Fooled By Mother Nature


It is a very rainy dreary morning here and my plans for the day have been changed. For two days now I had planned on cutting the grass, but we keep getting rain. Funny thing is none of this was in the forecast. I am not too sure how reliable the weather forecasts are any more. It was supposed to be 96 degrees yesterday with a heat index of 110, but instead it was overcast all day and only got up to 83. It was a wonderful relief from the heat we have been experiencing. It had poured rain Sunday on and off so I was going to let the grass dry out yesterday and then get up today and work in the yard. Well, mother nature had other plans and I got up to this.

Our county is even under a flash flood watch this morning. I would say so it is coming down in buckets.
No grass cutting today.

Instead I will be doing this to view all your wonderful blogs in my comfy chair. I love the freedom this 
laptop has given me. I use to sit in a hard chair at my desktop for hours. Now I can move around to 
whatever spot in the house I choose.

So I will be here for a while and then I may go to the flea market and look around since I can't cut the grass.
I may need to bush hog the yard at this rate. It is going to be so long now and extra work. Yippee !

So what are your plans today.
Let me hear them.

Go and have a good day,



  1. What a cozy spot! I love staying inside on a dark, rainy day.

  2. Today is yard work, getting ready for the annual family reunion at our Montana home. We come over a couple of weeks ahead of time to get the place in shape....we love it though, my back is in such bad shape that today I do the running for more plants, bark, rock...Your day sounds way more relaxing, but we do have better weather!

  3. I agree about Mother Nature. We have been having no rain here lately, but it has been very overcast. So I am jealous of your downpour(great shot!). I've done some laundry, picked up the house, going to do recycling, go to the store to pick up some staples(basics) and then work at 3. After that, it'll be more of the same:) Have a great day Kim, can't wait to see what you find today!

  4. I bet the rain is headed our way, so hubs and I quickly put together a new cushion box for outdoors and did some yard work. Just got done and off to a nursery to purchase a few plants I need before the storm hits.
    I wish I was in a comfy chair with my lap top though. lol
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Wow Kim what a beautiful chait!!!
    i love the blocks.
    On this moment i have a burberry on my couch.
    have a verry nice evening
    Is raining in the netherlands alsow
    ooh sometimes i love it to bee insite of my house with a book and my laptop hhii

  6. Ooooh send me the rain! It's gonna be over 100 every day this week here, not fun at all. Enjoy your comfy chair, I love rainy days when you can snuggle up and stay home doing what you like.

  7. What a cosy start to your day, Kim.
    Me? I'm going to hop into the Little Toy Car and head for an institution at the very end of a winding road, located on a peninsula. It will be cool and windy - it always is - because of the ocean on three sides. I'll work for the day and then come home early enough to putter a little in the garden before supper.

  8. Glad to see your area is getting some relief from the heat. Rain is good for all those gorgeous plants of yours! I would love a laptop as I have to juggle computer time with 2 teenagers!

  9. We are headed to Lookout Mtn. Friday and the forecast for the week is rain! Who would have guessed?? LOL Maybe the cooler temperatures will prevail! Enjoy your day!

  10. What a relaxing day it sounds like you'll have. I'm at work & have a dentist appt. today. So not fun!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my laptop!!

  11. The other day I was actually cold, it was in the 80's lol! What a great shot sure look comfy now while blogging. Enjoy the day Kim!

  12. I have a list of errands I need to run, but it is hot already and I am not moving very fast. :)
    Enjoy your day.

  13. Oh yes! I just got my laptop this past Christmas! It really does make you nice and cozy! Which I am not sure is the best thing always! No rain here yet, but overcast! Just puttering around the house today, a great day indeed!

  14. That looks like a comfy chair to browse blogs. And nice to see that you are a Vaio user too, that's me also. Isn't wireless the best thing also? Sorry you can't cut the grass, I am sure you are disappointed, lol. I am out going shopping with my sister as usual. We already went yesterday too and I think I already filled my luggage, lol. I bought a Coach laptop bag and a matching one to wear around the waist which I like to use when on a cruise to carry my camera, sign & sail card and glasses....Christine

  15. I think I'll trade with you, lol!!! I am still finishing up all the laundry from yesterday. The girls have destroyed their room, so we have to clean that. Then we have to get the cars inspected so I can renew the tags. My aunt invited me to come get her Lenox Butterfly Meadow so I can do the table here in my mom's garden while the butterflies are in abundance, which will have to be done today. That's all in between cooking/cleaning up from cooking for the house full of people I have. Then...after baths and the kids in bed, I will start working on my worship service planning in between recording tracks for the cd we are working on. Yeay! Sorry, TMI, but your relaxing day there made me really jealous, lol!! Enjoy it Kim! I know that yard will be tough when you get to it. Weeds are overtaking us here with all the rain. Oh...and I LOVED what you are doing with the nursery! The changing table is incredible. Can't wait to see the big finish.

