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Did y'all have a nice Thanksgiving and did y'all end up in a turkey coma afterwards like Mr. Savvy did? Yea, while I cleaned up he was asleep in his chair. We had a good time with our family, but not without incident. I think I cracked a rib before everyone got here when I leaned over to clean out my tub and then I cut two fingers on one of the cheese knives, but bandaids took care of the bleeding. Just call me miss klutz. My rib is sore, but I'll live. It just hurts to bend over and to move certain ways. My Christmas decorating may be in slow motion this weekend. Anyway it was a beautiful day with good food enjoyed with family and that's what matters. Now on with today's post.

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In this post I shared a uber cute new painting in my dining room from Minted. I told you it was not my original choice for that spot so today I'm sharing the one I thought would hang in the dining room, but ended up in one of the guest rooms. Sometimes things just work better swapped around.

It landed in the front guest room over the stacked vintage lidded baskets. Yes, recently I had a different art piece hanging here, but you know that things don't stay the same very long around here.

This piece is called Grazing by Lindsay Megahed. 

I love how it looks like a small herd of cows are grazing off in the distance. 

I chose the black barn wood frame for this one. At Minted you can choose just the print or there are several frames to choose from.

I think this is the perfect spot for my new artwork.......for now.

Do you need holiday cards? Just click this link and use the codes for extra savings.

Happy shopping and have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Pretty picture, Kim. So sorry about your rib and fingers. Have a beautiful day. Yesterday and today are like Spring here!!! High 60's in Nov. in Pa.!!!!!! Last year we had a dusting of SNOW!!!! I'll take the 60's any day!!

  2. Hope your bruised ribs feel better soon.

  3. Oh no! I bet you are sore today! Take care!!!

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I am just sore from standing and cooking all day...and my stomach feels a bit stretched! Love the artwork in there!

  5. Hope you feel need to be waited on hand and foot for a few days...I would do it but the commute is rather long...ha!

  6. Please remove my name from your daily postings. Too many ads for me!

    1. Leslie, I'm sorry you don't understand the necessity of the ads and I don't have a way of removing you from the emails. You should find a link at the bottom of the email that comes to your inbox that says would you like to unsubscribe or quit receiving emails. I'm really not sure what it says.

  7. oh ouch! it is awful to get an injury from cleaning! I have done it too with a back muscle injury. No fun! I love your baskets! sheila

  8. Thursday was extra rough on you,hope you get better love your print.

  9. Cleaning can be hazardous to your health.....hmmm I may need to tell my husband that ;-). I personally would love a cleaning lady, I hardly have time to clean myself. Love your baskets and print! I've got my home decorated, now I can officially light my tree. Have a great weekend!

  10. I am sooooo sore from cleaning the house and removing the old caulk from our tub. I had company coming and just about did myself in. My daughter and husband cooked and she worked and worked cleaning the mess afterwards---she's a jewel!!! I enjoyed the day but now--back to the tub...

  11. Love the baskets and the picture!

  12. Can I ask, with all your picture moving,how do you hang your pictures? I used straight pins when I had drywall and they would stay up nicely. Now I have an older home with plaster & I hate driving nails into it. The former owner never removed a nail just painted them the color of the walls hoping people wouldn't notice them. I ruined a large beautiful picture and frame using those command hooks so I really need to know what you do. Thanks.

  13. Love the print! Sorry to hear about your injuries. i cut my finger pretty badly on the teeth on the alumininum foil box, ouch pretty deep!

  14. Oh no!.....I hope it is not cracked...we always seem to have accidents when we are in a hurry!.....Feel better and yes, that is the perfect spot for the print!...It is beautiful!...

  15. Beautiful picture Kim. Ohhhhh about hurting your ribs. That can be so painful. Hope that starts to feel better and glad is did not stop you from enjoying Thanksgiving. The print is perfect where you put it.

  16. Hopefully some extra dessert will help the soreness. take care this weekend.

  17. Very pretty! We have a few paintings with pastoral scenes, and I never tire of looking at them. Hope you're feeling better!

  18. I hope you're feeling better. I know you're ready to decorate and share with your readers! I'm ready to decorate, too, but am sidelined for a second day with a stinky headache.

  19. Hi Kim darling, your finger cutting is not so much my concern as the RIB! maybe you should have it checked out, at best a relaxant can be given to make it easier to breathe and bend without so much pain. I have cracked a rib with a continual bad Cough that landed me in the hospital last year.

    As for the art work, you don't need our approval, your beautiful country French home can take on any piece you add or take away, it's having a great design eye as you have shown us.

    Love the stacked baskets as well.
    Looking forward to your Holiday home.

    Un Joyeux Noël


  20. Sorry to hear about your rib, take care of you☺️, Hope you start feeling better soon. I love the picture, I love your square baskets. Always looking for a big square basket.
    Have a better day.

  21. I see so many cow paintings in homes on Instagram. Steve just finished a painting so I told him that he needed to do a cow painting. On Thanksgiving Day, it was gorgeous so we put the top down on Steve's car and went for a drive trying to find some cows. It took us out of our way, but we finally found some and Steve is doing a painting of a cow's face.

    BTW, I'm a klutz too. Be careful!

  22. I think you've now got the best excuse for not cleaning the bathtub... Hope you'll feel better soon!