The Top Three


Wow, the last week whizzed on by. I missed the weekend since I was having to paint. The painting is finished and now I am cleaning and putting things back and a few things in new places.

Awesome links last week and here are the top three most viewed.

Up first with over 830 views is the charming exterior and gardens of one of Pam's neighbors. Isn't that pink  door the cutest? I hope Pam talks her into letting us see the inside. You will want to check out more at Simple Details

This pretty kitchen reveal was viewed 488 times. Pat did a LOT of painting! Be sure and check it out at

Olive's pretty kitchen island, with this fabulous vintage rack to hold her pretty dishes, was viewed 440 times.
Look at that beautiful patina of that rack.

Thanks so much ladies for sharing all these pretties. 

Can't wait to see what y'all have to "Wow Us" with  this week.

See you tonight!


  1. Kim, Thanks for the mention and thanks for hosting a great party every week!!!
    PS- I'm looking forward to meeting you at Haven!

  2. Great features! Even though I am not a pink person, I absolutely love that pink door!

  3. That pink door is truly cute and I love the makeover in the kitchen for sure!

  4. Hi Kim, I never expect to be in The Three especially as I am barely blogging more than two times a week this summer. Thank you for your terrific weekly party which beings so much traffic to me. hugs, olive

  5. Great Top that pink front door!!! See you at WOW tonight!

  6. Wonderful top three, Kim. Off to see them- xo Diana

  7. Oh my gosh, that is just crazy (and fun!) to have had that many views! Thank you all so much, and to Kim for her party for us every week!

  8. Love that pink door! I have a black storm door and was looking for a light, bright, colorful alternative to black for the door to my cottage and I think I just found it! Gorgeous!

  9. Kim, I'm still marveling at Olive's kitchen. Love her clever island.
    Thanks for hosting each week.

  10. We are trying to decide what color to paint our front door. I'm tired of the dark red. I don't think I could handle pink, but it is pretty isn't it? Who would have guessed it?