  16. Yes, you needed a laptop. I lay and sit around with mine all the time. In fact we have three! One for each of us! We are just awful.
    Today I bought an external hard drive to back up this lap top. Now if I just understood it.

    stay dry-olive

  17. Just back from the hospital where I had my annual 'boob smash' and a bone density test. Now heading out for some shopping with my Honey! I love my laptop and don't think I could ever go back to a desk top again!! Have a good day and check out that flea market!

  18. If we had rain, I think I'd play in it! Wind chill factor over 100 here. I have just got to get a laptop. Looks so cozy!

  19. We have had some real downpours here too. Not today, yet. It caused a leak in our church and one at the local Kmart. I mean it was a beautiful downpour--we opened the door to listen.

  20. I would kill for a rainy day with a high of 83! Our weather forecast is over 100 for the next week. I love my min laptop and my desktop.

  21. I so want to go to there! :-) We could desperately use the rain here in Richmond and the cooler weather. We were teased with two wonderful no humidity days and cooler temps only to wake up to muggy hot weather today! Enjoy!!

  22. I love staying inside on rainy days and cuddling up with my laptop and reading blogs also. That rain is definately gonna make you have your work cut out for you.

  23. I'm here trying to catch up on blog reading. This and that. Need to get up and clean the bathrooms. Probably ain't happening. Too much fun visiting my pals like you. Wish I could head out looking for treasures with you. I'll bring the umbrella!

  24. We have the opposite here in jersey - they keep telling us rain and it doesn't come !

    I'm browsing blogs, doing some laundry and catching up on things from our uber busy and exciting weekend - our son got married !

    Enjoy your cozy day !!!


  25. There's nothing like a rainy day!

  26. Kim looks as if you have a nice cozy place to sit, boy the weather has just been crazy everywhere this year. We are still having some great summer weather, no complaints here as long as I have air conditioning I am a happy girl, Stay cozy,Kathysue

  27. I think when the weather is so hot that storms are going to pop up. I think it must be a hard time for the forecasters. It's like that in Ohio during the end of winter.....all the predictions seem off. Hope the flood warnings don't come your way. Raining here as well, and we need it. I like your comfy corner.

  28. I hope we get some rain this way! I spent the day running around with the youngest one getting ready for school and the HEAT is killing me! YUCK!

    I could not live without my laptop! I think I would have quit blogging if I had to stay in one ADD has definitely set in;)! It is cherry red and I love it! It would be cute in your house too:)!


  29. I also got a laptop 2 months ago and I hope I never have to go back to a desktop pc.. You deserved a break so Mother Nature gave you one. I hope you enjoyed every moment of it...

    Sonny~ 155 Dream Lane

  30. Enjoy you the chair.

  31. I did my ironing, worked a little more turning my daughter's room into a "just for me unless she visits" room and tried a crafty project that didn't exactly work. It was so hot that going outside was only to take out the dog and get the mail.

  32. Sitting down on a dreary day sounds like heaven, and with a lap top no less!

    I hope you had a lovely day!


  33. Well, I'm glad you finally got outside to do your yard work. Maybe NOW I can catch up on all your postings!!! LOL

    ♥ the baby's room..everything about it!!
    ♥ the new camera photos...Congrats on that purchase!!
    ♥ your new jugs...LOL
    ♥ your new picture frames...can't help with the table color though. I'm clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff. I'm challenged just spray painting a pair of candlesticks. Wish you could see the mess I made, including holding the can BACKWARDS & getting ORB all over my arm & good gold bracelet. :/

    ♥ the new lemon vignette on your bookcases. I swear I am going to send you photos of my two book shelves & ask you to rearrange them for me digitally!!! You are SO good at that.

    I just got my Ballard Designs catalog today & they are copying you something fierce! Similar mirrors, similar pillows, similar wicker covered bottles, similar everything! I think they read your blog. *wink*

    Now go REST when you're done with the lawn, okay??