No Nails, Caulk, Primer, Paint or Even Wood....planked wall tutorial


Monday I shared the reveal of the DIY faux planked wall that Mr. Savvy and I installed....well, mostly him. I did have to help though. Thanks so much for all the great comments you left on that post. I knew y'all would be surprised! Today I'm going to show you the work in progress shots so you get an idea of what we did and what the product looks like before hanging it.

The canvas wallpaper comes in rolls just like regular wallpaper except it was longer than normal wallpaper rolls. The sheet on the back pulls away easily once you start.

Each roll is marked on the back and shows you where the top is. We had a total of four rolls for this 14 foot wall.

These are phone shots so not the best, but I was busy helping and it would have taken too much time trying to work with the camera. First thing was to move all the furniture away from the wall and the wall had to be wiped down so it was free of dust. Then before hanging the first sheet the we checked to see if the wall was level. You have to start with a straight line or it would all be off. We were surprised to find out the wall was off a bit. Not bad, but it would have been enough to make the whole wall look off. So Mr. Savvy got it straight and cut off the access.

First sheet is up and ready to move on to the second one. 

Thank goodness he knows how to hang wallpaper. The good part about this is there is no water or glue and no mess. The best way for me to explain how this works is it is a lot like contact paper, but better and it is removable and reusable unlike contact paper. There is a sheet of paper attached to the backside of the paper, as seen in a photo above, that you pull off and stick the paper to the wall as you work your way down from top to bottom. The paper we used feels like vinyl, but not as thick.You rub out any air bubbles as you work your way down just like regular wallpaper. If it isn't going on correctly just lift it back up and then smooth it again. After getting the first piece up the rest were a breeze.

Working around the bathroom door was a bit challenging, but once the hole for the door was cut he had no problem smoothing it all down.

I just love the new feeling in this room now. It feels cozier and I'm sure our guests will love it.

Here is a video from Limitless Walls that shows the paper being hung in action. Dang, if I could get Miss Bailey to learn to video we could have made our own video. :)

So are y'all ready to try this out?

As I mentioned in the reveal post you can save 10% on your order using the code "style" when you check out. This code is good until September 1. 
Shop Limitless Walls here.

Hope you will pin it and share it!

Again a huge thank you to Limitless Walls for partnering with me on this project.


  1. My mom was crazy about contact paper and wallpaper. She would have been all over this!
    We just spent a fortune having our walls smoothed and painted, so I don't intend to cover them any time soon. And talk about not straight--there's over an inch difference in height on just one wall in the kitchen. And none of them are flat. Not surprising after 400 years.
    I still can't get over how amazing this project looks. Gorgeous!

  2. WOW that look amazing. I would have never guessed that was wallpaper! It really warms up the room. Great job!

  3. Love, love love it!....Mr Savvy and you did a great job!!!

  4. Again, it looks so real! Great job Mr. Savvy and Kim! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. I'm so glad you showed this, as I will be getting mine soon. I know my walls are not at all level. Joy, joy.

  6. How cool is this! When I first saw it...I thought it was real wood. How lucky are you to have a hubby who can hang wallpaper, etc. sheila

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. It turned out great!

  8. Really love the look. Now, honest opinion, would you put it on a wall where you are very close to the paper? Think powder room.

    1. Yes, most definitely and am trying to talk hubby into that.

    2. And if we do the powder room it won't be planks, but a pattern above the beadboard I have in there. But yes this looks real until you touch it.

  9. This truly is very very clever, home decoration knows no limits these days

  10. It looks fantastic and the fact that it is easily removed is the cherry on top! Jane

  11. Wow,it really looks amazing, I would never have guessed it was wallpaper, gosh,
    and without all the mess and easy to take off as well............That is amazing. You guys did a super job.
    Yall need to spend at least one night in your new room, to enjoy
    Have a great Friday and weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  12. Hi Kim! I love this. It looks so good!! I am going to have to try it!! I know your guests will love it!!

  13. It is amazing how REAL this looks! And it also looks fabulous!

  14. This may be the answer to planking the wall above the fireplace. I really didn't make it permanent in case I get tired of it. Perfect solution.

  15. Amazing. I would have never believed it was wallpaper! I have always loved wallpaper but hated having to remove it if I decided to go in another direction. And with this renovation and having to remove wallpaper in just about every room, I have sworn off ever putting it back on the walls. But....this is a perfect option!!

  16. This looks great Kim! I've hung wallpaper several times but have never used the peel and stick kind. Glad to know you had a good experience with it. Maybe it's time for me to try it after seeing how good this turned out!

  17. Is it more expensive than using wood? I am guessing it is, but not sure. :)