Hope everyone is having a good start to the week. I got lots of much needed cleaning done today. 

 I want to share one of my collections with you. These are not out anymore. I had to go get them out of a box that they are stored in and show you how they use to be displayed. I finally grew tired of them being out for many years, but thought I would share them with you today.

This is my birdhouse collection. When I was trying to fill this huge space on top of my t.v. cabinet in
the sunroom I used these birdhouses.

This one has a blue and white mosaic design and a little crystal knob for the perch.
The one on the left in the back was purchased at a decor shop.

I purchased this one from the Southern Living at Home collection that my sister use to sell.
I liked the watering can perch on this one.

My daughter gave me this one for Mother's day one year.

Another Southern Living at Home birdhouse in a church design.

I love the little window on the side of the church.

This church designed one is in the guest bedroom.

This is my favorite and it stays on this cabinet.

I love the big size of this one and the fact that it was made with real barn wood.
Wait a minute go back to that other picture.

I thought I saw my necklace. So that is where it went.  The bird must have taken it from me.
I don't think so.

I love my new Lisa Leonard Designs necklace and the bird cannot have it.

Now that that mystery is solved let's look at this huge old rusty doorknob for the perch

and an old rusty chippy ceiling tile for the roof. So cute.  I bought this at a local tiny antique shop
that did not make it with the economy slow down. I hate that so many cute shops are gone now.

I hope you will pop over to Marty's at A Stroll thru LIfe for tabletop Tuesday and maybe find
some other collections.

Do you have any collections?

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about the table I refinished for my granddaughter's nursery.
I have become quite addicted to painting and glazing. Can't seem to stop. Probably more projects will show up around here.

Y'all come back now,



  1. What a wonderful collection! I hope they aren't going back into the box;)! Surely you can find homes for all of those lovlies!


  2. Hi Kim, I love your birdhouse collection.There all so cute. I don't think i would put them away. They look so cute displayed...Kathy

  3. I love birdhouses, too.....mine were in my kitchen but when I redid it, I changed them out....they are hanging out in the laundry room, waiting for it to be redone or to find a new home. I love the SLaHOME one; I have it, too, and in case you haven't heard, we have a NEW ONE, and some little mini ones!! :D

    You can see them online at

  4. I love all your birdhouses. What a great collection.

  5. Thanks for sharing your birdhouse collection with us. I have 5 birdcages, but only 1 birdhouse. I would have a lot more if had the room for them.

  6. Love birdhouses and you have some really sweet one's! I noticed that bird stealing your cute necklace right away. Glad you 'found it'!! Cute post. I collect too many things as you must know by my blog!

  7. Very nice collection! Love your new necklace. How cute to show post it like that!

  8. Cute birdhouse collection. Glad you got them out again.


  9. What a great collection of bird houses!!!

  10. omg! what CUTE birdhouses! I love and collect them too but none of mine are as cute as these!!!

  11. Haven't seen a birdhouse I don't like yet. Love all of yours and my fav is the barnwood with the old door knob too!

  12. I love the one with the rusty doorknob! Very neat collection!

  13. Love all of your bird houses!!! The color of your tv cabinet shows up so beautifully in this shot against the green wall!!!

  14. Do I have any collections!!!!!! HA!!! I have so many it would take a long time to list them all! I have collected handmade pottery, palm tree ANYTHING, bunnies, birdhouses, SANTAS, pumpkins....I could go on! I have a CRAZY amount of stuff! I think I need to start a face I may try in late Sept. or Oct. ....after my daughter's wedding. LOVE your birdhouses! XO, Pinky

  15. I love the birdhouses! So much character. I have 3... It's a start, right? By the way, I frequent your blog and assumed I had followed you, but when I checked just now I realized that I hadn't yet! So I fixed it. I'm your latest follower!

  16. Your collection is absolutely charming!

  17. I had quite a birdhouse collection once upon a time too, but got rid of most of them when we moved.

    I love your wonderful collection and glad you found your sweet necklace too! We've had a lot of stores go under in my area too and I really do miss some of them! I have a collection of dog hair on my floor at the moment...does that count?! ;)

    Kat :)

  18. I have a cookie jar collection, a cake stand collection .... and a bird house collection! I love yours!

  19. I like the church one and the blue and white one the best! I can only imagine what your attic must look like. LOL! Very cute collection! Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a great collection you have Kim...I love the blue mosaic one. I would not get rid of them...seems these collections resurface and come back in new places:)

  21. They are very cute. I know that they looked great on the sun porch.

  22. What a neat collection, Kim! I love birdhouses too...Christine

  23. Oh, too cute to be packed away! I like the blue and white one, well actually I like them all! It is a great collection.

