How I Found My Style....and still am


A little while back I guest posted at Pamela's blog From My Front Porch to Yours, answering some questions she sent my way to share how I found my style with y'all. Just in case you missed it I thought I would share it here today and get it out of my drafts. Some of you who have been with me since the beginning will remember some of these style changes. Enjoy going back in time over the last three years of blogging and all my crazy changes. Oh, and excuse some of the photo quality. The old camera was used for many of these. Oh, and of course there have been even more changes since I wrote this post. wink  Also this is a good post that shows the many old looks of the sitting room. New paint color reveal should be on Monday.


Hi, Front Porch readers. I am Kim from Savvy Southern Style. I am honored that Pamela asked me to share my style with you. Well, I am a jeans and t shirt girl. Oh, not that style, my home decor style. Let's see.....

I got to thinking how my style has changed over the three years since I started blogging so I went in my archives and pulled out some photos of how my home looked the first year of blogging before I became the crazy lady that changes things all the time. That's okay. Change is good.

When I first started blogging all I saw all over blog land was white and more white and natural colored furniture. Now, I am a color loving girl, but I was kind of digging colorless look, too. So what's a girl to do, but join in. I ordered two Pottery Barn slipcovers and covered up my big red sofa and my red chair in the great room. I did love the look for that summer, but then I wanted my red back. Every time I have tried to remove the red it finds its way back. I do have quite a bit of red in my home, but I would like to have a custom slipcover made for this sofa next year in a nice neutral. I have had this sofa in the red since 2001 so I think it is time for something different.

The placement of the furniture changed, too because Mr. Savvy prefers his recliner facing the television more for good sound since he wears hearing aids.

Here is an old shot of the sitting room. Oh my, I changed that wall over the sofa a gazillion and one times. That is usually what I do keep tweaking until it feels right.

Oh, my!

I finally realized I wanted a gallery wall in this room and I found all these pictures at various flea markets. Oh, and the antlers are a French and English country thing. I love the designer Charles Faudree's designs and he uses the antlers a lot. This room is more English Country in style. I have always been drawn to hunt scenes so that is what I have filled this room with along with dogs. The 

This is the way the bookcase in the sitting room looked before it went through changes and then was replaced a few months ago with my most favorite find ever....

This is my beautiful antique French Vaisselier which is just a fancy name for hutch. So much better than the cherry bookcase.

The sun room was probably the most colorful room I had. I did love the green walls for many years, but felt the need to lighten them up to a neutral color Jan. 2012.

With the walls being neutral I am able to change the accessories out for different looks. This is the most recent look. I like mixing vintage pieces with newer pieces to create a collected feel.

The kitchen and breakfast room used to be green like the sun room, but it has been lightened up, too.

 With beadboard wallpaper added and trim it now looks like this.

Master bath went from a drab green color on the walls to a pretty and brighter greige.

Beadboard wallpaper was also added to our powder room to give it a farm house style which is another style I love and have just added a few touches of it in our home.

Another thing I like to do is add a touch of whimsy here and there so my home isn't stiff and boring.
I love having this colorful cow print in the master bedroom.

I really do love the farm house style and told Mr. Savvy I would love to live in a farm style house with big wide plank floors, planked walls, a claw foot tub, vintage lighting, etc. But he said we aren't going anywhere until they carry us off.
So see, my style is ever evolving. I think we all have our tastes change as we grow older and change ourselves. Of course if it was up to Mr. Savvy the house would still look like it did years ago. The thing is he is always happy with the new looks.

I would say my style is mostly French country with a bit of English country and touches of farm house thrown in for good measure.

My tip for creating a beautiful home would be paint is your friend. There is no easier way to change the look of a room than with a can of paint. If you aren't in love with the color paint over it.
It's only paint.

Another tip is don't just decorate your home with all retail store items and matching sets of furniture. Mix it up. Mix some vintage and found pieces with the new stuff. This will create a comfortable home.

Thanks again, Pamela for having me and I hope any readers new to my blog will come by for a visit.


  1. Kim, I enjoyed your post a lot, I always love seeing your photos and reading all the changes you made. You manage to spread enthusiasm for decorating our house.

