...........I don't think so at least not yet. Just wanted to share with you what Mr. Savvy and I accomplished yesterday. Our pond has been looking rather bad and I knew I could not take care of it all by myself. The grass had really gotten very tall around the pond and usually I just take the weedeater to it and cut it down. Then all the grass ends up in the pond which then needs to be scooped out or it just sits there and looks awful. Well, at my age, first using the weedeater all the way around this pond bout kills my back and arms. Then to scoop out the clippings with a pool net is not easy at all. Add ninety degree temps and humidity and it is an exhausting job! Well, finally Mr. Savvy took our push weedeater thing and cut all the overgrown mess down around the pond and then he started digging out all the leaves that had fallen in from the fall and the clippings out of the pond till his back was killing him. See we are not getting any younger here folks. I let him rest a while while I scooped out a bunch and this is what it looks like now. Oh, and this junk in the pond does not smell good at all.

This is what it looks like from the sunroom.

See all those piles of rotted leaves. Now we are letting them dry out some and then we have to 
load all that stuff into the wheelbarrow and dump it in the woods.

Yes, we have to pick up all this stinky stuff.

We are going to dig this up. I don't like the way it looks.

I don't want to leave you with just photos of muck. Here are the water lilies. They were being taken over by the muck, too.

There is a bloom hiding under the leaves.

The leaves are covered in the grass clippings from us cutting the tall grass around the pond.
Some days I can have as many as thirty blooms.

Well, I just wanted to show you what we are doing this holiday weekend. I hope you are doing something fun or maybe you are like us and have things that need to be done. At least we will be able to mark this off the honey do list.

You don't have to leave a comment. I just wanted to share my project with you.

Have a good one!

I should be back with a prettier post tonight.

And The Winner Is.........


It is May 29th and the 4th annual cottage charm giveaway has come to an end.
I really do appreciate the great response to my little giveaway.

I told miss Bailey that she had to pick the winner

but all she wants to do is play with her ball or is it her stick?

Yep, I think she likes the stick better. Now Bailey the people are waiting patiently. You need to pick a winner. They don't like waiting.

Bailey do not ignore me

oh, and surely don't give me any attitude!

That's better now she is running for joy because the WINNER IS Ahrisha from Joyously Living Life.
Congratulations Ahrisha you were #78 randomly chosen by 
Please email me at and leave me your mailing address.

I am going to say it again I hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend. Looks like it may rain here
any minute which puts a damper on my yard plans. Guess I better get to it.

Y'all come back now,


Look What I Found


My goodness is it Friday already?! This week flew by and last weekend is a blur since all I have done is paint. Well, yesterday was a day just for me so I went to the flea market and found a few new treasures.

I love this little crystal footed bowl. Look at those flowers cut into the glass.

Love the open pattern on top.

I got two of these copper look initialed tags to use.

Took some jute and tied the tag onto this jar.

This vintage doorknob for six dollars. They have been twelve or more every time I have come across one.

I love the patina and workmanship of these old knobs.

Last but not least this is my favorite find. This is a huge piece that was standing up behind several other
things in the booth. I leaned over to see what it was and looked at the price and thought I could use it. 
It is just and old pallet that has been turned into a piece of art. I love the whimsy of this piece and at only 
$22. it was coming home with me. I have the perfect place for it and will show you that in a future post.
Bailey had to get in the photo, too.

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I sure hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!
You guys are the best. I would have never thought my blog would have interested many people and here
I am at over 500 followers already. Thank you so much!

Y'all come back now,


Shutters of a Different Color


A couple of folks guessed what my little sneak peek was of my latest project. It is shutters, but not my outside shutters. No, I don't think I would paint them red. These are the shutters that were made into a screen in my sunroom. We bought these four single old dirty dusty shutters at a huge supply warehouse several years ago. We got the four of them for twenty dollars. My husband hinged them together and I originally painted them a yucky beige with some crackling and glazing. I was going to use them in a different spot, but they ended up in the sunroom. The color was getting on my last nerve so I thought I would brighten things up a bit and paint them red.

This is the before shot....boring

The after is much better. I primed with a gray primer found in the oops pile at Home Depot. Followed by four coats of the red paint. I will never use Martha Stewart paint again. It would not have taken four coats on top of primer if I had gotten a quality paint. Well, I had never used it before and thought I would give it a try. We learn by trial and error.

New bird from Hobby Lobby half price. Copied my sister, she had one.

Found this urn on sale at a local decor store and thought it would look nice in this
corner across from my bold yellow cabinet in the opposite corner. Filled it with some hydrangeas.

Close up of the detail of the crackled finish.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments. I really do appreciate them. I am trying to do better about visiting your blogs, too. Finished the trim painting today. One job just leads to another.

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Y'all come back now,


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Red, White, and Yellow.......and a little green


First thing I want to do is thank everyone for all the wonderful comments on my kitchen post. I have been so busy painting this house and cleaning up and your kind words just cheered me up in the midst of all this work. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though. Yesterday I painted the upstairs hallway and cut the grass, too. I still need to paint the trim upstairs, but just had to take a painting break today. I still have my other regular chores to tend to. If I don't get the laundry done we want have any undies on! We don't want that.

Here are some photos of some flowers around the yard.

Potted begonias on the deck.

Red geranium peeking out from these yellow flowers in a pot.

Daylillies in the front yard

 They are loaded with buds and flowers this year.

I didn't even know my gardenias were blooming until I cut the grass yesterday.

Can you smell them?

I need to cut some and bring them in so we can enjoy the fragrance  inside.

This is a huge hosta out by the pond.

It is getting ready to bloom.

The hanging basket outside is doing very well

Petunias on front porch

New hummingbird feeder I bought at Ace Hardware while waiting on my paint.
Hangs outside my sunroom.

Mama bird is still here. There are five eggs.

This is how big my smaller hostas have gotten under the big tree. I hate all the little maple trees trying to come up from all those little maple helicopters that fell. I need to pull them up or spray soon.

Joining Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer
and White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

I know many have said they can't wait for the paint project reveal. There really is not a huge difference especially in photos. I have made a few decorative changes and will share those sporadically.

Here is a peek at something else I worked on right before and during painting the walls.

Don't forget my giveaway. It ends soon! You can enter here!

Y'all come back now,


My French Country Inspired Kitchen


Hello everyone. I hope y'all had a good weekend. Most of you know I have been painting. Almost finished and then the clean up begins. Since I don't have the house finished to share yet I thought I would share my kitchen with you. I took these photos a few weeks ago. It sure doesn't look this nice and clean right now.

We remodeled this kitchen about five years ago. I did have all white. White cabinets, white linoleum floors, white corian counters with blue edging, and a floral wallpaper. We had new door and drawer fronts made. All the cabinets painted by professionals, granite counters, and new hardware. Mr. Savvy and I installed the tile backsplash  and I painted the walls. The wood floors were installed a year or so before the remodel. I know most people like stainless steel appliances, but the white ones were all in good shape except we did replace the oven with a new trivection/microwave combination . I do wish the refrigerator was recessed, but it isn't and I just have to live with it like it is until it quits working. It was already $11,000 just for what we did.

I do wish I had thought of having a door panel made for the dishwasher and painted black.

Le Creuset tea kettle was a gift from my daughter

Found this little container at an antique store

towels from Anthropologie

Bar stools that I recovered

Williams Sonoma  toile apron was a gift from my son in law.

Love my deep black granite sink

My favorite hand soap

Had seeded glass made to replace plain glass in the doors

Mr. Savvy trimmed the hood.

Granite is Giallo ornamental

Hope everyone has a glorious week.