Fragrance and Muck


Today I went out and did some much needed work on the pond. When you own a spring fed pond the work never ends. Every fall thousands of leaves fall into the pond and each spring we have to dig as many out as we can.

When I first step outdoors now the fragrance from these bushes in our yard and the honeysuckle that is in full bloom now is heavenly. I just love to go out and take in a big deep breath. Honeysuckle is my favorite.

There is quite a lot of honeysuckle on our property mixed with whatever these other blooming bushes are. I know my sister in law always called them sweet bush. 

I think Bailey is trying to smell it here because after digging out the scummy muck out of the pond a whole different kind of smell happens out here.

This is only part of what I pulled out with a rake. I already hauled off two full wheelbarrow loads. 
I am getting too old to keep doing this. Oh, my aching back! This stuff smells like raw sewage. Not very pleasant at all.

I would much rather smell the honeysuckle.

Bailey is looking to see if our neighbors are out. She loves to run over there and visit them.
No, Bailey they aren't out. Let's go in. Mom is tired and dirty.

I will go back out and finish this tomorrow. My body has had enough for one day.
Hope you are doing something more exciting this weekend.

I know it is Mother's day this weekend. I will be celebrating with my daughter and granddaughter on Sunday and then I will be meeting my sister at my mom's on Monday to celebrate with her.
What are your plans for Mother's day. Do tell.



  1. Oh my, Kim that is a huge pond well its to huge for you to be cleaning out. Bless your heart! I would be exhaused! I have 2 small ones for gold fish and its a pain to clean those out. I cant imagine. Bailey is just to cute. I just love her.

  2. You HAVE been working hard! Our pond is not spring fed, but it IS a lot of work anyway!

    Honeysuckle is my favorite, too! Smells like heaven, I'm just sure!

    Glad you are getting to enjoy your Mother's Day weekend with both sides of Moms, the daughter-grandaughter side and the Mom-Sister side! Happy Mother's Day to all! Blessings ~ tanna

  3. Looks like you have a beautiful yard. The pond does look like hard work.

    I don't know what our Mother's Day plans are. Probably not much. Hubby and I celebrated Mom's Day with our moms last weekend.

  4. Hey Kim, we used to have that all over our yard when I was a kid (years ago) I think it's called wax leaf ligustrum and it smells sooooo sweet almost like purfume... at least the bees think so. Love your pond!

  5. Kim my back aches just from looking at what you did today! What a GREAT picture of Baily on that rock. I just came inside from doing more yard work myself. Now I'm trimming the bushes coming up our driveway, it never ends!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family! Martina

    PS- Taking my mom to see Water for Elephants tomorrow night, we can't wait!

  6. Ya, that muck doesn't look like it smells too fragrant... not in a good way anyhoo. Pup doesn't seem to mind though... I don't see her holding her nose anyway.

    Happy Mother's Day Week-end toooo yoooo

  7. Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day Kim!!!

  8. Oh Kim YUK, I would be so afraid I would find a snake! Your yard is beautiful! My Mothers day is pretty pathetic now that I think about it LOL. My Mom is in a different state and my son is in another state, so I can't celebrate with my Mom or my son.....But, I still have a Mom, and I am a Mom, I will have to think of something to do to entertain myself!


  9. My dogs would be rolling in that muck! We have to clean up our beach in the spring and it looks quite about the same. Not fun either. Take a long bath and relax!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  10. Don't really have any plans. My girls live out of state. As for the pond, Kim, you and me both are too old for that stuff. Why do you think I went for a pondless waterfall last fall? Those danged leaves. Now they can fall and fall, and no worries. Just part of nature's scenery. The wind blows them off the gravel. I can turn it on during the day, turn it off at night. The water disappears. No mosquito worries. All is well...

  11. Whee! Looks like you had fun today.. NOT! I did a bit of staining the deck till I ran out of stain. That's much better than mucking out the pond.I don't envy you that.
    Take care and I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  12. Oh that is back breaking work, just raking dry leaves can be hard...well I am hosting my mom along with some of my sibs for a mothers day dinner this year. Hope to set a nice table and take some post worthy pics!

  13. My back hurts today from working in the yard non stop for 2 days. But no sewage smells here!!
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day with your family!

  14. Bailey looks as if she is surveying her kingdom while standing on the rock. :D

  15. The yard chores seem to be getting harder on the 50+ yr old bodies, don't they Kim? I told Mr. Tennis that I would be stiff in the A.M. as I mowed and worked all afternoon in the yard. Good luck with the rest of your pond.
    We are taking my Mom to a restaurant she likes in her hometown about 9 miles a way for lunch, after church.

