Collecting.....Lidded Baskets


In case you haven't noticed I have a thing for lidded baskets....well actually for all baskets, but especially old lidded ones and I have five of them so I definitely can call it a collection.

These are two of my favorites that I found in the last couple years, both out of town, that I use in my sun room stacked as an end table.

I shared this set in the guest room reveal a couple weeks ago, but may have made a slight change to the green one since then. I will share it soon.

I would love to come across a stack of them like this. I would have a problem deciding which one to get. I love when they have writing on them.

They look good stacked under a table.

This is a newer basket, but it looks great as a coffee table and I love the straps.

Here is an older one used the same way.

A couple years ago my sister had hers stacked in her foyer. 

Love these smaller ones stacked on a table.

I would love to find one like this for my collection.

Continuing the thrill of the hunt.

You can see more baskets on my pinterest board.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Kim, beautiful lidded baskets! I have a thing for texture, and baskets are perfect! Happy May Day!

  2. Such a pretty post, Kim. I, like you, love baskets. My love for baskets began while traveling through SC many years ago. Ladies sat on the side of the busy highway, meticulously weaving baskets. The first time I saw it, I was mesmerized. That began my collection. Your collection is beautiful. On the hunt, just like you! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love wicker baskets and hampers. Imagine receiving a big hamper like these for Christmas full of delicious goodies, all enclosed and shut with the leather straps, perhaps the perfect gift for the busy Mother! I remember the large wicker ones with lids which were laundry baskets, they were used at school all the time, no one gave them a second glance. Now I would love to pick up a couple, they are so useful for so many things and they look so good!

  4. I have two vintage picnic baskets I spray painted red and the other blue. I guess that's my lidded baskets!

  5. I love lidded baskets as well, Kim. I also have a thing for boxes and suitcases and have a Pinterest board dedicated to suitcases, baskets and boxes as decor and storage. Cannot help myself, they are things I think I will always be a sucker for!

  6. I started collecting baskets in the 70's. I wish SOOO much that I still had all of them. I do have pretty many though, but none like yours! Your collection is beautiful.

  7. I've never really noticed or payed attention to this type of lidded basket before, but they really are appealing now that I see them in these photos. And useful, too. Gosh, the stuff you could hide--I mean store--in them! Guess I'll start keeping an eye out for them.

  8. Kim,

    LOVE antique (especially lidded!) baskets! I especially love yours stacked in your sun room (I featured those on my antique post, I think!) and I agree, the ones with writing are amazing. I have one that I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market but in Los Angeles everything is crazy expensive, and usually hard to find too. I lucked out with the one I have, but I only have one! I'd love to get a second and use it as a table somewhere. And I love your sister's too (I had NO idea you had a blogger sister - I've been to her blog too and it's lovely!)

    Great post fellow collector!


  9. Kim, your lidded baskets are both beautiful and useful. Great idea for storage! The only lidded basket I have is the picnic basket my dad gave me the year I left for collage. It's till one of my favorite pieces because of the memories.

  10. They sure are useful...beautiful too!

  11. Have always admired your lidded baskets....great inspiration....hope you have fun on your "thrill of the hunt'.....