This is HUGE!!!


Y'all know how much I am pretty obsessed with chalk paint. I have painted just about anything in my sight with it. I have even painted a few things more than once! Here are just a few of the things.

 This one has been painted three times, but only twice with chalk paint. This is Chateau Gray.

This was my first piece I painted and fell in love with the paint. This is Old Ochre on the base and I left the top in its original finish. Wow, wish my yard still looked this nice.

Then I tried Old Violet on this buffet in the dining room. Not the exact color I was looking for.

So I ordered some Aubusson and my oh my how I love this color. I have used it on some smaller things, too that I have not shown y'all yet.

This is a recent project using Old Ochre and Chateau Gray.

Painted over the birdies on the front of this piece and love the change.
I used Old White and then mixed Old White and Old Violet for the insets.

Barstool backs in Old White and heavily distressed.

This is the largest piece I have tackled, but it doesn't take long to paint with chalk paint.
That is the beauty of this paint. No priming and it dries quickly so you can finish a piece easily in a day.

Well, there are many more pieces I have done so y'all know how much I love this paint. 

Robyn of Robyn Story Designs has asked if I would spread the word of an AWESOME GIVEAWAY  she is offering!

She is a stockist of this paint and I order my paint from her website since she has the lowest price and shipping.

She is offering not one, not ten or twenty, but 28 sample pots of paint!! Yes, you read that right. Every color Annie Sloan has and it includes four new ones. She is also offering an Annie Sloan apron, some very cute knobs and the book, "Creating the French Look." I really need to get me a copy of that book.

So let's review:

  That's 28 color pots!

This cute apron!

These cute knobs!

and this fabulous book!

So hop on over to Robyn's blog HERE and tell her you came from my blog.

I will have this button displayed on my sidebar as a reminder.

This giveaway runs through 8/24 and the winner will be announced on 8/25!

So go on over! You have three chances to win.


My Wow party is still going in the post below this one. I just had to share this amazing giveaway!


  1. Hi Kim,
    You have painted several lovely pieces, all of which looks wonderful in your home.

    I'm just about ready to get on the chalk paint wagon!


  2. Whooo hoo exciting! Thanks for spreading the word. I knew you would shout it out from the hill tops!

  3. You are a master of furniture painting, Kim. I want to learn from you. I ordered my first chalk paint and it has not arrived yet....Christine

  4. Kim, Many many thanks for the team at Robyn Story Designs for posting about our amazing giveaway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your projects, goodness they are just gorgeous. This paint really is fantastic. I hope all your friends and followers are convinced to give it a try - it is that awesome and then some!!! Thanks again for helping a fellow blogger and chalk paint lover!!! You Rock!!!

  5. Cool!
    I love the new color you have going on too! It's so rich and wonderful!
    Look forward to seeing what else you have painted with it!

  6. I absolutely love those knobs!!....

  7. Your projects are fantastic! So glad there's another chance to win some Annie Sloan Chalk paint!

  8. I love the sideboard/buffet and your stools!!! WOW you know how to use that ASCP!!!

    I still have to try it out; still cutting my teeth on the price, or should I say my husband is. wink-wink.

  9. You have done so many great projects with that paint! What a great giveaway! Someone is going to be so lucky!

  10. Hello Kim,

    I love Robyn! She is so sweet and so nice. She does a lot of great giveaways!

    I am in love with your blue cabinet! And I love that you are not afraid to start over if you do not like something!

    Have a great night!

  11. I have gotten several cans from her. I have painted a couple things..small things. And now I have this wild hair to paint my dining room table and chairs. I am afraid to do this - but I am working up the courage. My worry is what if I don't like it. My current set style goes really well in my house...but the color of the wood does not. I redid all my house - but the only thing I kept was my dining room set. Because it was so expensive. But the wood is too dark. I am wondering if I should go for it. Your photos are making me think I could pull it off.

  12. Love everything you've done. I'm dying to try this paint. What a great giveaway.

  13. Yep, you are the chalk paint queen and quite an awesome one! I love all your paint projects. I really like the way you did just the top/back of the chairs/stools. So pretty!

  14. What fun projects. You must be painting something all of the time. I adore the bar stools. What a great giveaway, and especially those wonderful knobs!

  15. Kim, would this paint work well for painting kitchen cabinets? Do you think it's durable enough? I love that I wouldn't have to do all the priming and sanding. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  16. Kim, would this paint work well for painting kitchen cabinets? Do you think it's durable enough? I love that I wouldn't have to do all the priming and sanding. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  17. Kim,
    all of your projects are just awesome! I picked up a can of Old Ochre when I was in Texas. I ordered a Old White and Chateau Gray lastnight. Can't wait to try them out.
    Have you tried any of the "red" colors. I think one may be my next purchase.
    Thank you for sharing the giveaway!

  18. I have so enjoyed seeing all your chalk painted pieces, they are just lovely. I have to say, I almost squealed out loud at my desk at work when I read about this giveaway! Thank you for sharing it.

  19. Your projects are all so inspiring Kim. Maybe this is finally my chance to try this paint that I have resisted up until now. I'm off to check it out. Thanks!

  20. Kim, I'm bookmarking this post. I love the results I see using this paint. I love all the pieces you transformed. They look amazing in your home.

    The French Hutch

  21. Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win some chalk paint! But more importantly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piece you painted with the Aubusson blue. I've been dying to try that color but have been a little scared. Now I have to!

  22. Kim, you should be a paid spokesperson for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, all of your pieces are wonderful! And what a great giveaway.

    Now I'm off to get caught up on your blog!

    Kat :)

  23. I'm so anxious to give this paint a try; your pieces are marvy! Jan

  24. Since I'm a blog reader, I am convinced that bloggers of America have made Annie Sloan a wealthy woman by promoting her paint. Wonder if she still paints?

  25. Have the book already ($5.99 at Home Goods) now I just need to try that fabulous paint!!!

  26. looks like you're on a chalk ROLL ...

    I simply cannot afford it ... so I go about my days trying to achieve the same patina with all of my custom concoctions! sigh

  27. p.s. the "after shots" of the french console are up

  28. thank you for the heads up! you have been a busy girl with all that painting! i've really gotta order more but with the kids home i haven't much time to do anything!! hope all is well! susan

  29. Wow, each piece is better than the next - your painted furniture is exquisite! I love the splashes of color (the revised blue is amazing). I have to save this post in my favorites for when the weather is cool enough to try to copy (as a sincere form of flattery) your technique with these nifty paints!

  30. Oh my gosh I love those knobs so much! Can't wait to check out Robyn's blog..

  31. Very inspiring! I'm sending links to all my friends. Thanks for sharing your talents.
    I have a silly question -- in one of the first photos with the wood-top table, there are some gorgeous purple flowers behind in a flower bed. Do you know what kind they are? Thank you so much!
    Marsha at

  32. Marsha, that is verbena. Pretty hardy, but some worms or something got to them this year and don't quite look like that anymore.

  33. WOO HOONESS..I am just beside myself to win this. I haven't tried the paint yet..strict budget...but would sure love to. I have a large piece that I would dearly LOVE to do with the chalk paint.

    All your pieces look lovely and that yard is to die for.
    xoxo bj

  34. I have been wanting to try chalk paint...after seeing your wonderful photos...I have been inspired. Thank you... Thank you.
    Everything is just fabulous!!