Change is Good


Boy, the weeks sure have been flying by. I cannot believe school is starting back next week here. Of course I don't have any school age children, but it just seems like they are going back earlier and earlier. I remember when we didn't start until after Labor Day. Yep, that gives away my age doesn't it?

Moving on now, it is time once again to share some vignettes around the house  I am always changing things up around here.

I decided to display family photos here for a while so they could be better viewed and enjoyed.

I did have these over on the bookcase by the fireplace and they were hard to look at.

As you can see from the photo before that I have painted and glazed the frames. I thought the black was too harsh in here. I am also considering painting this table. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what color?
 I can do white and glaze it or black and glaze the edges or maybe a dark brown.

Now back to the bookcase. Since I moved the pictures to the sofa table I had to come up with a new
vignette over here.

I took my cloche and put a linen lemon print (say that three times fast) napkin on the base and filled it with lemons, starfish, and a 
roll of jute.

Then I added my large green vase for height and color.

I am loving the shots my new camera even captures at night.

I bought this new pitcher at Home Goods last week and added it to this vignette in the foyer for now.
I loved the farm house style of this pitcher and it was under ten dollars.

Look at my poor sunflowers. I was hoping they would last longer than that.

They use to look happy

and now they just look very sad.

I hope you are happy today and not sad.

I am linking to A Stroll thru Life for Tabletop Tuesdays and
with Debbiedoos for a Before and After party on Wednesday.
Also joining a new linky party at Colours Dekor for August table tops.
Also linking to Color Outside the Lines for a new vignette party.

Hope you will go pop in over at these parties and find some inspiration.
It is always good to get some fresh new ideas and maybe add a couple to our homes.
Change is a good thing.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments about my future granddaughter's nursery. As fast as time is slipping by she will be here in no time.

Have a wonderful week!
Y'all come back now,



  1. Your frames look great there. I like the shape of the table too.

  2. I so enjoy touring your home Kim!
    I love the way you displayed the lemons...looks great!

    Thank goodness here in Canada school doesn't start till after Labour Day!

    Your new camera does take excellent night shots.
    Pamela xo

  3. I love your lemon vignette! I spy roosters...

  4. The frames look great! I love displaying family pics! I love the cloche with lemons! The napkin is so pretty! Lemons seem to be swirling around in my brain lately! Looks good!

  5. Would pissy fall into happy or sad?? I think I'll be an optimist and say happy. Besides anytime you post and show your house, I'm happy. So scratch that first sentcence! My first thought was black for that table, but I love all of the colors that you have done, so can I vote Blue, lol? You always rock Kim, so it will be great whatever!

  6. Kim, I love the vignette with the family photos and the frames look wonderful painted. Each one is so pretty. I adore that table. Is it yellow like your dining table. If so, I sure wouldn't paint it. Otherwise I would paint it to match the dining table. Love that table. Your bookcases look wonderful. The cloche of course is perfect to me. What a great idea to add the napkin. Looks wonderful. Your new pitcher is so pretty too. I really like the vase behind it with the two handles. You do have some of the prettiest jars. Just gorgeous. Hope you are having a super day. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love the cloche with the lemons! Your home always looks so lovely, no matter what you do! You're making me really want to paint our built in book cases around the fireplace!!

  8. "Family Photos ALWAYS bring out the sunshine on any day"... Love your displays and those are wonderful bookcases you have... The lemons cloche display is wonderful(WHO makes that napkin, I would LOVE a set if I can hunt one down???) and that rooster pillow is just amazing, so fresh and WELL "EVERYTHING" is beautiful!

  9. I really like the frames painted. I think bloggers paint husband is having a hard time with this part of my blogging! Love the lemon cloche...very creative combination of things.

  10. I love to see how you change things up, Kim! I love the sunflower vignette, even with the sad blooms!

  11. Your new camera does take wonderful photos! I love your built in bookcase. Must be so fun to change it up every now and then. Everything here today looks great!

  12. It's always nice to change things up a bit. I am a little lazy and tend to just leave things the way they are. You are inspiring me to move things around. BTW, great shots with you camera. Hey, don't throw those sunflowers away yet, they look kind of cool dried!

  13. Donna, the napkins are from Pottery Barn.

  14. I can't believe the kids have to go back to school this week either! And it's so hot they're going to have to crank the AC!

    The cloche with the lemons is pretty and I do like the way you've painted the frames!


