Spring Shadows


I don't know about y'all, but I love watching how the light in the house changes with the seasons and even with different times of the day. I have learned to watch so I know what the best time is to take pictures for a blog post. Friday morning was beautiful and sunny and it was creating some cool shadows so I grabbed my camera to capture these. Glad I did since we are back to cloudy again.

The large palladium window in the sitting room always casts the best shadows. Now, don't look too close at the changes for spring in here. I will share that post soon.

Miss Bailey napping in the sun.

Sidelights and the front door casting these pretty shadows.

Light from the dining room windows casts this shadow in the foyer.

Shutters in the dining room always creates fun shadows.

More of this room coming soon.

And one more of Miss Bay Bay as I like to call her.

Have a beautiful day.

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  1. I always pay attention to the light and how it casts shadows/changes colours throughout the house. It's so nice to sometimes stop and pay attention to the little things ;)

  2. Beautiful photos Kim...I just love the one of Miss Bay Bay asleep on the sofa. Bailey is such a cutie patootie!

  3. The (aqua) toile pillow really makes the rounds. I didn't realize you had two colorways of the bosporous toile. I have a lumbar pillow (aqua) in our bedroom. Love that fabric.

  4. Lovely! It's gloomy and cloudy and cold and March mucky here, so I am happy to enjoy your Georgia sunlight!

  5. Oh, the wonders of sunlight.

    My favorite is the second to last photo with the greens and yellow and the lines of shadows.

    Great photography.

  6. Your pictures are such a wonderful prelude to spring! It is very cold and gray here (in Ohio) but what little sunlight we DO get is so heartfelt. I have always felt uplifted by sunlit shadows but never actually thought in the terms your camera collected. Now I am seeing my house in an altogether different light....thanks!

  7. beautiful rooms of shadow, that Bay Bay leads a rough life, lol!!

  8. That second photo is my favorite...so pretty!!

  9. I love these sort of shadow shots. I like you, love the seasonal direction of the sun.

  10. I love the play of light and shadow on walls and furniture- xo Diana

  11. How beautiful...love the light coming through the window..

  12. Hi Kim,
    Love the way the light comes into that room. You caught it beautifully. Little Bailey is too adorable soaking up some sun and napping. She has the right idea.

  13. I love how the light streams through too...as I type, the sun is on my face!...beautiful, beautiful shadows and light!...yay Spring!

  14. I always am concerned that the sun might be fading my wood or fabric! I try to tilt the shutters so the light is cast upwards. Especially in the summer! Winter sun is not so strong. This is just a thought...love the sunshine though.

    1. Yes, the sun can definitely do some damage and I tilt mine too in the summer. We have tinted insulated windows which help further with sun damage.

  15. I love taking "shadow shots" as I call them!!!! It looks beautiful coming through your blinds!!!!

  16. Hi Kim - I love to look at shadows too. The first 3 pictures look like shadows of giant Easter eggs! Have a great day.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  17. Love the shadow photos. During winter my photos tend to be inside shots as well :)
    We replaced our palladium window last year and the UV and heat is drastically reduced.
    Can't wait for spring and outside photos again!

  18. Hi Kim....beautiful photos....Love Miss Bailey. Our Gwen Girl is to old to jump on the furniture anymore, so she has beds in front of every floor length window in the house so she can lay there and enjoy the sunshine and see the world outside. Our little, will be 3 in June, granddaughter loves to step on the "rainbows" in our foyer when the sun is shining through the glass in the front door. Then she is amazed that it is on her feet!
    So ready for some consistent weather too!
    Looking forward to see what you have been up to in that space.

  19. It is pretty to see the lighting in a home this time of the year.We have lots of pretty shadows too.Now if we could get a real spring that would be great :-)

  20. Absolutely beautiful images Kim....and that one of Miss Bay Bay sleeping....priceless!