Vintage French Scale

When I am browsing in antique malls I love looking at the old scales, but then I see the price on the larger pieces and pass them on by.

So while I was in France treasure hunting I came across this beauty.

She was sitting among many other scales that had been tossed aside and no longer used.

She was rather tarnished and dirty, but I cleaned her right up.

She still had some rust on her, but that's okay. She doesn't need to be perfect.

I didn't even realize she had these pretty flowers.

She's pretty heavy and I love her typography.

The base is in pretty rough shape and someone has already filled in the broken corner with ink or something. I may clean and paint the base.

I need to buy some Brasso to clean up the brass. They were very tarnished and I temporarily used some ketchup to take away some of the tarnish since I had that on hand.

Maybe the brass bowls will clean up better with the right product.

For now she sits holding some apples in a very special spot. Oh, and the red striped grain sack is French, too.

Oui, oui.
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  1. I have a soft spot for old scales too! Yours is fabulous and all the detailing is great! Imagine the stories it could tell! Have a great day!~~Ang

  2. You and Shirley hit the jackpot with old scales! That one is very nice.

  3. I love scales. I have a collection of 13 so far. I adore yours...

  4. This is so much fun seeing the goodies you got while in France. She is just beautiful!

  5. Love the scales, it is fabulous. Great find. Hugs, Marty

  6. Great treasures from your trip, Kim. The scales make a cool and unique centerpiece.

  7. What a great find! Did you try Bar Keepers Friend on the brass? I recently used it on my brass stair rail and it worked wonderfully!

  8. I love the scale, so unique. I have several antique brass pieces, big ones. I didn't have any luck with Brasso. A friend of mine suggested Barkeepers Friend. Wow! Talk about easy cleaning. I get it at the market (grocery store). Usually by the Comet, copper cleaners, silver, etc. Just a suggestion.

    1. I just tried it and it worked. Thanks to you and Pat for the idea.

  9. Treasures from France! What could be better?


  10. OH Kim...now that is a beautiful scale!

  11. Kim, she's a beauty! We have one that is Italian. It's fun to add seasonal things to the brass bowls. Are you going to keep it in the kitchen or some other room? I move ours around all the time. Have fun with this new French find.

  12. Oh Kim WoW!!!! That scale is so awesome. What a great treasure. I love it. You have loved it so sweetly already and it looks great. What a special little character to add to your decor. Super sweet score on that one.

  13. Oh, according to Antiques Roadshow, you should have left the "patina" alone. Too late! Bet it still looks great! Linda@Wetcreek Museum Blog

  14. LOVE the new scale, it is so unigue! Glad you found the Barkeepers. It does work great! I am leavig in the morning for 5 days in Fl. so will miss alot. I'll try to catch up when I get back. BONJOUR!!!!!

  15. Oh what a beauty! Such a wonderful find......and from France! How wonderful.

  16. Love! Excellent vintage find!

  17. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful treasure! Such a great find!
    Heather @ Ever Evolving Life 4-5

  18. Love the scale! I was just perusing Ebay looking at a few I'd love to have but the big ones cost a fortune to ship. I don't have room for a big one anyway...so don't know why I was looking at them. I have a small nice green one but I need a white one....wondering if I should paint the one I have....hmmmm...maybe I will.

  19. Yes, that scale was a great find..I remember how excited you were when you spotted that beauty!..and you brought out more of the beauty of the scale!!!

  20. LOVE that scale! I would have scooped that up, too! :)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  21. really fine scales, a fab find. I would put some woodworm fluid on the base just in case, peace of mind etc. Is USA woodworm the same as UK/ French I wonder?!
    Teri in England

  22. I'm totally in love with that kind of scale, with marble on it! You were quite lucky when visiting to find al these treasures!

  23. That was an amazing find! She is a beauty. Ketchup cleans brass? Who knew? Not me!


Thanks so much for stopping by. I do appreciate all your lovely comments...Kim

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