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I thought I might write about the great room, at our lake condo, or the dining room here at home. In the end, I decided to show the hearth/heart room of our home.

We live just about 50 miles northwest of St Louis, Missouri.

A glimpse of the hearth room from the living room.


We begin most of our days in this room.  We especially enjoy the hearth room on cold winter mornings.

Our home was custom built during 2003. Before that we lived in the back pasture of J's family farm.

We moved in just before Christmas. The Christmas tree went into this room before the furniture. I could not wait!



The flooring is ceramic from Mohawk.  The wall color is Sherwin Williams Sticks and Stones.  The curtains were purchased from Pottery Barn a few years ago.

Sofa table is from an antique shop in the Lake of the Ozarks area.

The rug is a hand knotted Soumac I found on E-bay several years ago.

A framed and matted poster showing American Gothic is from a retired wine label at one of our favorite Missouri wineries, St James.

The print above the fireplace is a depiciton of Historic South Main Street, Saint Charles Missouri.

The cabinet, with the tureen on top, is made of reclaimed wood. It was done by a Missouri artisan. This same artisan made the piece that hangs above the door to the back porch.

There are prints, in the room, from another Missouri artist.

Yet another Missouri artisan made the Windsor rocker, using antique tools. The little foot stool and a second Windsor rocker were made by the same artisan.  The chairs were made specifically for us.

The old churn and small chair, near the fireplace, were picked up at country auctions, many years ago.

You can catch a tad bit of a glimpse of the basket beneath the table by the fireplace.


It is a Missouri oak split basket made by a Washington Missouri atisan.



Through this door and across the back porch is the door leading from the master bedroom to the porch.




Another example of work done by a Missouri artisan is seen in the background. The cupboard/china cabinet is made of reclaimed wood.  The wood is from a Missouri barn, destroyed by a tornado a few years ago.

The handcarved swan, atop the cabinet, was found in a shop on South Main Street, Historic Saint Charles, MO, about 11 years ago.


Because the hearth room is an extension of the kitchen and breakfast room I included these photos, with the hearth room images.

Thank you for stopping by.  As you can see, we have filled these rooms with special pieces, from Missouri artists, collected through the years.  The rooms also hold very special memories.  

Knowing we are approaching 70 years, with what seems like the speed of light, and with bittersweet feelings, we have placed our home on the market.  Even though we've only lived here 9 years, there are so many memories.  Happy times and sad times, knitted together, making our home the special place it is.

It is the only home, Gabi, Drew, and Noah know as G'ma and G'pa's house.  Eldest granddaughter Xanti was only 13 years old when we moved here. Now she is all grown up and engaged. Time really does fly.

Our home will sell if it is meant to be.  If not, we will stay and enjoy the hearth room for as many years as possible.

Thank you, Kim, for the lovely opportunity to open our home for your readers.

Thanks so much, Pat, for sharing your favorite room. Y'all need to go over and look around Pat's wonderful blog, Back Porch Musings. She has two lovely homes and does some wonderful table settings.


  1. Pat's hearth room is my favorite too.Just beautiful. Hope you are having a fabulous time Kim!

  2. Such a gorgeous room and home!!

  3. Not just a beautiful room, but a beautiful home.
    Thanks for showcasing Pat's home.

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  6. This is such a warm and inviting room! I love the colors and the space is so pretty! I love the red stripe chair; I think I would stay there all day! Pat, thanks for sharing your gorgeous rooms!

  7. What a wonderfully cozy hearth room Pat has, and I love all the natural light from the windows that she must get. Great mantel ~ the carvings are just beautiful.

  8. Pat's hearth room is beautiful, comfy, cozy, and so family friendly! Love the sofa table.
    Mary Alice

  9. Love the fireplace and for the rest of the house... well there's nothing to say except that it is all BeAuTIful!

  10. Such a beautiful home...thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Loved seeing Pat's hearth room. It feels so warm and cozy; and filled with love. She has so many wonderful pieces from local artisans; and she it brought it all together beautifully!

  12. Hi Kim and Pat! Pat your hearth room is so beautiful - I love your mix of styles and the totally fresh and uncluttered appearance yet there is still tons of warmth. As I rule I find open concept homes very difficult to decorate so they have a flow but you did it right!!
    Sincerely, Jeannette

    Thanks Kim for sharing with us!

  13. beautiful, warm and cozy. Wonderful, unique pieces make it so special.

  14. This is one of my favorite rooms too! Thanks for featuring it today.

  15. Pat's home is absolutely beautiful!! Her hearth room is so cozy, I love how it opens up to the kitchen and breakfast room. Pretty shot looking in from her living room too! Welcome home Kim:)

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  17. Every detail in that and the adjoining rooms shows how much thought and love have gone into the home! Lovely. ~ Maureen

  18. A lovely and cozy room. I can imagine a blazing fire in the fireplace.

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    LOVE IT ~!

