Partnering With Home Depot


A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to partner with Home Depot to try out some new Lithium Ion power tools. Who me? I don't use power tools much, but I am certainly married to someone who does. Wonderful opportunities like this is another reason I love blogging.

 At first I thought I really didn't have any projects to do that use power tools, but since accepting this wonderful offer I have come up with a couple of ideas and can't wait to get to them. First I am waiting for the lithium ion power tools to get here that are on the way.

Lithium ion is a technology that started in power tools in the home improvement section and now is also found in outdoor power, paint and flooring.

Lithium ion batteries produce a consistent charge throughout the life of the battery. It can be charged many more times than other batteries and are not damaged by leaving the charger on too long.

I have been shopping Home Depot for years. We are avid DIYers since the mister likes to do everything he can himself that he can instead of paying someone. He is so particular about how things are done, too. We did a lot of the work on our home ourselves when we built it and a lot of updating over the years. Y'all know I do all the painting normally.  We have a Home Depot very close to us so whenever I need a new paint brush or even something like specialty light bulbs for my hutch in the dining room I just hop in the car and go.

I can't wait to get my hands on this Ryobi hedge trimmer. My bushes are looking a little unruly. Now this is a power tool I will use myself since I am the gardener. It will be nice to have a cord not getting in the way. I have already cut two extension cords with my trimmer that has to be plugged in and Mr. Savvy brings that up every time I get the electric trimmer out.

Mr. Savvy will enjoy working with the cordless Ryobi Drill. This will help with a project I have in mind. I know he will love using this since it is lightweight and no cord to fool with.

I have plans for this.

They are also sending me another lithium ion power tool, but I am going to keep that one a secret because they will also be offering it to one of my readers in a GIVEAWAY. So be sure a keep a lookout for an upcoming project reveal and giveaway.

Thanks, Home Depot, for this wonderful opportunity and partnership.


  1. Wow. Incredible opportunity. You are indeed lucky that Mr. Savvy is handy. :o) I can't wait to see what you think of the hedge trimmers. I could sure use some new ones. Have a beautiful weekend...Ann

  2. Awesome Kim. Congratulations! Have a great weekend!

  3. That is wonderful!! Congratulations Kim.
    Here's to a great weekend planning projects :-)
    Cheers, Gee

  4. How great is that!!! Congratulations, Kim. You are doing a great job and deserve this! xo Diana

  5. How great is that? I am looking forward to your projects Kim!

  6. Nice opportunity that you certainly deserve! Look forward to all you teach us.

  7. I LOVE power tools! Actually, I love tools of any kind. My husband just bought me a Kreg jig that I'm going to use to build furniture. Can't wait to see what your give-away is!