Roosters, Tarnished, and Cheap


Today I dropped miss Bailey off at Pet Smart and there is a Salvation Army store right next door. How convenient. I wasn't going to go in, but then my body was teleported inside. Magic! So since I was inside I might as well look around and am glad I did. Here are a couple of bargains from there and I have a flea market find and ebay stuff to show you.

I found these two rooster prints for only $3.99 each.

I love the red and yellow in this one, of course.
The frames are going to be painted and then I will see if I have a place for them.
I figure for what I paid I can sell them if I don't keep them.

Then while standing at the counter to pay for the pictures I spied this silver butter dish.

I have been wanting one, but they have been rather expensive. I am so glad I found this one. It was only $2.99. Score!!

The back is engraved F B Rogers silver co. 1959X
I think it is probably worth more than $2.99.

I love the handle on top and it is tarnished to perfection. I may polish it if 
used for a dinner.

This is a little silver tray that I purchased at the antique store when my daughter and I went.

I love the scalloping and the pretty handles.

And it has feet. I just love when it has feet.
This was $10. Not bad.

I have placed my silver creamer and sugar bowl on it.

I was browsing ebay and lucked up on these three old leather law books all tattered and worn.

My book collection is slowly growing and I am getting more of a library feel in the sitting room.
I got the three huge books plus shipping for less than $25. I have seen one book this size for a lot
more than that. Another score!

Lastly I got this vintage seltzer bottle which is large for only $24 at the flea market. I have seen these
for much more, too. 

I love the patina.

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I hope everyone has a super weekend. I am going to meet some other bloggers out of town and will tell you 
all about it later.

Y'all come back now,


I will catch up on publishing all the comments when I get back.


  1. Don't you love Goodwill? I have that exact same butter dish. Great goodies!


  2. Kim- You are always in the right place at the right time!!! Wow! What bargains. I love your rooster pictures and all the silver you got...but I especially love the green seltzer bottle. Very cool!!>) Diana

  3. Love, love, love those rooster pictures. They are just fabulous. The colors on both are wonderful. Your silver pieces are stunning. I think I have both of those exact same pieces. The tray is one that I inherited from my MIL. I love the scalloped edge also. Your books are great. They are so hard to find. I look all the time, but I never find any. You did really good. Hugs, Marty

  4. The rooster prints are cute! I'm sure you will do a great job on the frames! I love your other finds too!

  5. Love all your bargains Kim!! I spied a little silver butter dish at our SA the other day too- but it wasn't complete so I didn't buy it... now I'm thinking I should have!! Darling!! Congrats on the finds!! :)

  6. Wow, you always find the best stuff!!! Love your treasures.

  7. Yeah, I'd say it's worth more then $2.99. I would clean it up real good too, just to make sure it's clean and get your "Own" tarnish on it! LOL! Great finds. Those are very cute rooster prints too! Careful now, these places can be addicting!

  8. :( Just wish I had one (Goodwill)!
    You girls are something....finding these treasurers and I do believe your butter dish is a treasure. The prints are adorable to Kim!
    I am going to check out the give-away.

  9. What a good score you had. I go to the Humane Society here in Hendersonville and they have some good buys. You might stop there if you're ever down this way.

  10. Hi Kim
    What great finds! I especially love the rooster prints. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  11. Teleported into the store! That's funny!! Fantastic find Kim I love it all especially the silver wares.
    I am crazy over old leather books. They add so much charm to a room. Lovely!!
    Pamela xo

  12. Wow, it looks like you got some great deals at the thrift store! You'll have to go back again soon.

  13. Kim, You had a very productive day. I am a huge fan of all things silver. And especially if they have little feet!
    What a good eye for a fabulous buy!
    Your new silver is a true treasure!

  14. I so wish there was a salvation army close to me. I loved it in South Florida. You really scored big on the butter dish. I love the seltzer bottle too. I have wanted one of those and yes you are correct they are pricey, so for 24.00 that was good. Cute rooster pics where are you going to put them? Thanks for joining in this week was great to see what you scored!

  15. You got some amazing buys Kim!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow...and I too, have to get up early! Lots of quiche making to do before you all arrive!

  16. Fun finds, Kim. You definitely scored with these.
    Have a fun weekend. ~ sarah

  17. Love that butter dish and $2.99, SCORE~~
    Those Rooster pics are very cute also. I think my favorite is the silver tray. Love the handles and the feet!!

