The Rain Never Came........


.........and we needed it so badly. The weather forecasters missed it big time this time. We haven't had rain in two weeks and my grass is looking a little dry. A lot of you said you were getting the rain. Send some this way if you would.
Oh, well I did start on a project that I had put off for quite a while and it feels good to be getting this done. Of course it involves a paint brush. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and show you later this week. For now I am going to show you some new things I got at Home Goods this week. Didn't need them, but they were so pretty they jumped in my cart anyway.

 I love these blue wine glasses.

 Aren't they pretty with the etching?

 I had to have the glasses to go with these plates. Just a little peek at them for right now.

Cause I think I feel a tablescape coming on soon if I an figure out how I want to put one together.

The wine glasses were only $3 each and the plates were $3.99 each. 
I don't know why I bought them since I don't cook much and we don't entertain, but they were so pretty.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

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  1. Sometimes you just need a little pretty in your life, Kim. I expect that's why those things "jumped" in your cart. : ) My pretties have been clothes this past week. I got some pretty, ruffley goodness to wear for now and through the Summer.

    We didn't get our rain either.

  2. Those wine glasses remind me of some my grandparents had, so I love them. Great blue color too!

  3. Love those glasses Kim, things jump in my cart all of the time and my car automatically stops at every thrift store LOL.It's MAGIC!

  4. Really like the glasses!
    We have had more than out share of rain. Come end of July & August we will be wishing for a little more - never seems to be a happy medium.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. Should be "our" share - long day. :D

  6. Oh HomeGoods is such a dangerous place to be!

    We are getting plenty of rain, you are more than welcome to some. It's putting a crimp in my painting plans anyway.

  7. Very pretty Kim, and I love that first shot with your newly painted buffet faded in the background! We didn't have rain here either today, now they say it's coming tomorrow.

  8. Beautiful glasses and dishes! Can't wait to see your tablescape.
    Did you get your rain?
    We had a storm that brought some hail.

  9. The glasses are gorgeous Kim. We got a lot of rain finally!

  10. I just think your glasses and dishes were one of those..."must have" items! They are like, ours from the get go!!!

    Hugs sweet lady,


  11. They're gorgeous. Just have lunch on them and enjoy. They really are pretty. Hugs, Marty

  12. You get my attention when you say paint brush.

  13. Oh my goodness, I'm SO in love with those wine glasses!

  14. Oh, I hope we don't have to have a good reason to buy dishes and glasses. Because I would be in trouble. Many a dish has jumped into my cart....I so get it!!

  15. Kim, dishes follow me home all the time! Can't wait to see the tablescape you design with these. ~ Sarah

  16. Love the blue glasses, can't wait to see the tablescape you do!


  17. Like Sarah, dishes follow me home too. I am sorry that you didn't get any rain. My sis lives in Texas and they finally got a bit recently. Joni

  18. The wine glasses are really pretty. I wish we had a Home Goods.

  19. Love the etching on the wine glasses! I know how those things do. They just jump in your cart and follow you to your car. Then what's a girl to do? Gotta enjoy them! LOL! Love you finds, Kim! Have a great weekend! blessings ~ Tanna

  20. So sorry you missed the rain Kim. We got it in south central Mississippi. Much needed and today it was pure cold for the middle of May.

  21. Your glasses and plates are wonderful Kim. We did get the rain, right at dinner time, when we wanted to be entertaining outside -lol. But the evening went well anyway. And my garden does need the rain.

    Hope you get rain soon.

  22. Kim, I'm sorry it didn't rain, It sure did AGAIN.... hear, two more inches everything is so wet here .. Anyway I think we all buy things we don't need... I do it all the time. the glasses are so pretty. have a good rest of the weekend


  23. Love those glasses Kim..
    we've had several good showers and I am thankful for them. Its done a great job on my veggie garden and new plantings...
    I wish you rain SOON~ soft gentle drops for about 3 days as this is the kind that really healps the ground..

    Happy Sunday to Ya

  24. hi Kim, i think we got your rain, buckets full. One reason I don't go to the HG's store so much, I do exactly what you did, buy pretty things I don't need, only problem here my home is small and short on storage. Oh but those plates and stemware is so pretty I would have come home with them too......

    The French Hutch

  25. I love those glasses, homegoods has such great prices. It is hard to resist, I know you always check out their clearance aisles. Best deals are there. We are having our Louisisana Cookin' dinner tonight, I'll save ya'll two spots. Wish you lived closer.

  26. Oooo, pretty, pretty!!! I cracked up at the "jumping in the cart" comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to!! We got your rain here in Virginia. I'd send it to you if I could. Really.

  27. I, too, love it when pretties jump in my cart !! Beautiful new goodies ... look forward to seeing the gorgeous tablescape you're probably putting together at this very moment. :)

  28. LOve Love love Homegoods.
    Went last weekend to buy a gift and of course, I ended up gifting myself in the process. Funny how THAT happens!!!

    I can just tell these will look terrific in your new kitchen.

  29. I'll bottle up some of my rain for you and send it on down there. The blue glasses are very pretty. I haven't been to Home Goods for a few months (trying to limit my spending on cute things), but I may have to check them out this week.

  30. the glasses are so pretty. Homegoods has some good prices! It has been super dry here in TX too, we finally had some rain last week but it wasn't enough

  31. If my house was as pretty as yours, I'd be entertaining all the time so I could show it off.

  32. The local Home Goods never has a good selection of glasses. It's probably a good thing, because if I had seen those prettie, they would have jumped into my cart, too! Enjoy their beauty!

  33. The blue glasses are adorable!! Great find!
    Visiting from Southern Hospitality :-)