Feeling Like Fall Finally


We are going to have the most glorious weather today and I am going to take full advantage of it and clean up my yard.

A lot of you requested to see this mum when it opened up fully and here it is.

It is blooming like crazy. We have had above normal temps for the last week and now we are finally cooling down.

While walking to the mailbox the other day I noticed how the maple leaves have left their
print on my driveway after the rain we had last week.

I have a bit of a mess to clean up.

This is just the beginning. The trees are still very full.

The new ornamental grass is full of plumes.

Colors are changing.

This is blooming more now than it did all summer and soon will be just a memory.

So I will be working in the yard this beautiful day. 
What will you be doing?

Make it a good one!
Y'all come back now,


Thanks so much for all your visits and comments.


  1. That mum is gorgeous! Love the print on the driveway. Me, I'll be getting ready for a party with friends tonight.

  2. Kim, Your mum is wonderful and it looks like you have a lot of raking ahead! I love this cooler weather. Have a great weekend.

  3. Very cool how the leaf left the imprint Kim. Can you believe I never got around to buying mums this year? I have never done that until this year. Yours is gorgeous.

    Happy weekend! ~Melissa :)

  4. Kim, the mum is beautiful. Yellow is my favorite color. I am loving the maple leaf imprint on the driveway. :) I must get out of the blog world and get things together for a party tonight. We are hosting the youth from our church, for a cook-out.

  5. Very beautiful! I'm going to be working on my clothes today and seeing what I'll need for the winter! Enjoy your day! ♥ Don't work too hard! ♥

  6. I bought two yellow mums for my front walkway recently too! The bronze ones I had when the Brunch happened needed total dead heading, and they are now out back by the fire pit, hopefully they will bloom again, they have buds on them.

    Today, Kent and I are baking Tuscan bread! Hopefully we will have some it it toasted on the grill tonight, rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil as an appetizer.

    Have fun in your yard!

  7. Our leaves have mostly fallen (still a few more to mess our yard up yet!). Today, however, it is furniture stripping and sanding. I don't know how you accomplish finishing a furniture project so quickly. I've been working on these pieces for months and I'm still a ways from being done! I guess I did have to stip off 4 layers of old, old paint first.
    Love the yellow mum. Have fun in the garden today!

  8. What a wonderful, busy weekend ahead for you. I love the colors of fall and your mum is blooming beautifully. It's raining here so I think I'll do some baking.

  9. No Sherry I will be using a blower. This girl is not going to rake unless I absolutely have to!

  10. Oh, Penny that sounds so good. Save me some.

  11. I'll be doing clean-up too, Kim. I'll wave from up here!

  12. Isn't it a BEAUTIFUL day? I can hardly believe it turned out so pretty this weekend. The weather last week was depressing, but now it's glorious! Hope you enjoy yourself as your work in the yard!

  13. Well, I am glad that you are able to be outside blowing your leaves. Our leaves are mostly gone now and our yards are starting to brown out for winter. I am at work today...sigh...I wish I could join you at your "no raking" party!>) Diana

  14. I'm so glad it's finally fall like! I can't believe how hot it was last week and tornado warnings to boot!

    Looks like you've got some raking to do - I love seeing the leaves fall but not so much the clean up!

    Have a good weekend!


  15. Kim the maple leaf images are so interesting and your mum is gorgeous.

    have a great weekend!!
    Art by Karena

  16. We have already done the leaves....TWICE and it is still an ongoing process til they are all down...weeks from now probably. This is the ONLY thing I hate about Fall:) I am clreaning today and making some pretties:) XO, Pinky

  17. Hey Kim, love that yellow mum! It actually got cold here last night. I wish I liked yard work. Our grass and all of our leaves look like they have been burned because of no rain for all these months. We had a little the other day, but our damage here has been done and we still have a burn ban. I like the pine straw instead of the mulch too.

  18. It is me again and I do think you have just inspired me. We have a circle of pine trees out front that need cleaning out. Think I will get hubby out there and do that. There is some azalea's planted out there and I have been seeing tulip bulbs in the stores. Yep! gonna send for some tulip bulbs to plant out there and get that area cleaned up today. Thanks Kim!!!

  19. Hey Kim ~ Our trees are almost bare now but they looked absolutely beautiful this year. The colors were so bright. We are going to a Halloween party tonight at our friends house. Have A Spooktacular Weekend! Martina

  20. Don would be over at your house raking and burning those leaves if we were up north...lol...He's part pyromaniac. Your yard looks lovely whenever you show it. Happy Halloween.

  21. Hi Kim, Your mum really looks good! I love the color. Have a Happy Halloween.


  22. Kim, I'm kind of envious of your lovely fall colors & all the leaves, but not so much of the clean-up & how cold ya'll will be getting. I am doing some planting today -- pansies, snapdragons, lilies & such -- and looking forward to dinner on the patio tonight. Enjoy your lovely day.

  23. It is perfect fall weather!! I'm lovin' it. Was able to enjoy a visit with my son and his girlfriend this morning, bake a cake for the cake walk and gather all my ingredients for the chili cook-off tomorrow at church! Woo hoo for fun fall activities! I know you are going to enjoy the day for yardwork!

  24. It was actually chilly last night! Hurray!!!! Today we have been cleaning and getting everything ready. My in-laws are coming for a visit tonight! We will also be carving the pumpkin!

    Tomorrow is the big day! Our Renaissance princess is ready to trick or treat!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  25. The yellow plant (mum?) is beautiful.
    Love all the fall colours. Wish we had fall here with lots of leaves... most of our trees are evergreens and palm trees.