Wild Flowers or Weeds?


While I was cutting the grass the other day I noticed several different flowers along a little creek that runs on our property. This is just below Mr. Savvy's garage. They were really quite pretty in the setting sun. I don't even know what any of these plants are called, but found them pretty in a natural way.  You will see granite in the little creek we have with the running water from underground springs. Our pond is filled by underground springs,too.

This is where the creek and the runoff from our pond meet.

Bailey loves to play out here. Then she got all muddy and had to be bathed.

Sun setting.

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Have a super weekend!



  1. Hey Kim...Well, what lovely shots of different plants. I can't tell you if most of them are weeds or plants...sorry...I am not much help~

    I used to have a pond at my old house...and loved it. However, the racoons fished out every fish I ever had. lol

    I can almost feel your "heat" shimmering off your plants. Hope you are having a great day! Diana

  2. WOW, you really live out in the country don't you? Even the weeds are pretty!

    Womens Decorating Network

  3. Beautiful flora and fauna... I have often wondered who decided whether a plant was a flower or a weed!

  4. Fertilizer Friday...I haven't seen that one! Your grounds are beautiful, I would love to have that creek on my property.

  5. Kim, such a beautiful setting. The flowers are gorgeous and just a way for nature herself to sparkle. They really are pretty little flowers. Lovely yard and what a thrill to have so much space. Hugs, Marty

  6. You got me what they are....however they sure are beautiful Kim. Your new camera takes outstanding pics. Have a great weekend. Debbie

  7. You have a creek by your house!? I spent so much time around them as a kid...imagine the fun your granddaughter is going to have picking flowers...aka as weeds! I know my mother was given more than her desired fist fulls!!!

  8. Weeds or flowers...pretty is pretty and THAT is what they ARE! Pretty!

  9. I love the way God gives us all this natural beauty to enjoy. Weeds or Flowers, all are precious in his sight.

  10. I'm pretty sure the yellow one is a variety of ragweed. You must not suffer from allergies of you wouldn't find it quite so pretty! ;) I've been down for three weeks (so far) with hayfever and it doesn't look like it's gonna leave me alone anytime soon.

    The flowers really ARE very pretty, even if they do make me sick! :)

  11. so nice the wild flowers!!
    i love them in a boeket!!
    nice weekend
    lots of flowers for you

  12. I love the different colors of wild flowers, Kim....Christine

  13. If it has a flower then "It's a Flower".. that is my motto! weeds just seem to be pesty green things that spread and don't have flowers...lol
    Very nice shots of your "Weeds/Flowers".

  14. I would call these wildflowers! Very pretty wildflowers too! Though technically I think some people call wildflowers weeds. Not me though! I like the pink ones best!

  15. Kim,

    There is a snake in there somewhere, isn't there?

    I love the flowers. Weeds are relative, right?

    Take care,


  16. Weed of wildflower ... they are gorgeous! How lovely to have that terrific creek area ... and a pond filled by underground springs! I so enjoyed all your photos ... such a nice spot in your garden.