I hope your Saturday is going well. It is very cloudy and dreary out today here, but we desperately need rain. After we go just a few days without and temps in the upper nineties the grass just gets brown and crispy.
Since it is staying in kind of weather I made a change again with my lamp on my sideboard in the foyer that I just shared with you yesterday. I had changed the harp to a shorter one to make the lamp shade that I wanted on there work, but then I remembered this other lamp shade  and decided to try it.

This is the way it looked yesterday.

This is how it looks now. I  have a thing for lamps and shades and I picked this lamp shade up at a home consignment shop a while back. Actually the other shade is from the same shop.
I had to put the taller harp back on to work with this shade.

I love the scalloped edge of this one and it is golder in color.
Either one works, but I think I will leave it like this for a minute. Just kidding. Maybe longer than that.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and y'all come back now,



  1. Oh, Kimmie, I love this scalloped lamp shade the best!! Where do you keep all of your 'extras'? Do you ever sit down? :) If you get tired of shuffling things around at your house come on down to mine! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Your right that they both work and are lovely but I am partial to this last one! I am still in shock at the price of lamp shades!!

    So very hot here. We get a few storms but it doesn't cool off. Maybe some relief later this week.

    Have a great weekend! I am sewing on those 12 foot curtains of mine! One done, three more panels to go!!

  3. Do you have any good websites to look at for lamps and shades?

  4. That looks great and should definitely be a keeper for awhile! I love the scalloping on the shade and I may have to go start hanging tassels on my lamps now! :-)

  5. That shade is lovely with its golden warmth! Looks lovely. It is raining right now here. Love it. We need it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. Oh Kim dahlink, love your new scalloped lampshade! Keep it there, love it! By the way, you are the one and only, to date, that I know of that is into lampshades besides yours truly!

    Of course, I'll be back!


  7. Lynn, I usually just find mine in shops or Home Goods. Hobby Lobby has some and they go on sale for 50% off quite often. I have bought some Pottery Barn shades on ebay.

  8. Kim-I'm liking the last one the best (at least today). What is it about lamps and shades? I won't even tell you that I have some big bins with shades in them. And I have one that I should replace...it is an old silk cream and rose colored one and I just can't bear to part with the crazy thing. Once I bought a lamp just for the shade at TJMaxx. okay--what did I say about crazy? Diana

  9. Diana, there are a lot of us crazies out there. I have a couple of stacks of shades, too. I also have lamps not being used. I need to let some go, but then I think I may want to use them.

  10. I really like that last shade! The scalloped edge is wonderful.

  11. OK, am I the only one that likes the first shade. I think it compliments the shape of the base. On the second one is too small for the base. I'm such rebel, But... if you hadn't shown me the first one the second would be my favorite. Have a great weekend.

  12. Love them both! I'm the same way--always switching out shades--I have a whole closet full of them.

  13. Hi Kim, glad the shorter harp worked. I still like the first shade the best. It looks more current. The second one is a perfect choice and looks like it came with the lamp, very traditional. You know how I like to shake things up a bit, I still like the second one. I am not sure if you wanted us to vote or not but there you go, sweetie, Have a good weekend, Kathysue

  14. Love the lamp, love the shade. I always take my lamps in to be fitted when I buy one. Probably costs more, but I don't trust my memory when I just have a shade in front of me.

  15. I have a thing for lamps and shades too.
    This one is so pretty!!

    It's very hot here to especially for the
    West Coast but I'm not complaining because i dread the thought of winter here!

    Have a great weekend Kim!
    Pamela xo

  16. Kim, they are both gorgeous. I do like the last one best I think. The scalloped edge is just so pretty. You do have some beautiful lamps and shades. I always think shades are so hard. Yours are all fabulous. Hope you are having a super day. Hugs, Marty

  17. You're right! Both shades work equally well. Now, you have a spare ready and waiting when you want a change! Thanks so much for visiting ButtermilkCottage today. I hope you'll come back often.

  18. Definitely the one with the scalloped edge. The first one is to contemporary for the lamp.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend also.

  19. Kim,
    both are beautiful.. hmm, cant decide.. that lamp would be a beauty even with a bare bulb:)


  20. You and me both, when it comes to things staying the same for just a minute, Kim. It looks wonderful! I hate to admit how many lampshades I have stacked out in the garage.

  21. I do like the second one the best:) Very nice. Happy hot weekend.

  22. Love the new shade! I must confess...much better than the other!


  23. LOL! A minute... well, maybe thirty. LOL! You are a busy woman! Looks great, as always.

  24. Kim, I like the one with the scalloped edges.
    Wish we would get some rain. Perhaps next week they say. :-)
    Have a great Sunday. ~ sarah

  25. hard decisions-they both look great! hope you are having a great weekend! verbena cottage

  26. I do like the 2nd one best. Both are wonderful though, you have so many very pretty things, just think you would never have to go outside of your home to change it up everyday with all your wonderful stuff...I would love to come peek in that storage room!

  27. I like the 'new' shade best, Kim. I like the taller look to the lamp. What fun!

  28. Hi Kim!!
    It looks so pretty:))
    Hugs, Biljana

  29. This is fab! I like the other one too(with smaller harp), but this seems right!

  30. Do you believe this weather? I just did a post on Hydrating Colors and we got some rain last night? Maybe I'll post it again -LOL

    I love the way your new shade looks. It's the details that make a difference :-)

  31. You have such nice taste. Thanks for the reminder about a shorter harp. I have two lamps that are not "sitting" right with their new shades. I know harps come in different sizes, just didn't think about it. Shame on me, my switches are showing! HA!

    From Virginia