Top Five Most Viewed Posts of 2014


Today I'm sharing the five most viewed posts not including the Wow Us Wednesdays link party posts. It was fun seeing which posts interested y'all the most. I'm starting with number 5 and working backwards to number one.

3. The Infamous Hoarding Room (glad it doesn't look like this anymore)

Can't believe Mr. Savvy's project got the most views.

Do y'all have your favorite projects or most viewed posts or anything else to share? Be sure to come back tonight and join Wow and show off your stuff.

See y'all there!
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  1. just looking at the pic. of the Breakfast Room. have you thought about putting a rug under the table? i never noticed that the floor and the table are about the same wood tone until looking at the pic. my favorite is #3 but i wish i had a hoarding room. i love to decorate.

    1. Angela, there really isn't enough room for a large rug in this area. We walk through between the table and the kitchen bar and it would not leave a good space to walk through plus it would make the space look smaller. thanks

  2. You have such a great eye for design, your home looks fabulous no matter what you do to it! Happy New Year Kim!

  3. I had to laugh at the number one...not that I do not like it, as I so do....however, it was the fact that it was Mr. Savvy's project that got the most views AND my most viewed from the year before was my hubby's garage project!....I think we need to put them on the payroll !!....Loved all of the top five, and my fav was the breakfast room wall with Mr. Savvy's idea of using the antlers as brackets!...Hey he had two projects in the top five!!!....Have you measured his head this morning?

  4. Mr Savvy got the most views? Don't tell him or he'll take over your blog!

  5. Kim I missed "Something you may not know about me". I think I have read every post you have done... not so! So glad you posted this. Now off to find out more about you!!! xo

  6. Oh I love your kitchen transformation,although I loved it before too! Those yellow chairs bring such a pretty pop of color! your "Hoarders room "... I have one of those's my studio ;-) .It does not stay pretty for long and usually ends up looking like a big mess.

  7. You have a great eye for design, I love everything you do! Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  8. Kim, you'll have to tell Mr. Savvy that our top 2 posts were written by my husband! Love his curtains!

  9. Can't believe Mr. Savvy aced you out of the top spot! I guess much of his hard work is behind the scenes, so some credit is certainly due...
    Congratulations on a truly fantastic year! You have earned it and I hope you have a great New Year!

  10. That is just too cute, love those curtains Mr. Savvy! Happy New Year Kim! I truly enjoy all of your posts : )

  11. Love those curtains Kim! All great posts! Some I never would have thought would be your top posts. Happy New Year!