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How many of you received new fancy cameras for Christmas? Can you believe how heavy they are? Try wearing one with the strap that came with it for any length of time and it can be quite uncomfortable. Well, there is help and it won't break the bank either.

Months ago I won a giveaway  for a camera strap. I was so thrilled to win because I was looking for a nice padded camera strap to give my neck some relief.

I was given the choice of getting a premade strap cover or I could have a custom one made. So I chose the latter.

Jill of Sew a Fine Seam is the maker of this fabulous camera strap. She and I conversed through a couple of emails and she took a look around my blog to get a sense of my style and then asked me for a favorite number and colors and she came up with this.

It is padded and way more comfortable for extended wearing time. I wore this all day when I went to the Country Living Fair. The weight of the camera still became pretty uncomfortable after six hours, but the strap on my neck felt wonderful. I could not have worn the original strap anywhere near that long.

I chose the strap cover that goes over the original strap, but she also makes the straps with the hooks to put directly on your camera.

Here is an example of one she carries in her etsy shop right now. Isn't it cute?

So if you want or need some added comfort while wearing your camera check out her shop.

this was not a sponsored post and all thoughts are entirely my own

I got my Canon Rebel T3i around two years ago.


  1. these look really pretty. I would not mind wearing one like this....first I would have to get a big camera though. I am working with my little digital Cannon. May when I graduate to the real thing......

  2. Wow! Jill is so talented. Lucky you to have won that! And I'd say she got it just right. Glas you shared it with us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. How lucky for you Kim! Thanks for sharing! I just bought a camera bag but on days I don't need to carry the bag this would be perfect!

  4. My camera is heavy so thanks for this tip. I saw one of the new Canons in Costco and it is far too heavy for me. I could not carry it for five minutes.

  5. What a unique camera strap! Very nice...... You have a beautiful blog! Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful~

  6. Very unique and stylish, Kim. ;-)

  7. Darling new strap Kim, and you are right new cameras are very heavy. I find I carry mine over my shoulder until Im ready to take a shot. Just can't stand the weight on my neck.

  8. LOVE it Kim! That strap rocks and I am so jealous!

  9. Very cute Kim, such a pretty solution for some added comfort!

  10. Aww Kim you are so sweet! Thanks for all the nice stuff you said about me - I'm so happy you love your camera strap cover! I need to make some more straps - they are about all sold out!
    Thanks again so much - it was so fun to come over and see this!

  11. That looks great, Kim. Very sweet. I love Jill-she is such a nice person with a good heart. xo Diana

  12. It looks just like you! Jill is such a sweetie, and a wonderful seamstress among her many talents!

  13. I love Jill's work, and have bought from her. Your custom camera strap is just perfect!! Lucky you!

    Have a joyful Sunday!

  14. Fun...I love it. And, I feel so fortunate to be able to say that I did get a DSLR camera for Christmas and I am having so much fun with it!!! I cannot yet complain about it being heavy but I am sure that will come.

  15. What a great win. Looking forward to all the beautiful photos you'll be taking.


  16. yes, def a lovely and deserved win.. looking forward to your images with your new camera. sending you love from Afrique du Sud

  17. I've intended to order a cover for a while now, and yours is a cute one. Jill uses all sorts of cute fabrics.


  18. The Little Men gave me a padded strap a couple of years ago and one of my favorite things other than the padding is that it makes my camera immediately recognizable!!

  19. I love your camera strap...I keep saying that I need to order that is on my list this week....thanks for the reminder...She does an incredible job!

  20. I just received one of Jill's camera straps too. So, so nice of you to feature her. She's such a special person. Enjoy your Sunday!

  21. Wish I had a new camera SIGH!!!

  22. I love this strap! I think I need one! I bought a second DSLR and even though it IS lighter than my original, it's still not light to wear! Need to check out her ETSY shop :)

  23. I don't wear my camera around my neck ... it gets in the way and it is SO uncomfortable. I keep mine over my shoulder with my purse, usually pushed toward the back and out of harm's way. When I'm shooting, I loop my camera strap around my wrist, as a bit of insurance against dropping it.

    I have used an SLR camera for 30+ years ... first a manual film camera, then an automatic autofocus film camera, now a Nikon DSLR. The camera strap that I have now is a huge advertisement for Nikon, and that's not what I want to be. Been thinking about making something that's more my style, and you may have just added a few 'bars' to my motivation meter. Once I get my sewing room into a better state (it's where a lot of the stuff from our closets went when we had to clear them out for our most-recent master bedroom closet project), I think I may give it a go. I already have tons of fantastic fabrics for my collar busingss ... a camera strap is the same as a collar, just a bit longer.

  24. Kim,
    Love the strap, just one more in a long list of reasons I need to upgrade from my point and shoot.
    Your photographs always look great.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  25. Hi Kim,
    Great strap there! I'm still a "wrist strap" girl, good ole' point & shoot...maybe one day I'll graduate up!
    Hope you've had a great weekend!