Such a Great Time.......


.......this past Saturday at a bloggers brunch. Penny from The Comforts of Home opened her home up, just outside of Asheville, NC, to a bunch of crazy bloggers for a wonderful fall brunch and a day of antique shopping. What on earth sounds like more fun than that?!

We took time to gather together in Penny's backyard for a group photo.
 Since I am so short on time these days I am going to cheat and let you link Here to find out who each of these lovely ladies are. Of course I am the one on the end of the front row with the jugs! Penny is on the front row in the argyle sweater two over from me.
Penny's home is just so lovely and she and I both have the same love for Country French style which you will see in the next few photos.

This is her beautiful living room to the left when you come in the front door.
I just love this wall of bird prints that are hung so perfectly straight. They would be every which way in my house.

The dining room is to the right. I just love how bright and open her home is.

I loved her hutch with all the lovely rooster plates and accessories.

Her little bunny almost came home with me.  he he

And oh how I loved her tureen.

Wonderful cloches over some little white pumpkins.

I loved her big wrap around mantel. So great for displaying things.

This is one of my favorite pieces she had. This wonderful red hutch filled with red and blue transferware in her breakfast room.

This is the little table I sat at. I love her toile and checked cushions.

We even have the same book on our coffee table.

I could just curl up in this chair and grab a book and be very comfortable.

I even have a jug very similar to this one. I tell ya, Penny and I like the same things.

I have a addiction love for these wonderful vintage demijohns. Look at that collection of wine corks. Drink a lot of wine now, do ya, Miss Penny? Just kidding. That is a great way to use that bottle.

And who wouldn't want to hang out here on the back porch and just have some iced tea and good company?

Penny made four wonderful quiches with homemade crust. I wish I had tried all four of them, but I had the mushroom and fontina cheese one and let me tell you that it was scrumptious!

My oh my this pumpkin bread was so good that I could have eaten my weight in it. Didn't want to look like a pig though. The best salad ever was in the yellow bowl. I need to get that recipe. It was a mixed greens with apple chunks and either walnuts or pecans and such a nice light dressing.

After we finished pigging out we gathered together and listened to Penny tell us where we were
going to go antique shopping. Oh, yes let's hurry up and shop!!!!

I will show you in another post the wonderful things that these antique malls were filled with. I could go back and stay a week and not be able to take it all in. It is a good thing we don't have malls that good here where I live. I would need bottomless pockets!

I cannot thank Penny enough for this wonderful brunch that she opened her home up for.
Please be sure and go over to Penny's blog and visit more of her lovely home. She has tabs under her header that will take you to see the transformations that she and Mr. Comforts of Home did.

Linking to A Stroll thru Life for tabletop Tuesday. I wasn't sure I would have time to join, but I am home today getting things ready to go stay with my daughter for a few days to help out and to get me some Leila love.

Thanks again for all the love shared through your comments. I hope to be a better blogger soon with more time to comment on your blogs.

Y'all come back now,


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  1. Penny has a beautiful home, and what a lovely brunch she hosted for you all. It looks like you had a wonderful time, shopping and meeting other great women, what a great way to spend the weekend!

    Kat :)

  2. Oh how fun! I would love to organize a day like this for us So Cal girls!

  3. I wish I could have been there with ya'll.. Looks like you had a wonderful time with all those pretty ladies.. Cant wait to see where you went to shop..

  4. Hi Kim, This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing pictures of Penny's home. I also love her style! Have a wonderful time getting to know Miss Leila and congrats again.
    xoxo, Sherry

  5. Looks like great fun. What a beautiful home. The first picture with the frames, hah, my first thought was how straight they were.

  6. Hi Kim! You've been a busy gal! Playing at Penny's house and becoming a grandma! I'm so glad you had such fun. I know I would have too! Penny's house is beutiful!
    Now I'm laughing out loud at your
    'jugs' comment! :)
    Have fun with your baby! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Kim, I think we all had a grand time of it that day! It was wonderful meeting you and the other bloggers! Penny does have a wonderful home and she is wonderful! Take care Grandma!!