  15. Digging the lemon napkin and cloche display...funny how it is the little things....well Kim whatever you decide it will be fabulous....I think personally I would leave it...yep that is right, I would! I also really like how you did your frames very pretty family pictures display. Thanks Kim for sharing, I can't wait to see others this week...i better get busy on my post.

  16. I love the pop of color the lemons give the bookcase! I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the table...hmmmm...I always love black but I like the idea of a chocolate brown or even a great shade of green? Whatever you do it will be fabulous!

  17. the *green* pitcher sitting on your bookcase is the color i would go with it always catches my eye i also saw some of that green is in your rooster pillow

  18. Happy here...I love the rooster pillow in that chair! It's hard to say what to do with that table because I can't see the whole room but I know you will know what to do and I would love to it when you do! ;D

  19. those lemons brightened that area and look terrific~!!


  20. Ok you had me at the goodness I am coveting that pillow was hard for me to take my eyes off that guy.....maybe because everyone is doing white these days and I'm seeing so much of it...the natural pine is a breath of fresh air.

  21. I went to Home Goods today too!!! I kinda like the wilty sunflowers... makes them look a little more primative!
    Great re-organization of the photos from your bookcase :)

  22. The frames are much fresher in white and I love your lemons. When I grow up I want a big girl camera also. Until then I will soldier on happily. Big hugs♥olive

  23. Kim,
    Are your lemons real? I use real ones for decor and they last for such a long time. Your display looks great!
    Your pine sofa table looks very much like mine. I love the look of pine, so I probably would leave it, as is. If you do paint, it tho, I know it will look fabulous!

  24. I love changing things up to make a difference! The starfish with the lemons is a nice combination! I love the big pillow on your chair, too! That's what I'm looking for now..some new BIG pillows! ♥

  25. Hey Kim! GREAT photos of your home and I love the way you put things together. By the way, I cannot believe how many times I stupidly repeated...Linen Lemon Print out loud to myself....and felt stupid doing Can you say NanaDianaisBananas fast 10 times? lol

    I like the picture frames painted white. I had a bunch of white ones that I just painted am wishing I had left white. I feel a spray painting frenzy coming on soon.

    Thanks for the smile. Most of my plants are looking like those sunflowers this year. Diana

  26. Fall, cooler weather... Can hardly imagine that right now. I love white pitchers. They are a fav of mine. You have sure got this glazing thing down, girl! Lemons always make me smile. So cheerful, that bright yummy yellow.

  27. Kim, your photos are lovely and it makes me miss mine, now that they are all put away :(
    Everything looks great and the sofa table would look nice with brown edges on white or cream paint.
    Wonderful changes!

  28. Hi Kim-

    Your home is lovely and so are your photos - Are you loving your new camera? Are you using it on Auto or have you been playing with some of the controls? I love the close-up of the white pitcher.

    I no longer have kids at home either. I work in display and am putting jeans and backpacks on all the kid mannequins - thinking of all the money I am saving by not having to buy Back to school clothes and supplies anymore.
    My best - Diane

  29. Beautiful! I like the white pitchers and your family pictures displayed there. You are so good!

  30. Really like the lemons with the star fish under the dome. I am not one to say what looks good, as I am trying to make some changes around my home and have come to a screeching halt. Maybe after I get the repair work done I can make better decisions. Sorry about the sunflowers. :(
    Enjoy your week.

  31. Everything looks great. And the frames turned out really well. The lemon vignette is super fresh too. I love lemons and decorating with them always adds a great pop.

  32. Great job, you did a wonderful job with the frames. Love the lemon vignette.

  33. Kim you always do the best stuff to your home...Beautiful my friend..Now about the table I think choclate brown would be wonderful with the brown roman shades you all the yellows...and keep the sun flowers for a bit they look find to me...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  34. I loved where you moved the frames to be better seen and I definately like the color you painted them now better. Love that nursery too. Too precious.

  35. We are both thinking about lemons! (lemonade cart post for three pixie lane!) Everything looks so beautiful here! I love the new frames! My vote for the table would be an antique white finish to show off that wonderful basket sitting below it! It is awesome! All your treasures are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  36. I think your hew family photo arrangement is very nice - love the white frames. I'd paint the table a distressed white, but not too much dark showing through.

  37. Hey Kim! Thanks for the sweet comments! I have a simple Nikon Coolpix L100. I have asked my husband for a new camera for my birthday in November! Mine doesn't have any special lenses or settings for lighting, so I am so dependent on the time of day that I take pictures! Sometimes the quality is crummy, but I upload anyway! Your 'night' pix is GREAT! I just can't get a good pix without natural lighting...think I might go take a course when school starts in 2 weeks. Oh, the things I have learned from blogland! Have a sweet rest!

