Santa Collection in the Sitting Room


I kept the decor very simple in the sitting room. I just brought out some of my Santa collection and set them around the room.

I have picked these up from different stores and even sometimes when travelling out of town.

I love them grouped together on a silver tray.

This one stands alone on the end table.

I have probably had this dapper fellow the longest.

And this one sits on a couple of vintage books.

I found him last year and love the crackled finish he wears.

A few bottle brush trees were added to the French vassilier.

Do you collect any special Christmas items?

Oh, my, one week left!


  1. Your Santa collection is so much fun!

  2. I collect Santas, too. But, this year, I've decided less is more b/c it's less work for me to do putting it all back later. Love the pillow! :)

  3. Your Santas look so handsome grouped together in your sitting room, Kim … the colors in them coordinate beautifully with your accessories and furniture!

  4. I don't collect anything specific for Christmas, but I love your grouping of Santa's on the silver tray and those bottle brush tree's are so nice. Happy Holidays!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. Your Santa's are great Kim. I collect Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies.

  6. What a sweet little collection of Santas......beautiful!

  7. Hi Kim, I'm starting to collect mercury glass. On a tour of homes this year, I saw a table covered in mercury glass items and lit candles that was stunning. Thanks for sharing your sweet Santas with us.

  8. Love the collection Kim…you know how much I have been a collector…not so much these days…the Santas are wonderful and perfect in the sitting room!

  9. I collect vintage shiny brights and vintage scrap and tinsel ornaments.

  10. Yup, I do, I collect Santas too, as you know. I love yours, especially the one on the end table. This room is probably my favorite in your house. LOVE it. I can't collect anymore, no more room:):) XO

  11. Love your Santa's and I collect them also. You have some very unusual ones and they look so good.

  12. What could be more cheerful than a tray full of Santas?