Oh What a Beautiful Morning........


.......oh what a beautiful day. Yep, I was humming that while cutting the grass this morning. Could it be that fall is in the air? Surely not down here in hot Georgia. The humidity was so much lower today and a wonderful breeze was blowing. Did any of you fellow Atlanta area Georgians feel it? Then as quick as I was getting all excited about the cooler air it then got hot and icky after lunch. I knew it was too good to be true. Anyhoo I got the yard done and now I am going to share a few shots of my August yard.

The verbena I planted about four or five weeks ago is doing very good.

Some of my blanket flowers did not make it, but a few are doing o.k.

The monkey grass (lirope) is blooming now.

This pot of flowers is still doing good. I have to water it every day.

Peter is surviving the heat.

This is what I was doing today after I cut the grass I refreshed the pine straw in the beds.

Looks so much better after putting out new pine straw.

More paint is wearing off of the bench.

The crepe myrtles are shedding their bark.

The rose of Sharon is still blooming.

The crepe myrtles are slowing down on their blooms.

The new ornamental grasses that I just planted are doing well and blooming.

Crepe myrtle blooms were quite large this year.

We grew our first tomatoes here this year.

Out by the pond.


Water lily

This is the first year that this crepe myrtle in the back yard has bloomed. It is in a bad spot though for coming down the deck steps.

Bailey says hi from the sunroom window.

Joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday for the first time.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and y'all come back now,


BTW the other day in my Ahoy Mates blog post I asked you to guess what the red ticking pillow was on the bed and several of you are very smart and guessed dog bed. Yes, it was bought for Miss Bailey and she will not use it so in it's second life it is a decorative pillow.


  1. Kim, you've got lots more blooming than I do. I hear it thundering, so maybe we'll get rain!

  2. Checking in from work-yes I am...don't tell. Okay-Now I am officially ticked off...not only do you do "it all" inside your house with your decorating AND your staining and painting...No...That would not be enough!!! You have to go and have a beautiful yard too. I had to close my eyes scrolling through (yeh it was kinda hard to tell when I got to the bottom of the post). Why did I close my eyes? Well, because now I have a comparison to MY OWN yard and lemme tell you- It ain't pretty! This is the worst my yard has EVER looked-EVER...and I have been blaming it on the heat and humidity-but Good Lord, girl..you live in Georgia! We don't even know what real humidity is compared to you. So...NOW...I am blaming it on my work schedule. Yep! That's it! By the way...you get tired of living in Georgia...I will work extra hours, build you a guest house and you can come and fix up furniture for me AND do all my yard work....just an offer....xxoo Diana

  3. Love your beautiful yard pictures. You have such a green thumb. But I am with Bailey. My favorite place is inside!!
    (Someday I should post pictures of what my yard looks like. Certainly now as beautiful as yours.)
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Ditto what NanaDiane said. It porbably would help my flowers if I watered them and fertilized them. But the deer just come and eat them if they look too pretty.
    Beautiful yard.

  5. Hi Bailey you sweet thing you. I love that bark on Crepe Myrtles.


  6. Hi Kim,
    It's been soooo hot here that I have to wait until dark to water...Just too hot to go out during the day...Yikes! Anyways, your garden looks beautiful....Awww, and how cute is Bailey...So sweet. Stay cool my Atlanta friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Hi Kim...I have never heard or seen pine straw but it sounds like a great idea. I have never seen crepe myrtles before either, they are so pretty and I love those blanket flowers...so fun to see things that we don't have here! :D

  8. That Bailey! She's always got her eye on you! Your yard looks terrific, so great job! Too, it has been less humid up here in Ohio too :) Fall, hurry up!

  9. Its always a treat to get to see photos of your yard! Just beautiful!

  10. I've had a crazy bad week and my plants are showing the lack of watering every day. Still alive but hurting. I think the tomatoes are done! Your yard looks so nice!

  11. Even your trees are getting that nice chippy look that you love! Your flowers (your entire yard) is beautiful. The blue in that first picture is so vibrant, love it!

  12. I am with you here in Georgia. I actually took a walk. I also cut grass and trimmed hedges. Your crepe myrtles look great. I took photos of mine today but I do not post quickly like you do. Have a great weekend. olive♥

  13. Hi Kim,
    Everything looks so pretty. Your hard work shows. Here in Northern Ohio it's been extremely hot with little rain, so it's hard to keep everything growing. Your home is gorgeous, and I love your furnishings, etc. Love your blog too. Peggy

  14. The grounds around your property are very pretty. Your plants are all looking great.

  15. Everything looks really good for as hot as it has been. We had a humidity break Monday - Wednesday but it was gone today. Very hot and humid again. Of course I didn't get the painting done so I was suffering in the garage again!

    The bark on the crepe myrtle is really cool looking!