  8. Oh it looked so awesome Kim!!~ Yep you got the Jugs alright:):) Not a bad thing, necessarily...sorry off topic. Penny's sure put out a wonderful spread, and her home is very pretty too. I feel that Carolina charm. Loved that hutch as well.

  9. How wonderful for all of you! I love that area of N.C.

  10. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day you must have had!!!! Her home is just beautiful and welcoming and the food looked delish!!!!

  11. Kim, I want to be you and Penny when I grow up(already got the jugs, lol).

  12. We had SUCH a great time! I'm glad I got to sit at 'your table' to get to know you even better! Hugs to you, sweet friend! And stop by....I'm having a giveaway, too! ♥

  13. You crack me up using the term "jugs". Ha! I guess I have pints then. Looks like you had a fun time getting to meet all those great bloggers and spend some girl time together. It certainly looked like a perfect time of year to go to the mountains! Glad you had a nice weekend. That food sure looked delish!

  14. Kim your pictures of Penny's house turned out wonderful!!!! haha!!! Jugs!!! Have fun lovin on that precious baby!!!


  15. Oh what a fun get together. Penny is such a precious lady and I really do love her house. All the food looks fabulous. I am sure you all had a marvelous time. Have fun with your new precious granddaughter. Hugs, Marty

  16. Blogging luncheons are the best! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and do share the recipe if you get it!!

  17. Kim-What a fun time! Isn't it amazing how closely some of us are connected by thoughts, ideas and various decorating styles? I see lots of similarities in your home and Miss Pennys.. I think maybe the biggest difference is that SHE likes to cook?>) BwahahahahahA!

    Hope you have a ball with that new baby...there is nothing-nothing-nothing like a baby granddaughter. Well...except maybe a baby grandson;>) I have a feeling that you are going to have a heart-to-heart connection with that little girl! Hugs- Diana

  18. Wow, looks like you gals had fun!! This is a great place for antiquing so I'm sure you found some great things!!

  19. What a great weekend you had. . . and what an incredible week you're having!! Hope all is going well with the wee one!

  20. Her home is beautiful! So much inspiration and great ideas for a fall brunch!! xoxoxo

  21. Congrats Kim on your beautiful new granddaughter!
    She is so pretty and only 2 weeks older than mine!
    (I just went and read the post)
    And what a neat blogger brunch!
    It looks so fun and Penny has such a gorgeous home!
    Congrat again Grandma!

  22. Hey Kim!
    You made my house look great in your pictures!! I had a blast and I am so glad you came. We do have sooo much in common in our decorating style, don't we?

    And yep....I love wine (wink).

    The recipes for all of the quiches are now on my blog under my recipe tab.....

  23. Looks like you and all the gals had a great time! Penny has such a beautiful home, I love her hutch too! I can't wait to see what you got on your shopping trip. I can only imagine how buzzed you must be right now about getting to be with that precious new little one! Enjoy!

  24. She has a lovely home and a bloggers brunch sounds like so much fun.

  25. So thats why Penny made her place so nice! What a fun get together that must have been! But...the best news is little Leila..she was born while I was off on a weeks vacation! She is so pretty..what a cute face! And your daughter is so beautiful..that mother-hood glow is in her face in a very beautiful way..congratulations to all of you! :D

  26. Penny is certainly a lovely hostess with the mostess!!

    Glad you had a great time. And I'm looking forward to seeing more photos.


  27. Oh how fun to get together with Penny and the others- I know it can be a blast! I'm looking forward to having a Buckeye Bloggers excursion in the near future! I've met several girls from the area already, but correspond with a few others I haven't yet met in person.

