Third Time's the Charm


Just a few short weeks ago I showed you an ugly weed infested and bare ground back yard, but with lots of work and eleven pallets of new bermuda sod we have a lush green lawn.

This is how it looked right after the sod was laid.

We also put out 315 bags of mulch, but need many more bags to finish around the border of the yard.

The two rose of Sharons were cut down that over powered the deck, but we are letting the one come back to fill in this spot. We will keep it pruned once it reaches the right size.

We need to plant another bush in this spot. A crape myrtle was there and was just too large.

I still haven't mowed the back. Hubby is babying his new back yard and won't let me cut it quite yet. It's so funny because before he didn't care about the dead weedy back yard until I nagged him about it and now he checks it daily and pulls any weeds that show up in it.

He and his brother even trimmed back branches blocking the sun over the grass since bermuda needs lots of sun.

This poplar tree has already lost most of its leaves. Yes, fall is in the air.

So just a few hundred more bags of mulch and lots of tender loving care and hopefully this yard will last. When we built the house twenty years ago we seeded the back with fescue, but a few years later it had died out from too much sun and heat. Then we had fescue sod put in, but we had a severe drought for three years and could not water plus grubs showed up and took it out.
 Hopefully the third time's the charm.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the new look in the sun room.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Looks beautiful. Our yard needs something...but we are still thinking what to do. Ha! Sheila

  2. Looks great Kim and glad that Mr. Savvy is taking care of his "new baby" weren't nagging....just strongly suggesting!!..

  3. We're just about lay sod into our yard extension, hope it will look as good as yours now!

  4. Beautiful!! Nothing like a green lush lawn!!

  5. My back hurts, just reading this, but the results are lovely!

  6. Beautiful and I hope third time is the charm too! I don't know what green grass looks like any more since I live in CA and the drought has mad green grass a thing of the past!

  7. What a pretty back yard! It turned out lovely.

  8. It looks like time for a family game of croquet.

  9. You two are amazing, I know what back-breaking work that is! It is absolutely beautiful. As soon as it cools down we are getting back at it here. We have been hauling loads of free mulch from the tree service in the trunk of our old Buick, people look at us like we are completely nuts ;)

  10. The grass looks awesome. How much is in a bag of mulch? Is it part os a yard? So glad you now have such a beautiful back yard!

    1. Thanks, Pinky. A bag covers 2 square feet. That is why it takes a lot of bags.

  11. Your yard Kim is so amazing. The green grass looks so pretty.

  12. Your yard looks really nice! You all have worked so hard and it is beautiful!

  13. It looks great! I remember growing up in Atlanta that my parents finally just gave up on the backyard--too many trees to get decent grass growing. I hope you can keep the grass going this time--we just patched our tiny Texas yard this spring with Bermuda and it's going strong. Fingers crossed for your pretty new grass!

  14. 315 bags of mulch and a few hundred more - WOW !
    But your yard looks amazing !
    I'm laughing over this because I have to nag John to mow - maybe if we resod I won't have to !