Have You Heard of This Site??


A couple of weeks ago I was told by a fellow blogger that there is a site with all our blogs on it and she asked me if I knew about it. She told me my blog with all my posts was on this site. I have signed up for blogrankings.com and blogtopsites.com, but I did not sign up for this other site. The site is called
bloglovin.com. It covers every kind of blog there is.You can just look at the list on the side and click on interior design if you have a design or home and garden blog like I do and then type the blog you are looking for in the search box and there it will be. This site has our URL without permission from us. I am just not sure that is right, but maybe in this world of technology we don't have any say so!

This is what you will see at the top of the page after you bring up your blog except with your blog name:

Keep track of Savvy Southern Style and your other favorite blogs with Bloglovin'!

Bloglovin' helps you keep track of the blogs you read by letting you know when they update.
Below this is every single post that you have published. Do you think it is right for this site to promote our blogs without our permission? Just curious.  
 Would love to hear your thoughts and if you knew about this site.
Since I know y'all are visual people I didn't want to leave you without any photos. Here are a couple of peeks of what I have been working on all day.

Two coats and one more to go!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  1. HI Kim.. I remember many months ago getting an e'mail about bloglovin and they "asked" if I'd like to put my site on there.. I ignored the e'mail... guess they will put us on there anyway?
    Not much we can do about it.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It's looking good Kim! Love that piece. I need to do so much painting, but can't seem to find the time.

    My stat counter shows people coming in from blog lovin' but I have never checked it out. Maybe I should.

    Enjoy your night. We gathered sticks in the yard today and are on our way outside for a fire in the fire pit.

  3. I just checked and my blog is there! Not sure what I think. I guess they don't need our permission. Hmmmm.

  4. Not sure what I think either... kind of strange. Your project is looking so interesting... can't wait to see the finished piece!! :)

  5. I'll go check it out! Looks like you are having a busy weekend! Hugs! ♥

  6. It doesn't seem malicious in any way.

    I think it's a good thing; an easy way to find blogs of interest to your particular tastes.

    I've had some traffic from that site without any issues.

  7. This is a total violation of copyright pictures and written content!!!

    They do not have my permission and they know it, yet they continue to violate my Cease and Desist.

  8. I received an email from them several months ago and I kindly said No, thanks. I just checked and my blog isn't listed.
    I don't think it's a hurtful thing, tho. I'm not sure WHAT they are gleaning from it, tho.

  9. For those of us who did not get that email and did not give our o.k. our blog really should not be listed there.

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  11. i use bloglovin, course i am just a follower but when i 1st started doing this i found blogs and saved them to my favorites gosh what tiresome way to follow blogs i forget how i came across bloglovin but i'd be lost without...i follow close to 400 and this has saved space on my computer and lots of time and is so easy to use.

  12. I think my blog is on it but I have no idea how it got there. Actually I had better check again and be sure. I didn't add it. I have joined enough of those things over the years. Too much to keep track of for me.

    Your furniture piece is looking beautiful Kim. Love the crisp light color.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  13. i was hoping to correct my typo yet it removed the entire comment.

    They are drawing traffic to their site with content that does not belong to them = Money

  14. My blog is on Bloglovin', but I don't have any followers yet. When I first started my blog I stumbled upon the site and joined, but I didn't actually list my blog until last week.Thank you for visting me at Brambly and following, with your success it means a lot.I'm so glad I got to join your link party this week, it has made a huge difference in my traffic. Have a wonderful weekend.


  15. Bloglovin' is great! It is a much simpler way to follow blogs than using Google Reader or Google Connect.

    It is very popular with fashion bloggers. The top two fashion bloggers have 23,082 followers and 18,661 followers.

    I think it's time for design bloggers to utilize this resource also!

    I don't think that there are truly any copyright violations because Bloglovin' function somewhat like a search engine. No one cries foul when Google or Yahoo image searches turn up the exact same content as Bloglovin'. Bloglovin searches the web also, and manages all of the blogs that you follow in a very user friendly format.

    It displays a thumbnail image from your post and the first couple of sentences from each post to intrigue the user, just like Google. If the user wants to read the post, they then click on a link that takes them to your actual website, so it actually drives traffic to you. That is a good thing!

    They also make it simple to find similar blogs that you might not have found otherwise.

    I love it!

  16. I have seen blog lovin on my sitemeter, I think it is just a search engine and It brings traffic just like google so I am not worried about it at all. Somebody has been painting again!!! Can't wait to see your finished project, happy weekend Kim, Kathysue

  17. Interesting...I'll have to check it out.
    Love your piece :)

  18. I have seen it on my site meter but really didn't know what it was. I'm on my way to check it out.

  19. Hmmm, I'm there too! I have used Google reader a few times, but find it hard to comment.

  20. I didn't know anything about this site. Will go take a look. Hugs ~ Tanna

  21. I just checked them out too and my blog is there but it is only showing posts from over a year ago. I think I read somewhere that blogs that have a lot of links on them generate a kind of statistic that enhances their rating and traffic numbers and somehow that earns them money. That must be what's going on here.

  22. I just checked and my blog is not there. As far as whether it is good or not, at least it is not like some actual blogs that copy posts from your blog without permission and post as their own.

    At least these people are trying to promote you blog and not claim the content as theirs.

  23. It looks fun to surf for blog, but they are breaking copyright rules I think.
    I'm wondering what their goal is. I don't see any advertising, how are they making money???
    Or are they gathering members and then plan to sell their site like some places do?

  24. I looked at the FAQ and it says..
    Does it cost anything?
    Nope, bloglovin´ is completely free. Our revenue comes from advertising that appears around the page.

    But I'm not seeing ads. Do they show up after you join?

  25. Well, at first I was going to say who cares? It's more traffic to our sites.

    But you know what, when I clicked on one of my posts listed on their site it doesn't take the reader to my website it takes them to a site that starts as www.http://www.bloglovin.com/and then a whole bunch of numbers and letters. Same when I click on the houseofhawthornes.blogspot.com address they show directly under my blog name.

    So they don't appear to be sending hits my way at all! Now I'm a little grumpy about this.

  26. Oh, and Kim I do like the white thing you are painting. I just can't figure out what it is yet. I'll have to go back and scour through your old kitchen posts to see if I can figure it out.

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  28. The thing that freaks me out the most is that all of my pictures show up on google images. That's why I never post any personal pictures. You don't know who's out there!!