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 Hi Everyone! My name is Laurie from Laurie Jones Home and I'm so excited to be sharing my favorite rooms on one of my favorite blogs! I had to think about what room is my favorite for a little bit and honestly I have to say it's our master bathroom because I did all the work by myself without my husband's or our contractor's help! We live in a newer house and our bathroom was pretty builder standard. We lived with the blue bathroom for awhile because I thought I would do a tear out of the space but one day I'd finally had enough and decided to use what I had and make the best of it! I know the blue cabinets don't look horrible but trust me it actually photographs way better than what it looks like in person.

The floor is beige, the counter top is white and neither of those were an option to replace so I chose a beige/gray paint color to coordinate with the tile and pick up the marble veining in the counter top. I also painted the vanity black and changed out the hardware to brass. I think the brass really warms up the space.

  The builder's grade mirror also had to go so I purchased 2 mirrors from Hobby Lobby, one was 50% off and the other one had a scratch so I was able to asked for a lower price and I was able to easily touch it up. The lighting is actually outdoor lighting from Home Depot. You don't have to only use "bathroom" items to decorate and design your bathroom.

I love taking a bath at the end of the day and the tray going across the bath is just a discarded piece of wood that I stained. I think the wood really brings some warmth to the space.

The art on the wall is from the Nate Berkus line and I made the curtains using a new sew method. The best thing I did was take out the mini blinds and add the frosted lining to the bathroom window. There is so much more light that comes in now!

I have a one year old baby boy who bathes in our bathroom, he doesn't have a ton of bath toys yet and so I figured why not keep them out so they are easily reached and why not put them in something pretty.

 The chair was a thrift store find and my husband always uses it to sit with my son and I during bath time. I think adding furniture in the bathroom is also a great tip and a way to add some more fabric to the space.
  Everything is easy to get to, towels in the basket and hanging on hooks.

I personalized the space with photos of my kids during bath time and added some architectural interest with empty frames and a no fuss plant brings a little life into the room.

My favorite element of the room is my rug though, it's NOT a bathroom rug and it's large, it dries quickly and brings warmth and pattern to the space and just makes it cozy. I really used alot of non-traditional items in the bathroom, the glasses are smoky gray from Goodwill, a jewelry box, brass pretties. The room was done on a very small budget and I basically just changed the paint, mirrors and lighting and lots of accessories!!

Thank you so very much Kim for letting me share my favorite room! I'd love if you all came over to my blog said hello and check out what I've been up to!!! My home tour is probably a great place to start!! Thanks again!!!

Thank you Laurie for sharing your favorite room and sharing some of your tips. 

Okay y'all I hope you will go over and say hi to Laurie if her blog is new to you.

You can tour all the past favorite rooms by clicking on the tab at the top of blog.

Have a super weekend!

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  1. I love Laurie! I remember her transforming this bathroom. It is amazing how different it looks without changing the floor or vanity, and using paint.

  2. Color is a powerful tool!! We have another contract on our home... so, I love scouting for ideas for whatever the next "nest" will be. This is a wonderful example of simple but effective!! Thanks, Kim, for being an amazing resource, as always. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I just love the power of paint...what an awesome transformation!! Love the vanity painted black and love those new light fixtures!!

  4. Wonderful space! Its so fun to see what can be accomplished, thinking outside the box. Rules were meant to be broken. Well done!

  5. Beautiful transformation...I love that rug too! Another great Fav Room Feature!...Have a great weekend ladies!

  6. Great post, I'm heading over there now!

  7. This is a fantastic transformation. I love the toys in the trophy it is so sophisticated to hold all those bath toys.


  8. Laurie did a fabulous job transforming her bathroom, and on a terrific budge no less! Really nicely done!
    Mary Alice

  9. You did a great job! I think it looks terrific! I love all the details like the pictures of your kids in the bathtub! So cute! Can't wait to get started on mine!

  10. Thank you again Kim for showing off my bathroom and thanks for the nice comments and I want to thank soooo many of your readers for stopping by my blog!!!

  11. Great job and a perfection tribute to what good taste can accomplish! xo Nancy

  12. Although I really liked the blue I have to say that the new look is much "richer". Great job allt he way around. All the little details really make the room! xo Diana

  13. Laurie,
    Your master bathroom is very pretty. It is amazing what a little paint can do to transform a room. Love the cabinets in the darker color with your floors. Very pretty and serene in this room.

  14. So glad you shared these pictures. My bathroom need to be painted. These were my two choices. I like the darker paint. Thanks.

  15. That is so impressive, that you did everything yourself. The vanity looks amazing in black, and I really like all of the touches you added - especially that wood tub tray! I love a little touch of rustic. Love it all!