    Well, Kim- I go away for a few days and I see you have been a busy girl! Congrats on being a grammy, first off! And I see you've been shopping- glad you found a seltzer bottle and the silver. You got a decent price on all, too. I saw things at market that you would have loved. But then I loved them too!!
    There was one showroom downtown that was technically not affiliated with the furniture market, but was selling antiques/vintage things. Of course, they were not selling at wholesale prices, so they were very overpriced. I've bought pieces for a LOT less at estate/yard sales.
    BTW, as far as your picture goes and your description of yourself with the "jugs"- I think I can keep up with you in that dept. I just don't know what happened to me when I hit the "change." Yikes. My one girlfriend calls me "Dolly." LOL
    Enjoy that new baby!
    hugs, Sue

  28. I absolutely love the bunny and the toile and checked cushions.

    And be thankful for those this comging from a woman who had not very much until she got.. um.. middle age.

  29. Penny has a beautiful home and it looks like you had a fabulous time! I wish I could have joined you too!

  30. Oh what fun, Kim! There's nothing better than getting together antiquing with fellow bloggers. It's a good thing I live far or that bunny would have come home with me. We might have to fight over it, lol. Lovely home Penny has!..Christine

  31. How fun!!!! I was about an hour away from you on Saturday! We drove right through there Friday night and Sunday to visit family in Kingsport, Tennessee! Looks like you had such a wonderful time! I still say we need to get all us southern girls together!

  32. Kim,
    What a neat deal to all hook up together. How far away is Ashville for you? I took my daughter and I visited there several years ago for our fall Mother/Daughter trip. It was alot of fun! How's that new grandbaby today :)

  33. What a fun event. How sweet of Penny to let you take all the gorgeous photos of her home!

  34. Beautiful friends in a beautiful home in God's country - NC!

  35. So wonderful that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers. I met up with Lisa (Pickles & Cheese) and we had a great time too.

  36. Kim don't worry about us, we want you to go enjoy that grand of yours we will be here waiting patiently, enjoy Grammie!

  37. The bloggers brunch sounds like such a good time! Her house is very pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  38. What a fun fay you must have had! Penny's home is beautiful! How nice of her to host and then take you all SHOPPING!!! FUN! XO, Pinky

  39. Kim, thanks for taking the time to share your photos. Love getting to peek into Penny's beautiful home. ~ Sarah

  40. OH, I'm sooo jealous. What fun!! And to be with other bloggers that understand the are a lucky lady.

  41. I love visiting Penny. She has an amazing home! Enjoyed this post and look forward to more.

  42. Hi Here in Brazil it is unusual to find these fairs, there are the thrift store but the pieces are very bad, or antique shops and expensive prices, for there is wonderful to buy good pieces at good prices, wonderful.

  43. Oh my, I would have loved to join in on this! Wish I could find a bunch of bloggers around these parts. Love Penny and her art and her home! Now Kim, you are one of the best and most dedicated commenters I know of. You go have some fun.

  44. Kim, that looked like so much fun. It's a blast to meet up with other bloggers & do what we all love to do. Fun time! I'm loving those demijohns too. I have just been calling them old wine bottles.

  45. Great photos of the day Kim. How's that new grandbaby doing?

  46. It's so funny how everybody's perspective is so different on the Brunch. We sure had a ball. Felt like I was taking the house tour all over again.

  47. How FUN Kim!!!! And Penny's home is gorgeous! Lunch looked divine! Pumpkin bread sounds SOOOO good!!! I have been a busy little bee around here getting this place ready to sell, so now I'm trying to play catch up!!! :)

  48. How lucky you are! Looks like a lot of fun! Love Penny's home!

  49. Love the pictures! Looking at your photos made me feel like I was walking through my favorite antique shop in my city. Every time I go there I leave inspired.

  50. Oh what fun that must have been! I have seen photos here and there of Penny's home but I will have to go look under that tab you mention and get an eyeful. Just what you've shown is wonderful and I love her plates. That bunny is great {I collect them too}.