  18. What could you do but shop after being teleported in? I love your tarnished silver, my favorites.
    Have a good week-end, Annette

  19. Kim, You found some great deals on all these goodies. I love the rooster prints and all the wonderful silver. You sound like me with trying to find a space to hang anything! I also adore the vintage books and would love to find some leather ones for my collection. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Sherry

  20. Great finds, Kim! I love everything!!

  21. Great finds, Kim! You definitely scored! Thank you so much for your concern about my mom. She is tired but doing a lot better....Christine

  22. Miss Kim, Just found your blog via....Between Naps and I have to say I love your blog. It's so nice to see a lovely home with a grown up. So many home decor blogs I read I written by girls with little babies and their first home.You have a mature (that means grown up, not old, sister!) style I love. I'll be back!
    p.s. please note that it is the middle of the night. Thanks to insomnia and menopause *wink*

  23. The butter dish is gorgeous. People are really getting rid of silver. I have bought a lot recently from garage sales for nothing compared to what I think it's worth. Congrats on 1000 plus followers!!! hugs♥olive

  24. You sure got some great new treasures.
    Love the silver and oh my goodness you lucky duck for getting those rooster prints.. I am so jealous:)

  25. Love all of your great finds! And, too funny, last week, I bought a butter dish almost identical to the one you bought, along with a tea service with a platter with feet, as well. Love them; however, I need to polish the butter dish (just a bit *too* tarnished). Love the rooster prints and your old books as well! Definite *scores* !! *Becca*

  26. Hi Kim! I have those same rooster prints and I love French country! lol You found some fabulous things! Love that seltzer bottle! Have fun with the bloggers! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  27. ooh beautiful silver!
    love your old books in the sitting room! nice so warm and cosy in your house
    happy weekend

  28. You found some really great items. I especially like the silver pieces.

  29. Wow, Kim, you have some great finds. I love the pictures and the seltzer bottle is so great and unique! Can't wait to hear who you are meeting up with???

  30. Great bargains! I love being teleported somewhere. Beam me up Scotty!

  31. Well done! I love the little tray with the feet. It would also make a lovely dresser tray.

  32. Hi Kim! That's amazing that you get "teleported" into stores too! :-) I love your finds!

  33. Geesh, you found lots of good stuff, I have been on the lookout for a silver platter with the feet, but haven't found one yet and I love the rooster prints!

  34. Great finds...I love the seltzer bottle! Congrats on your followers!!

  35. The rooster prints are fabulous Kim. I like your silver finds too - the butter dish and seltzer bottle are great. I love silver, but I'm not too struck on keeping it polished :o(

  36. Oh, Kimmie! I love those Rooster paintings your got! The silver is gorgeous too! Why can't I ever find these great things! Ugh!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  37. My mom has that exact same butter dish! I remember my parents got it for their 25th wedding anniversary almost 40 years ago. It sits in her china cabinet and comes out at every holiday dinner.:-) Love those rooster prints. They would go perfect in my kitchen.;-) Thanks for sharing all of your great deals with us!

  38. I love the silver butter dish and the tray. The rooster pictures are awesome. I roosters anyway.

  39. Ay vc é linda teu blog maravilhoso,
    não seu ingles mas vou te seguir.
    Parabéns por tua casa e pelo teu esposo tão bom.
    kiss e lindo fim de semana.

  40. You're lucky you got teleported in! Those rooster pictures are as cute as can be. You set your silver pieces up so well. Ooo, I almost forgot that old seltzer bottle--nice.

  41. LOVE that seltzer bottle. I'm a freak for pretty glass though and that color speaks to me.


  42. Kim, these are such great finds! Love that the roosters are standing on those printed napkins in your prints. Gosh! I'd forgotten aobut my silver butter dish I received when we got married. I'll have to get it out. And oh, that footed tray is beautiful (I also love when they have feet). I've been looking at seltzer bottles too, and you got a great deal, and I love the color of it. laurie

  43. Love the rooster pictures great deal!

  44. What some great finds. You always find the neatest things.

  45. these are amazing finds. love those rooster pics.

  46. I used to have those same rooster prints. Hmmm, wonder what happened to them. Either in Mom's Basement Boutique or at one of the girls home. Now I'm curious about whatever happened to them.

  47. I love silver with feet too!! cute rooster prints