Simple Table Ready For Nine


As promised I'm sharing the other table set for Thanksgiving. The dining room table that I shared last week is set for six and I needed nine more at the breakfast room table. This meant adding the extensions to my antique French farmhouse table that I have never used before. This is also the first time using this table for Thanksgiving since I didn't have it last time I hosted.

No place mats or chargers this year. I'm just keeping it simple and you can't hurt this centuries old table.

I used everything I had on hand for this table except I did buy some new glasses at HomeGoods since I didn't have a full set that matched for this many.

I love using the china I inherited from my grandmother.

Using our everyday flatware. I like the fancy plates mixed with the rustic flatware.

I didn't even realize it until I was shooting these pictures that the flowers in the jars kind of mimic  the flowers on the plates.

I know the twine is red and white, but it's all I had. I tucked a piece of seeded eucalyptus in each napkin. Oh yea, the napkins are from HomeGoods, too.

The little glass votives are French yogurt jars that I brought home from France. We were served yogurt in these cute little jars each morning and they said we could take them.

Flowers from the grocery store stuck in my old mason jars and the larger wicker vase in the center.

The leafs were not refinished like the table. I actually like the original finish and wish the table had not been refinished.

A few more things to finish getting ready and then I'm going to enjoy being with family on Thursday.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I am struggling with placing a tablecloth on my holiday table..and I like the way your table looks without one....Beautiful table....your guests will be wowed...and I love the place setting of the elegant china and the bamboo flatware!...

  2. Beautiful table, Kim! So classic and elegant and I love the simple things like the twine.

  3. Everything looks beautifully warm and inviting.

  4. It is all lovely.

    I had to laugh about buying the new glasses. Every single time we have a group of people over, I have to go out and buy new wine glasses. Both of us seem to break them somehow.

  5. Kim your table looks so pretty! I love all the flowers, and the dishes are gorgeous.


  6. Oh, Kim, your table is just beautiful. I love the beauty of wood, illuminating the pretty Mason jar arrangements. And the napkins are like a little present for each guest. I love this table.

  7. So pretty Kim. I love your bamboo flatware!

  8. We have the same everyday flatware! I love it but ours is getting pretty worn out;) Your table looks beautiful and your Grandmother's china looks SO similiar to my Grandmothers! I have one bin of it left to give to my son. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Kim. I know your guests will be WOWED:):)

  9. What a nice surprise to see on this table......I have the same china! I inherited mine from my mother. They are so pretty. Love your table setting.

    1. That is so cool! I would love to get some of the missing serving pieces, but boy it is not cheap.

  10. Kim, a beautiful your grandmother's china mixed with the bamboo flatware! The seeded eucalyptus is the perfect addition to the napkins! Happy Thanksgiving! Pam (

  11. Great china. Your table looks sweet. I would just add a runner for a little warmth.

  12. Kim, your table set with your grandmother's china is lovely. The yogurt glass jars are great...what a nice memory your whole table tells. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings, Cheryl Ann

  13. Kim,
    When you posted about your dining room table set for Thanksgiving, you said you had 15 for your meal, and I counted just 6 places at your dining table. I wondered how you were going to seat 9 more at your breakfast table. Leaves! Should have known. Everything looks wonderful and inviting. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.


  14. I love the rustic look. I think I might do something similar. I think simple it better. I also like your table becaue it's not too cramped. It leaves room to place the dishes and so on. It looks great :-)

  15. Looks beautiful, Kim!
    You remind me I need to take a look downstairs in the "basement boutique" for a couple of extra chairs.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. It looks so pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing it all in person this Thursday.

  17. So pretty Kim I love the simplicity of it. I always love seeing the beautiful wood on a table!

  18. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim! I love this warm, inviting table and l love the red and white twine around the napkin with the little floral tucked inside. It's the perfect touch to this beautiful table.