Holiday Decorating in the Bedrooms


Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas? Since mine are guest rooms I like to add a little Christmas cheer in each room. It doesn't have to be a lot. It can be as simple as adding a tiny tree or some colorful bedding and pillows. Maybe a basket of ornaments or setting out vintage toys.

Today I am sharing how my guest rooms have been decked out for the holidays with links if you want to see the original posts. I'm starting with 2013 and working backwards to 2010.

  Green guest room 2012.

Former nautical guest room 2012.


 Green room 2010

Funny neither guest room looks like these now.

I hope these give you some inspiration to fill your bedrooms with a little holiday cheer.

In one more week let the decorating begin!

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  1. Hi Kim! I love the decor in the guest rooms for Christmas. I really don't get to those rooms. I may next time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Your bedrooms are very sweet!

  3. Love all the reds in your bedrooms....very cute!

  4. Each one is so pretty. I love how you change things up.

  5. I love to add just a little bit of fresh cut greenery in the bedrooms. Your guest rooms look so charming.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  6. Oh Kim, your blog is always a basket full of ideas and inspirations! Your bedrooms are just beautiful!
    All my best and a happy Thanksgivin

  7. It would be hard to be a guest in either room and not feel merry at Christmas! I'm sure their new looks are just as much fun.

  8. We have always had a tree in our master bedroom for the two of us to enjoy. Anything from a 4 ft tree to what we use now - a big, full table top tree. The last couple of years I have also used a vintage christmas picture propped in front of the dresser mirror in there too.

    We don't have out-of-town family/guests, so the guest room is not used and not decorated.

  9. Love all your formers and your current guest rooms ready for the holidays. Just beautiful inspiration.
    Happy Thanksgiving enjoy the week ahead.

  10. I've said it before......I'd love to be a guest in your guest rooms. ;-)
    Happy Holidays!

  11. I am almost DONE my Christmas decorating. I did it EARLY cause my son arrived Fri. night and my sister gets her tomorrow. I have the quest room all decorated for her and hope she will be happy and comfy in there. Love your holiday touches and can't wait to see what you do this year!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, Mr. Savvy and the whole family!

  12. Very pretty! I can't pick a favorite!!

  13. danke für die wunderschönen bilder und inspirationen!!!
    alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  14. If we were having guests for the holidays I would decorate the guest rooms. We aren't, but you gave me some wonderful ideas if/when we do have Christmas guests!

  15. Love them all, but the last one is my absolute favorite!! I so love your style... :-)

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  16. Your nautical trees are great and very inspiring. My bedroom is a mess left by the former owner that doesn't make me feel like decorating it... But I'm keeping your ideas in mind, because someday I'll make the bedroom pretty and it'll be so fun to decorate it for Christmas!

  17. Very festive kids each have there own tree in their room and I think I might add a small tabletop one in ours this year too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  18. I love and remember them all! I do decorate the guest room because we always have guests here Christmas Eve! Not sure what I'm going to do this year. Right now it looks like a bomb went off in there because it's a holding tank for decorations!

  19. You have some very lucky holiday guests because your guest rooms are beautifully done. My decorating never gets that far - I'm lucky just to get the main rooms of our house done!