  24. Wow! I think a lot of us ladies are alike! I had a nice sized bird house collection too-once upon a time. Every time I changed things around I would edit it down a bit. I now only have 2 or 3 perched here and there (get it-perched?) and I actually...gasp...gasp...choke...
    put SOME of the birdhouses outside. Whoda thought? is sure fun to see your collection. Thanks for dragging it out for us. Now, are you packing it away again or???? Diana

  25. Yes, most of them went back in the box. The big one stays out and one of them goes down below the t.v. on the shelf.

  26. Hey Kimmie! Oh, my, I love your birdhouse collection! I especially like the church ones! I'm glad you went to the trouble to bring these out to show us!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Kim,
    That little bird has many houses to choose from.
    This is a darling collection. You should keep them displayed. And wouldn't they look darling on posts in your garden.
    I love to see what others collect.

  28. Kim, I fear you are something of a hoarder but only in a savvy southern good know. Love the bird houses. hugs♥olive

  29. Hi Kim,

    Love the birdhouse collection. The church with the old door nab is great!

    I have a collections of bird houses as well. I might have to pull them out of my lair. My dad made each and every one of them when I was growing up. I had them out for a long time then put them away. You've got me thinking that maybe I need to bring them out again.

    Take care,
    P.S. I'm loving the projects for the baby. Keep it coming.

  30. Kim, I do have many collections. Like you, I put things away for awhile and then bring them back out on occasion. It's fun to see things again! Your birdhouse collection is fun. I have a few birdhouses, but not really a collection. I kept them outside for a bit of time. but then I could see that the birds or squirrels were detroying them.
    My favorite of yours is the one with the spotted roof. ~ Sarah

  31. I love birdhouses and have a few outside on the porche and deck. They do take an awful beating from the weather, but I really love them out there greeting people. No birds use them, but I often have to chase the spiders out. It wouldn't be too attractive to call them "spider houses" though!

  32. Those are cute! You are quite the collector! I have some things in the basement on shelves that I grew tired of but are too good to give away. Maybe they will find their way out eventually!

    The week is going good. Going to post my dresser makeover sometime this morning when the sun is bright for pictures in the house! Still been so dreadfully hot outside!

    Take care!

  33. I love your birdhouses Kim, birds of a feather flock together?!? When we went to the OBX, there were these gorgeous birdhouses with copper roofs, ah, I want one :)

  34. What fun - bird houses are so charming, it'd be a shame if they were only for birds. My favorites are the ones that look like churches :).

  35. Kim, you have the cutest collection. I love how every one of your birdhouses are so different. The mosaic one is so unusual. I havn't seen one like that before. The church ones are beautiful. They look fabulous all together and they do make such a great statement by themselves too. You necklace is wonderful, what a cute post. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  36. What a great collections of birdhouses, Kim! Your favorite is my favorite, too... love that vintage doorknob!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  37. LOL! I used to be a bird house addict, too! I'm just catching up a bit since Little Man is napping before we head off to the Aquarium and, let me just say, I love the silver serving piece you found! The glazing on the little table is perfect!

  38. Nice bird house collection! I love the church! I collect bird houses as well. I actually just moved my collection from indoors to outdoors and displayed them on a rustic bench in our backyard. They look real cute outside.

  39. Kim they are all charming!

    I'm not sure what I would call a collection at our home. Maybe tassels and pillows. Hmmm....:)

  40. Oh I love birdhouses! I wish I knew how to make them. I tried to get my husband interested in making them (I think he needs a hobby) but he wouldn't cooperate LOL! You have a great collection of them!


  41. i'm in love with your birdhouses!!! my dad is obsessed with building them.

  42. well you know i would love birdhouses too .I seen that necklace on her web i love it hmmmmm

  43. I absolutely ADORE birdhouses! This is a rather new facination for me, so I havn't had time to grow tired of it yet.. but I love your collection! Great peices Kim!

  44. Wow! I love your birdhouses:))
    Hugs, Biljana