BTB #7 Features


I have been very busy taking down the Christmas decorations. I told Mr. Savvy to remind me next year not to put out too much or to just shoot me if I do. It is not fun taking all this stuff down.

Anyhoo, on to the features. I want to thank all of you who participated last week with lots of great stuff.

Checkout this wonderful wreath over at My Heart with Pleasure Fills.

I love these vintage style ornaments and you have to see what they are made from. You can find a tutorial at Cottage Hill.

Great chest makeover by Holly at Roller Coaster Life.

You have to check out Terry's artistic abilities and projects at Forever Decorating blog.

You can find instructions on how to make a beautiful herringbone pillow like this one at 
Craft a World by Farrah.

Thanks so much for all these great inspirational projects. I am amazed at the talent out there.
If you were featured you can grab my featured button at the top of my sidebar.

Tonight I want to see your best projects of 2010. You can either share one of your old posts or combine several of your best projects or makeovers into one post and link it up tonight! I am limiting everyone to one link up, please.

See you tonight!



  1. Thanks Kim, I grabbed your button too! I will playing along tonight as well. I was stuck at home yesterday without a car.... had to do something.


  2. I'll bet Mr. Savvy has heard that before Kim :) I know my husband has and I'm surprised he hasn't taken me up on it, lol.


  3. I usually wait until after the 1st of the year to take my decorations down. I love enjoying them for just one more week.


  4. I wasn't able to participate in your party but I loved visiting everybody. They had some great ideas.

  5. That chair is adorable. I am going to go by and visit her. I am with you with the holiday decor. It all looks pretty but it is a mess to take down. Glad that I only had a tree this year:) It came day the day after Christmas too:)

  6. These are all wonderful Kim. I especially love that delightful chair!

    I'll be back this evening to link up.
    Thanks for hosting.

  7. Bave fun with your Takedown..and Putaway Party! lol I am off to work tomorrow..and will have to leave my stuff out for a while. I have one more dinner party to give before I undress the house. Hugs- Diana

  8. Oh, yes, darlin'..I have your link in my post and will hook up with you this evening, for sure. :))

  9. Mine all came down on Sunday. It's funny because I thought of you and others that had a ton out and wondered if you minded putting it all away. I didn't have too much and was glad for it.

  10. Great ideas here. I love the ornie and the dresser redo. I take my Christmas decor down a little bit day by day, instead of all at once.

  11. Thanks Kim for showing such great ideas. I still have my decorations to take down, my kids want to leave them up longer, ugh. I am ready for a fresh start for 2011 though.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Everytime I say anything about taking the Christmas decor down- I hear moans:) so its still up...
    I hope to get another btb done by next week- no way will I make it by tonight..I will be back to see the new posts though.. I love this party and seeing all the creative skills in blogland..

    thanks so much for visiting me..

  13. Oh your taking them down so soon...they were so darn beautiful...I leave mine up until New Years..lazy I guess

  14. Happy New Year, Kim! I didn't have any great project to share this week, but enjoying everyone elses! Keep warm and have a wonderful week.