  16. Kim that muck looks like the kind of stuff that would be good for a compost pile...just wonderin and glad I don't have that job! Relax and have fun this deserve it!

  17. Hard work! We are doing that tomorrow. Our pond isn't spring fed but it definitely fills with leaves from the woods around us. Muck is the perfect word.

  18. It's always nice to have a friend by you when you are doing yard work and Bailey looks so cute! What a job! Will be home by myself for Mother's day as Tim and Jess are on the road to California. My youngest daughter has to work, but she's going to take me out afterward :)

  19. That looks like quite the job! You are much more ambitious than I would be.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. My son is still away at college so I'll be spending some time with my mother this weekend going to a local flea market.

  20. I want to send my husband over to help you with this!

  21. I probably could not walk for a week after cleaning that out! Yes - That rotted vegetation can get real nasty ! :( I still have work to do in my courtyard, but keep putting it off.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!

  22. Kim, I hear you. My body tells me that hours in the garden aren't as easy they once were. I can just imagine how much work this is. Having an unpleasant smell doesn't help. LOL
    Happy Mother's Day to you. ~ Sarah

  23. This mother's day I'm on my own with my girls, as my hubby is working away. He did send two gift certs to some great garden centers, so I am looking forward to do a little shopping for the garden =)

  24. I'm pretty sure that the 'other bush' is Jasmine. Enjoy!

  25. I remember you doing this last year....yuck does not look like fun, but what a beautiful spot when it's cleaned up, you can't get any prettier. I am going to Nephews baseball game with Mom and then to my brothers for brunch, can't wait to see my mommy! Yours sounds like fun too!

  26. Hi, I really enjoy your blog. Your yard is beautiful, and I'm sure all that hard work is worth the pleasure you get from you pond. Also, those beautiful bushes with those blooms are a river privet. Privets are a native plant to China, it's climate is similiar to ours, and grows in abundance. You will see varigated river privet in many yards, but the green river privet will spread easily and rapidly.

  27. Well Kim, yes back breaking work indeed...but you do enjoy it when all is said and done. Think of it as exercise..Work it girl. Happy Mothers day to you. I wish I could be with mine..Mike is working, however the boys and I are going to a friends house on the Lake and will enjoy a little boating, weather providing. Enjoy your day.

  28. Kim, we have that sweet bush blooming and honeysuckle too in our yard-it is heaven!! I love the 2 scents and they get even stronger at night it seems. Sorry about all the pond muck-rest that back! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day early!!

  29. We did some yard work yesterday. Supposed to rain today with clearing later. Have a load of mulch ready to finish a berm we started this Spring.

    J planted a Mother's Day gift yesterday. An Oakleaf Hydrangea. I took pictures of that and the weedy jungle in the perennial garden on the north side of the house. I am sure there will be backaches galore when that is cleaned up!!

    I love the shots of honeysuckle. We have it on the creek. Several years ago we started it up an iron trellis. Can't see the trellis now! I can't wait for it to bloom.

    No real plans for Mother's Day. Time with family, which is the best.

    Happy Mother's Day, Kim!

  30. Kim, What kind of new camera did you purchase? I am about to buy a new one and need recommendations. Thanks!

  31. Bailey is soo cute.. Lovely photographs... Loved the flower shots..

  32. Wow, I would prefer the honeysuckle over the "mucky-stuff" any day! I think you are very brave, anyway, to be out doing all that yard work. Once you mentioned the Copperhead, I was so totally gone! Can't stand snakes!

    I'm lovin' the Old Violet piece you refinished. I think it looks really great with the dark, natural wood top. The vignette you added worked perfectly.

    I would have been enamored with that print you found, too. Such a sweet feeling surrounding the couple praying.

    Hope you have a wonderfully Happy Mother's Day with your family.

  33. What a ton of work you did! I don't have any honeysuckle at this house but I do have jasmine. It is starting to fade right now but still smells great.

  34. Bless your heart and your poor back. If you think it's bad at 50something, wait till you do yard work at 73. *whine whine...When we work in the yard all day, the next day, WE SIT AND WATCH MOVIES AND EAT. Then, back to the yard, the next. :)))
    Your pond is beautiful and Bailey is, too.
    Happy Mothers Day.

  35. Happy Mother's Day!

    Big Hugs

  36. Your pictures are so pretty, Kim. Makes your work look fun.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  37. Oh - I love honeysuckle! And I have to say I am not envious of having to clean out that pond - it sounds like quite the project =(