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  21. You have such a lovely home Pat. Your hearth room is one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing it here on Kim's blog.

  22. I've been a big fan of Pat's for a long time. How nice of you to feature her lovely home. I never get tired of looking at pictures of her rooms so charmingly decorated.

  23. Pat...I'm speechless and believe me that doesn't happen often. Your home is just perfect yes perfect I say! I'm sure we were sisters in another life as so much of what you have are pieces I have or lust after.

    I'm not sure I've ever been to St. James Winery but I do have The American Gothic hanging in my home too and I've peddled my little buns along the Katy Trail to many MO wineries. Oh...and don't get me started on St. Charles, its one of my favorite little towns to shop in, who knows we might have passed one another on the street shopping on day. The world is a small place and I love that you've shared your piece of it with us today.

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    Thanks for sharing!

  26. this all looks so homely... i love it.
    new follower and glad I am.
    Bec x

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    I bet it will sell in no time!

  30. What a lovely comfortable living area!! So sorry that you're having sell - you're too young yet to worry and everything appears to be on one level! You described everything except the fireplace!! Is this a working fireplace? Can you use wood - it appears to be an insert? Much heat or just for looks?
    You have a lovely home and hope that you can continue to enjoy it until you sell.

  31. Hi Kim!

    So nice to see sweet Pat's beautiful home here on your blog! I don't think I have ever seen the inside of her house.
    What a treat!

    Alison :)

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    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

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  34. Kim, thank you for featuring Pat's hearth room. Pat is a talented lady. I've long enjoyed visiting Back Porch Musings. She shares gorgeous photos of her beautiful homes.......Sarah

  35. Pat's home is wonderful. She is too.

  36. Beautiful Pat! You know how much I enjoy the pictures of your home. Stunning. Luv all the pieces made locally and from reclaimed wood.
    Wonderful choice Kim!
    Thanks for sharing ladies...
    Cheers, Gee

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    - The Tablescaper

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  41. Pat, no wonder you call this your hearth/heart room! This room stole my heart too! Your sense of style and color and warmth makes this... and every room in your home... irresistible and so welcoming!
    I love love love your fireplace and your flooring as much as I love your wonderful patterns and fabric textures of your pieces!
    Thanks for opening up your door and sharing your home with us.
    And Kim, thanks for this series I look so forward to all the wonderful bloggers sharing their homes with us!!!
    Hope you are having a great vacation!

  42. Beautiful home and beautiful post. It literally brought tears to my eyes to read about your grandchildren and how much they've grown up in this home. Family is what truely makes a house, a home but it surely doesn't hurt if the surroundings are gorgeous! TFS!

  43. I love this room so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.


  44. Pat has such a beautiful home. Her hearth room is so warm and inviting.

  45. I love your home and your style. I haven't been following you for too long now so I was suprised to see you are from STL area. So am I. Good luck with the sale of your home. Ours has been on the market for quite a while now. It seems very few people are looking in our price range.

  46. Kathy, my guest poster is from St. Louis. I am in Georgia.

  47. I don't think there is anything in Pat's home I do not like! It is all so beautifully put together with love and beautiful STYLE! Kim, thanks for sharing Pat with your readers. Hope you are having a great vaca!

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  50. Pat's hearth room is a perfectly perfect cozy spot. I can just imagine snuggling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a fire in the fireplace on a cold winter's day.

  51. I love this room! Actually, I adore all three rooms! This is my kind of floor plan! I think it's wonderful that most of the furnishings and decorative pieces are from local resources. It makes them that much more special! The hearth is beautiful and all decked out for fall! Thank you for sharing this beautiful room! Hugs, Leena

  52. That room is so lovely, warm and welcoming!

  53. A beautiful home! I love all of the details and just the right amount of decorating. Certainly a cozy spot for family to visit and share those special moments in life.


  54. Kim, Pat's Hearth room is my favorite too....I love these Friday features!

    Pat, I always adore seeing your Hearth is so wonderful and your mantel is beautiful....and your photography...stunning as always!!

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  56. Thank you for the lovely posts on My Favourite Room. I think I've looked at them all. They're all so lovely. I am following you. I hope you stop by and follow me too at Pinehurst Cottage. I'd love for you to journey with us on the renovations of our new vacation cottage in NC. I hope to see you. ~Amy

  57. Where did you buy the row of house print above the fireplace, so cute?

    1. I'm sorry, but this post is from 2012 and is by a guest blogger who is not blogging at the moment.