  38. Hi Kim -
    Everything looks so beautiful!! I love the cloche w/lemons and the family photos are beautiful. I love having photos displayed around the house. I vote for painting the table white with a glaze. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Toni ♥

  39. Hi Kim, I always enjoy seeing pictures of your home and the changes you have made. The white pitcher and Santos are wonderful. My suggestion for the table would be the same white as your bookcases or the distressed red you painted the hutch.
    xo, Sherry

  40. It is fun to rearrange your space a little now and then and give your treasures a new place to shine. As for that table, it is lovely, would you think of shabby cream but leaving the wood shine through on the top? What other colours are featured in your home?

  41. Love the lemons. They just make me happy with their yellow! I like the table as it is, but I think it would be yummy painted that dark brown like the back of your cabinets. Whatever you touch looks beautiful! I love the pictures. I am family photo crazy. I think it looks wonderful!

  42. Your vignettes look amazing! You have so many treasures! Love how the frames turned out!

  43. Kim, your home is just beautiful, whatever you do seems to be perfect. I would paint the table brown or something that would go with the tile surround on your fireplace. Have a wonderful day. Your daughters nursery is just adorable I love the molding, the curtains are just the cutest.

  44. Kim.. oh my gosh.. Your home is gorgeous.. Loved all your frames.. I love the way you've displayed them as well.. So warm.. so full of love.. of all those lovely memories..

    Your probably tinker around your home and make it look prettier every now and then.. I loved all your pics.. and your blog..

    Thanks for linking into Colours Dekor.. I loved your blog and am here to stay.. :-)

  45. Hi Kim! Your frames look lovely painted and glazed and I like your new lemon filled cloche vignette. My favorite, however is that charming bird lamp. Love it!!

    Susan and Bentley

  46. I'm as sad as those flowers that I don't have a Homegoods anywhere near me!!

  47. Kim...if you blink around here you miss one of your beautiful posts;)!

    I love all of the changes you made! The frames are gorgeous with their new paint and in their new home! The vignette in your bookcase is wonderful! I love that green can send it his way if you like;)!

    I also adore the new pitcher on your entry table...everything as always is BEAUTIFUL!


  48. Hi Kimmie! Oh, I love your changes. Your picture frames look great painted and glazed! Love how you've dressed your built ins too!
    Well, I'm a tad bit sad like your little flowers - had to take my girls to the airport to fly back home today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  49. I just bought a cloche a couple of weekends ago and have been wondering what I should do with it? Yours is beautiful...I love the lemon print napkin and the starfish. :)

  50. Kim- Your picture frames look so fresh in white w/the glaze. Like the lemon cloche in the bookcase,too. Isn't it fun to re-do everything? I'm always moving things around! LOL
    hugs, Sue

  51. Kim,
    I too remember school starting after Labor Day. This is the 2nd week of school for my kids already! They started in July.

    I think you made some nice changes around the bookcase and sofa table. I think the nice mix of woods look great in that room. Have you chosen a color for the table yet? Cant' wait to hear.

    I'll be back as always,


  52. Kids here still go back to school after Labor Day....does that make me young??? Guess not, but they don't get out until at least the middle of june, usually around he 17th-20th and later if there have been "snow days". It always makes me chuckle when i see "back to school " specials and kids here have only been out for 2 or 3 weeks.

    Hope the rain was useful to keep your grass green...we could use some nice gentle rain here. Eveything is "dormant", a nice way to say brown!

  53. I just saw your little lady on Velvet and Linens post today in a San Fransciso store...I bet you got your girl a whole lot cheaper than they wanted in that high end Antique store, but I had never seen those before, a very interesting antique, you have a good eye...also did I mention I LOVE that pillow (a thousand times) lol

  54. Found you via colors the sunflower vignette!!

  55. Great photos! I know you like to participate in the tabletop meme at Marty's, so I wanted to tell you that tomorrow I'll have a meme too, that I think you will love! It's called Vignette Friday's, and it's all about tabletop vignettes, bookcase vignettes, garden vignettes - any vignette you set up, photograph, and want to share! If you're interested, please stop by! EVERYONE is welcome to participate, but I really hope you do! :) Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing your vignette!

  56. Beautiful! I'm in love with that basket under your console! :) Great vignettes. Thank you SOOoooo much for participating in this inaugural meme! I really appreciate it! :)