Bringing Out the Details


 I have been wanting some tall old French or Italian style carved candlesticks for some time, but they are so dang expensive and this chick just can't pay those prices so I have stayed on the hunt and stayed patient. Well, my patience paid off in a pair of look a likes at a very good price. I didn't love the color or finish on them so guess what? Yep, painted them.

See the difference paint makes? Don't worry no authentic antiques were harmed. These are made of resin and are very heavy.
In fact I weighed one of them on my scale and they weigh 13 pounds each.
I painted with paints I had on hand.
I painted with Miss Mustard Seed milk paints again since I have several colors.
I used Mora and then Flow Blue.
Then I used Amy Howard's Antiquing Glaze that lifts off your second color to age the piece.This is what they looked like in progress. 
They were too blue so I dry painted more Mora all over them.
After they were dry again I brushed hemp oil all over them and let that dry.
I just love how they turned out and they don't exactly match since the paint worked a little differently on each candlestick. I prefer for things to be different so you know they weren't mass produced.

I'll share where I'm using these soon.

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Have a fabulous fall weekend!

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  1. Beautiful Kim! Love the details!

  2. These look great Kim! I have been wanting to try the Amy Howard Antiquing Glaze. I would love to hear more about what you think about it!!

  3. Very very cool! I love milk paint for that authentic aged look and the colors you used are perfect for those :) Great job. I think these are even better than the real antiques!

  4. What great candle sticks! I love the finish you created.

  5. They are a great find and you did some magic and they look wonderful.

  6. Love all the details on these Kim. Gorgeous.

  7. You are becoming one great painter Kim, love, love the finish you did on this piece!

  8. I LOVE them and at 13 lbs each you can work out with them too!

  9. Love the detailing on these candlesticks! Love the new color too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. LUV!! The new paint treatment really brings out the detail.

  11. Kim, patience pays off. Your candlesticks are majestic! Can't wait to see how you style them in your beautiful home.

  12. it would'nt be the same if you didn't use some paint on them!! :)

  13. Very pretty, Kim. Can't wait to see where you put them!

  14. wonderful after. Amazing what paint can do.

  15. Very pretty Kim. I love to use paint to change things up. You have done a wonderful job!

  16. great finds, they look like the real thing, now!

  17. What a fun project! I love the way they both turned out and the fact that each candlestick doesn't look exactly alike.

  18. Pinned! A very interesting technique. Thanks for sharing. And they look gorgeous.

  19. They look fabulous Kim, and in beautiful keeping with the style of your home.
    I could even see you taking them out to your new veranda decking adding euro-chicness to your space.


  20. Great tip, Kim! Love how they look now!

  21. They look amazing! You're so talented for painting.