Favorite Room....The Top Ten Most Viewed


While I am away on vacay I thought I would share the top ten most viewed favorite rooms from my weekly series instead of having a guest blogger share their's today. If you have missed any of these I hope you will enjoy checking them out. I'm going to start with #10 and work backwards to #1.

#10: Dixie Delights with 9,377 views

#9: French Country Cottage with 9,710 views

#8 Vignette Design with 9,876 views

#7 Simplicity in the South with 9,920 views

#6 Thistlewood Farms with 11,360 views

#5 Housepitality Designs with 12,818 views

#4 Stone Gable with 13,179 views

#3 The Endearing Home with 14,438 views

#2 Adventures in Decorating with 14,882 views

and #1 The Essence of Home with 23,230 views and I promise I had nothing to do with this seeing how this is my sister. :)

Thanks to everyone who has shared their favorite room here in my weekly series and there will be more rooms to come each Friday. I hope y'all are enjoying this series.

Have a super weekend!

Miss any past favorite rooms. Find them here.


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  1. Hi Kim,
    Hope the vacation is going well and you are having fun. Loved re looking at all these room. No surprise Kelly's was the most viewed her house is so beautiful. I love her style.

  2. All such beautiful rooms! I am thrilled to be part of your top 10!

  3. I'm so excited that I made the top 10!! Hope Florida is wonderful (it looks like it is from IG)!! xo

  4. I can see why they are all so popular! Gorgeous rooms and beautiful blogs as well! How funny that your sister was number one! Have a great weekend, Kim!

    1. Every single home is stunning in their own right.

      You - and they- certainly get a lot of traffic! How delightful!

      Enjoy your vacay, Kim. : - )

  5. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Florida, Kim! It's been fun following your IG feed. . . living vicariously through you!

    I know these bloggers must love being in your top 10 most viewed rooms. They're all beautiful, that's for sure. How cool that Kelly's room was your most-viewed. Creating beautiful spaces is in y'all's blood, I guess!

  6. I LOVE your sister's home and blog. :) I found her through you!

  7. love them all~!! enjoyed viewing all these and gives me hope that I can have a room look as pretty as any of these..

    but-- mostly commenting to say how SKINNY you look~!! wow wow wow...
    good for you....

  8. Wow....I made it in the top ten with all of these awesome rooms???...This has made my day Kim!...Have a great weekend!...

  9. I love them all! I'm not surprised to see them as the Top 10!

  10. I just love all of these rooms and blogs, but wow I seriously can't believe I am included in the top ten! This is so exciting, can't wait to tell my family! Have a great weekend and hope you are having a wonderful vacation in Florida : )

  11. Beautiful homes and rooms. Love them all.

  12. That was fun, and I love all those blogs, too!

  13. Kim I just love 'em all!!! So funny how you can recognize a blogger's space without even looking at the name of the blog.Hope you are having a wonderful time...ENJOY!
    XO Barbara

  14. Love every single room and congrats to your sister! The decorating genes definitely run in your family!

  15. Omg! What a great surprise! I'm so flattered to be in the #1 slot. I was scrolling down and recognized everyone's pretty rooms and was shocked to see mine even on the page! Looks like I'm in good company. That was a fun feature.

  16. Admittedly, was totally NOT expecting to see our breakfast area included in your list ... what fun! And, thank you! Love this series! And, hope your family and you had a wonderful vacation!