  16. Your yard looks great! So nice compared to all of the brown up here this year-enjoy!

  17. Your yard still looks so pretty! Around here - not so much. :( The end of Summer is showing.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. How do you get your flower beds perfectly edged???? I must know the secret! I fight with mine and can't achieve perfection! I love that the crepes are shedding! Mine are and I love going out and peeling the bark! Stay Cool!

  19. Wow, not only is your home beautiful inside, it is gorgeous outside too. I have been thinking about planting crepe myrtles in front of the house by the road when I finally get around to landscaping the yard.

    ~ Tracy

  20. Green? You have green? We've been so droughtish everything is a horrible shade of brown.

  21. Kim,
    It looks great. What kind of camera are you using? Your pictures are beautiful and so crisp!

  22. You amaze me, Kim. Your yard still looks great...hopefully the cool down has started. Are you loving your new camera? The pictures are so sharp.

  23. My crepe myrtle blooms were huge this year too! Did you touch up the color on your photos? Your grass is so green! I was just curious! Bailey is a smart girl to sit right there in the air conditioning! And what color will you be spray painting your bench???? :-) Your yard is so pretty!

  24. WOW! The pine straw looks fab. Where do you get it? is it expensive? I bet not only does it keep the weeds down but hold the moisture in.
    Sending smooches to Bailey ☺

  25. Your yard pictures look stunning. Pretty much everything of mine in pots are dead...I am not good about watering. Now I am looking forward to pansies:) You reminded me though we do need a refresher with the pine needles.

  26. Looking good! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of your yard and flowers. I just love a good garden post. I know how much work goes into that. This is the first time I have heard of pine straw and putting it in flower/shrub beds. Is this something that is regional, or rather common to your area?

    I can only imagine how stifling it gets down there with the humidity AND heat!

    We will be in the 70's tomorrow, here in the Pacific NW.

  27. How is it that your "outside" is as beautiful as your "inside"? I think next year we will invest in an inground sprinkler system. My GA yard looks very dry and crisp. Hope you have a good weekend, Kim!

  28. Several have asked about the use of pine straw for our beds. It is very common here in the south. Pine trees are abundant here and are pine needles are shed and there are large areas of pine trees where people collect these pine needles in bales and they are sold for us to use in our yards. I like to refresh mine when they start turning silver or get thin.

  29. I loved the shot of the pine straw - it's the kind of thing that makes blogging so interesting. I'd never heard of anything like that - but I guess we all use what we have locally. Up here we use cedar chips - a chipper is a great thing to have to turn the deadfall into mulch!

  30. Jill, we have a sprinkler system, but have not used it this year. The rain was good until a couple of week ago. It is brown out towards the street where the soil is bad. It is too expensive to water here in Gwinnett they double the rates in the summer.

  31. I want my furniture to look like the bark on your crepe myrtle. Would you please come live with me for about a week and teach me how to do that because I love the finishes you put on your furniture? Have a good weekend- it is cooler here in Kentucky as well.

  32. Think I need a couple of crepe myrtles in the yard. They would add a lot of color since everything else in the yard seems to be done blooming for the summer. Always nice to have at least one shot of color in the yard for the eye to rest upon.


  33. WOW! Kim your yard is blooming beautifully!

  34. If you and Bailey come refresh my yard, I'll sing you anything you like!

  35. Wow! Your landscaping designs and plants are absolutely gorgeous. I especially loved the Crepe Myrtles! We used to have several and I miss them so I especially enjoyed seeing yours. :) I have to agree with you about the one by the steps, though. Over time, it might grow tall enough to be safer, but, as one who is busy caring for elderly parents and grandkids, I tend to be especially aware of things that can be safety issues for senior parents. Very wise of you to realize that. Thanks again for a lovely visit. :)

  36. Kim, your yard looks fabulous. Everything looks so green and all the plants and trees that are still blooming are all so pretty. Beautiful yard and the pond is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  37. The Crepe Myrtles are so pretty. I was impressed that you mulched your plants with the pine straw. It would do a wonderful job of keeping weeds out and moisture in.

  38. I love your garden tour.. STUNNING...

  39. You are a busy girl! I need to get out and whip the outside of my house into shape!!!! You have motiviated me!

  40. Looks like your yard is surviving the Atlanta summer well! Gorgeous crepe myrtles. I miss them living up here in Washington state. I hear they can grow here but have yet to see any so I kind of doubt it! You better pick those tomatoes :-)

  41. well now that is wonderful!!! all of it!!! I have never seen straw as a ground mulch look so pretty! great job!
    It was so hazy here because of forest fires in a province nearby that we all are forced to be inside due to the smoke bringing the air quality down...I can't wait to see the sun shine again!!!
    Your flowers look wonderful...and I love your little babe in the last photo!
    thanks for linking in!