  2. It was fun looking back at your changes, Kim...and each and every phase has been beautiful!

  3. Whatever label you give to your style, I love it. I love to see all your changes and since I have only been following you a little over a year, it was fun to see way back.

  4. This was fun to read - and compare - and to SMILE because we, too, change up often.

    Birds of a feather stick together!

    I like your changes a great deal.

    I also love that old green you had in the sunroom, very cottage-y colour. What is it, may I ask?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Kim, I'm lovin' your old and new styles. Funny thing...I have the same SL sconces that you have in your sitting room. Mine are in the family room. Guess I need to get with it and put up something new. :)

  6. I love the new lighter walls you have gone with Kim. I currently have some green on my walls and I'm contemplating a light beige color. I totally agree that paint is the number one thing you can do to change the feel of the room and the least expensive. Love all of your changes.

  7. Hi Kim,
    "You have come a long way baby"!!!! Your changes are beautiful. You are a girl after my own heart. I do not like to keep things the same for very long and love change. I never get enough of that beautiful sun room and all your changes. I would be out there always. That room just makes me smile. I bet everytime you walk by that room you smile too. It is so unique and pretty.

  8. Thank you again Kim for sharing your style with us all over at my place! Hope your weekend is going well!:)

  9. Great tips! Your home is beautiful Kim. I always admire the beautiful photos you share, and your home's style and color palette. You're always giving me ideas!

  10. I'm still kind of partial to the green sunroom! But, every change you make is great.

  11. Hi Kimmie! OH, I have loved seeing your changes through all of these times. I've loved everything you've done to your lovely home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. looking back at the changes is so fun!I love the yellow of your kitchen chairs, do you remember what color paint you used? I have been looking for a similiar yellow!

  13. :-) I luv the ever changing style. It's only been a year since I came on the Blogging scene, so I luv to see your changes. I must say, each evolution has been luvly Kim.
    Happy Saturday!!
    Hugs, Gee

  14. I LOVE this post. Thank you so much. I think you just inspired me to re-paint my house. :)

  15. I love the red! You have a beautiful home.

  16. Love this post, it shows us that we are not alone when we change things constantly...and not just for the seasons...just because!...Love your style's timeless.

  17. Enjoyed your feature over at Pam's a while ago....Love, love your style and always look forward to your creation of new spaces and color!

  18. You have amazing style, Kim. All of your updates are fresh and beautiful!

  19. Kim,

    I love your advice to mix it up, and just go with what is right for you! Anyone can certainly see that red is very "you", and I think that's part of why people love your blog, it's you:)

    I've been commenting less, but still reading, have a wonderful summer!


  20. Kim... always love to see your use of color in your home. I am a BIG fan of your style! If you lived near me, I would stalk you!!:)

  21. Your home is lovely, Kim. I love how you are always tweaking things and making it suit your evolving style and lifestyle by keeping things up to date.

  22. I always love ANY changes you do. It was fun looking back. Mr. Savvy and my Joe both feel the same way: Joe's favorite saying now is, "remember the gurney". Cause we are only going out of here on a gurney:):) But it also means get what you want and enjoy it nOW while you can. I adore your style. Hope you had a great weekend. We had a VERY busy one: party Fri. night here at the clubhouse, picnic yesterday and lunch with our dinner group today! Also had 3 showings of the old house this weekend so PLEASE cross your fingers for us. XO, Pinky

  23. I love seeing the comparisons - your style is still "you" and it's normal to want to change things up. We all do it - some of us more than others! Just about the time I get things all changed, styles change and I get tired of some things, and it's time to do it all over again, and I'm fine with it. Some things I use, I'll use forever just because I love them. Other things come and go. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

  24. Love your changes Kim and your fearlessness with paint!

  25. I love your style, and I love that I can take bits and pieces of it and add it to my own home. You are a master with paint and accessories. I especially love your hutch. I probably missed the post where you first told us about it, but where did you find it? If I saw, I've forgotten. What I wouldn't give to stumble onto a piece like that! Thanks for sharing your home with us.


  26. it was so much fun seeing the decor Evolution Revolution:) keep going we all love seeing what you'll do next.