Five Favorite Posts


While I'm recuperating from Haven I thought I would share this post about my five favorite posts that I had shared as a guest post at Dimples and Tangles several weeks ago. I just tweaked it a bit. Enjoy while I go unpack and do the laundry.

1. I have lots of favorite projects and makeovers, but my Kitchen Island Cabinets is one of the easiest and best things I have ever done. Yes, I said easy! This is also the most pinned project of mine.

2. It isn't easy to get a good photo of this tight space, but I was thrilled with how the Powder Room finally had a farmhouse look to it after we added bead board wallpaper. Of course the decor has changed a bit since the reveal post.

3. This Chest In The Foyer that I painted more than once to achieve this final look is still a favorite of mine. You know it is if I haven't changed it again in the last four years.

4. This guest room doesn't look exactly like this anymore, but I loved adding Farmhouse Style to this room and love it more now with the Updates.

5. My Sun Room is my favorite room in my home among others and any time I post about it it becomes a new favorite post of mine. This is the latest look of the room.

Funny thing is the updated posts aren't even the newest updates anymore in the guest room and sunroom.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love your cabinets and that dresser. Wondering which paint you would use to paint window and doorway trim?

  2. I too love that green piece you painted with the toile insert - beauty! I know I would be comfy and could move right in!

  3. It is so COOL to look at! Hard to say which is my favorite room!!

  4. I enjoyed all these post in the past Kim, always worthwhile to look back in to. :-)

  5. That chest in the foyer is absolutely beautiful! I love the patina! It is just perfectly imperfect and I had to pin it to my patina board. A treasure for sure!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  6. What a great round up! Hope you had a BLAST at Haven. Next year I WILL be there!!!

  7. Kim you are a lot like me. I am always changing things...........your home is gorgeous.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Hope you had fun at Haven and seeing Shirely. I bet you girls had a great time. I am constantly changing things up too so I get it. We girls like our change ups. I have to tell you what ever you do to the guest room I love it. Every style and change in that room comes out so sweet. Have a great start to the new week.

  9. I remember all these posts and I just can't pick a favorite. This weekend my sister-in-law visited the Crossroads. She and her husband are planning on building a new house here. She kept showing me pictures on Pinterest and in magazines of things she liked, and most of them were yours!!!

  10. LOVE every one! What a great time at Haven!!! Miss you already!!!

  11. I enjoyed this when you guest posted and again tonight. Thanks!
    Glad you had a terrific weekend. Look forward to hearing the details.

  12. I've always loved this chest in your foyer...the addition of fabric is just so pretty. And your sunroom is amazing...

  13. Adore them all, but my favorite is the chest in the foyer. That post is when I first discovered your blog and fell in love with your savvy southern style! : )

  14. Love looking back on these posts Kim!