I am thinking about getting one from Lowes. I may have asked you this before. I know you get all yours at Overstock. Is it comfortable on your feet? That is my biggest concern!

  21. Kim, I knew you would give us a fantastic post! Love the zig-zags! We had a wonderful flame stitch on our living room love seats for many years. When we last reupostered them, sadly flame stitch was not to be found. Short of needlepointed our own that is! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your amazing creative talent with all of us! ~ Sarah

  22. perfect post...your missoni pics make me swoon. i never realized how much i gravitate toward the zig-zag!

  23. COOL! Never noticed before.

  24. Very cool post...very visual! Excellent Z!

  25. What cool zigzag photos! I love it!

  26. Before I start counting z-z-z-s,
    I thought I'd read some of these posts ( it's already 1:20AM ). I enjoyed zigzagging though yours and now I want to look around my home to see where I have some...and I know there are a few.

    Enjoyed all yours so much!

  27. Didn't realize there are so many zigzag designs!

    Super ‘Z’ post – pure infotainment!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  28. An excellent choice for Z, Kim. Loved all the zigzags!!

  29. Great Z post...nice photos. I'm not a herringbone fan,but i did enjoy this.

  30. Wow, you found some great examples for our last letter. I LOVE that trunk! And your seagrass rug, I've not seen one like it, it's beautiful. Hope to see you in class for our color posts, I'm sure you'll come up with some great ones. Kat

  31. Oh fun! I'm off to look around my house! Nancy

  32. I had already determined Id be coming back, but you solidified my decision by saying ya'll! I love finding other Southern gals!

    What a fun use of the letter z...now I know I'm gonna be looking for zigzags all day! :)

  33. Very clever you are!! Cool looking things you have found, too.

    I can't thank you enough for posting my giveaway. I have been overloaded with comments and new followers. The majority said you sent them over there!!

    Thanks again!!

  34. Some z's are beautiful... others tend to make me a bit dizzy. Not hard to do when you are a blonde like me though.

    Love the z's on the antique trunk... subtle and gorgeous.


  35. Great variety of very cool "Z's"! Happy alphabe-thursday!

  36. This had to be a hard one Kim...Z is just a hard letter to do...great job girl...Hope all is well in your world today my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  37. Yep, you are right. I am looking all around for zigzag patterns :)

  38. This is a GREAT take on Z. And you found some pretty cool stuff to flesh out your theme, too.



  39. Hi Kim,

    That's a lot of zigzags. I'm having trouble focusing on my typing. Yahoo! That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

    Anne-Marie :D

  40. Very clever choice of a Z word!

  41. Enjoyed the zig-zag patterns. Especially liked the throws, the bowl, the clothes and the home decor. Thanks for sharing!

  42. love the zigzags, especially those throws ... yummy!

  43. This was perfect for Z. What great fun looking at all the amazing zigzags you found. Thank you for sharing this on the last day of the regular A-Z.

  44. Zigzag. That is a great word and I love the look of old zigzag patterned textiles.

  45. super great imagery...love the way the pictures simply say it all :)

    (ps great header!)

    Well, happy Z day :)
    It has been 26 weeks of fun!

    hope you can visit my z when you have time :)