June Recap


Where on earth did June go?! This summer is just whizzing on by. Fall will be here before we know it! Today I'm sharing some posts that I shared in June just in case anyone missed them.

Blue and White Guestroom

I took you with me to a pretty Country Wedding.

The antique sideboard got a makeover.

I shared My Nightly Routine and the products I use.

Lots of blue and white in the Summer Sunroom 2016.

The foyer and dining room were shared in a Mini Summer Tour.

The guest room got updated after finding some new shams in Grab Them and Run.

I hope y'all enjoy those and have a fabulous weekend!

I'm heading out to mow the lawn again today. With all the rain we've had lately and the fertilizer that was put out the grass is growing faster than I can keep up with it.
A lot of the new sod is already nice and green!


  1. You certainly had a productive and beautiful June in your home and life!! Have a great weekend.

  2. You cannot start talking about Autumn yet, I absolutely forbid it! In France our children have only just finished school this week. We have only been to the beach twice, we have a long, hopefully wonderful summer ahead of us, I refuse to think of Autumn!!!

  3. You certainly have been busy easy enough to see June fly by!! Just one comment, I love, love, love your wicker tray with the handle. I have been searching for one for awhile now. Any thoughts other than looking at more yard sales?

    1. Karen, mine is by Pottery Barn and I found it at the outlet a couple years ago, but I think they still sell them.

  4. you shared some beautiful inspiration in june...as always. sure hope we can catch up sometime soon. we are headed out again for vaca next week, come back and then we will have one week before the kids go back to school. yikes!

  5. You accomplished quite a lot in June! It truly is hard to believe we are into week 2 of July. And, with the kids going back to school in a mere 4 weeks in these parts it is sure to go quickly!!! Even though ours are grown, I still feel like we are on the "school schedule".

  6. Loved the recap Kim. I went back and looked at your post on the wedding. Even with the hot steamy rain filled day the wedding looked so pretty. Love those hot air type balloons. That was pretty awesome. Have a great week end.

  7. Yes, NO autumn talk! I"ve barely gotten started on summer projects!

  8. You had a far more productive June than I did.