Winter Sun Room


If you are not a fan of color then this post may not be for you. Y'all know I am a fan and in the winter I add even more color in my sun room to add some warmth and to feel cozier. It can easily feel cold in this room with all the windows and white floor so color and layers are a must.

I like to have some type of quilt or coverlet on the slipcovered sofa so I don't have to wash the slips too often which wears them out. Miss Bailey can get the sofa quite dirty since she likes to lie on the back of it plus there is the occasional four year old here.

In the colder months I use a colorful quilt and in the warmer months I will switch it to a white coverlet. Yes, I like white, too.

I pulled this quilt out of my stash. It certainly is vibrant.

The jadeite jar has temporarily moved in here and is filled with roses.

I bought several plants this winter to add some life inside while it is gray outside. This one is stuck in a vintage enamelware pail.

A pot of ivy sits between the two wicker chairs an loves the light in here.

I love mixing patterns.

The old dough bowl is filled with a few of my magazines. I have many more.

A couple of soft throws are hanging across the bench that you can grab as you come in the sun room.

I swapped the two chairs on this side of the room just because.

Vintage grain sacks make great seat protectors.

It won't be long the heavy colorful quilt will move out and the white one will be added back.

Channeling spring!

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  1. Cozy and cheerful at the same time. The perfect place to spend an afternoon! Love the colors. Jane

  2. channel away. love the pops of color!

  3. Very cute and cozy. There's nothing like bright colors to chase the winter gloom away!

  4. I do love your colors - nice and bright. It's always fun to know it can be either temporary or permanent, whichever you choose. Btw, I saw mason jar mugs in that color at Kroger's today. I resisted those but I got myself some Red Velvet Oreos, lol.

  5. And such a beautiful way to channel Spring!!....Love that vibrant quilt and the Sunshine pillow is perfect!...I love that you switch the furniture around just because!!!

  6. Oh ya, I could sit on the beautiful quilt and enjoy the sunshine there for sure. Love the colors. Jo

  7. Very cozy and I love all the color!

  8. I LOVE color! Your sunroom looks warm and cozy with the quilt and throws ad pillows! One question, do you keep the plants through the summer? Or are they just fill ins for winter? I changed alot of things today. Cabin fever!

    1. Pinky, I will keep them as long as they flourish. Some are new and some I have had.

  9. Love all the color and the red on your coffee table!!!

  10. Love it all, particularly the mix of patterns.

  11. Kim, I love your sunroom with all its fun colors and patterns. It is so inviting, with the plants and the touches of red.

  12. I love this. I really think it's a skill to be able to mix patterns and colors so well.
    Mostly, I really love the layered rugs! Sadly, my Talula dog doesn't feel potty rules apply to her so I must keep rugs to a minimum, otherwise I would do this today! Just lovely.

  13. Your sunroom looks so warm and inviting and I love to see how you dress it each season. I've never thought to use an enamelware bucket to hold a plant but it's such a great idea!

  14. That quilt is STUNNING on your sofa. I love all the color, which is so easily changed. If I may, could I ask where you got your wonderful wicker chair and your cow print? I love your blog and your sun room is my favorite. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  15. Beautiful pops of color Kim! Yes please keep channeling spring....I am ready for it :-)

  16. Lovely vibrant quilt and color cheerful! : )

  17. The red makes the room feel very farmhouse chic, something I like very much.

  18. I do have a thing for whites and other neutrals but I LOVE your room. The quilts, grain sacks and pillows - chalk full of charm and inviting to stay! Looks straight out of a magazine. :) Hope you are having a great day! ~julie

  19. How warm and lively-looking your sun room is, Kim! I love the way you have cleverly added protection for your furniture is such a stylish way.

  20. Looks wonderful, Kim! I like all the layers for winter.

  21. I love the vibrant colors that the quilt brings into your space. Perfect for this dreary time of year!

  22. Bright and cherry, Kim! We live with a lot of color here too. ;-)