Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot


When I decided I wanted to set up a table out back in our wooded area for the Holiday Blog Tour I knew it would take a bit of extra work, but would be so cool if we did it. I had to ask Mr. Savvy for some help since it would have been just too much for me to do by myself. He said he would help me out. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with him lately. He has gone with me to get props and then he is helping me load and unload things. He's such a keeper. We set this up over three weeks ago because I wanted to do it before it got cold....that still hasn't happened.
Some readers have the misconception that these tables we shared in the tour are the tables that we are using this year. We set these up very early to give y'all some ideas so you can plan early. These are not our tables for this year unless they are cleaned, dusted and reset.
I'm not hosting this year anyway.

Come with me down this trail and I'll show you behind the scenes.

This is the clearing after everything was put away except for the stumps. 

This is the other direction where our garden cart and other things stay.

The stumps I used are from this tree that fell several months ago and hubby cut it up since it was blocking the trail. That was one huge tree that had rotted and finally fell. Glad we weren't back there when it happened. That would have killed someone. The logs are very lightweight now since they have dried out. I rolled them with my foot to the clearing.

Bad thing is that something did get hurt by this fallen tree. We made two trips to bring everything down in our truck and on the way back out the second time I hear this horrible crunch. So we stopped and backed up, but the damage was done. The bottom of the passenger door was damaged, but Mr. Savvy took it in stride and he said he can fix it. I felt so bad that he messed up his truck doing this work for me. :(

 The benches were the heaviest things and they were both upstairs. The rest was pretty easy.

First thing we had to do was to create a table to use. We used to metal racks that are used in Mr. Savvy's garage for his car restoring hobby and then we hauled a very heavy board out for the tabletop. 

The tablecloth is a king size duvet cover not being used. I brought all the dishes, glasses, silverware, greenery, boo pumpkins, and roses down in boxes and started setting the table.

I was going to use three ironstone sugar bowls to hold the roses, but changed my mind after arranging the rest of the centerpiece. We also had made an hour and a half round trip just to get some seeded eucalyptus. No one carries it near me for some reason.

After emptying the boxes I just hid them under the table.

The mums and pumpkins were the same ones used on the deck and front porch. I get my money's worth with props.

The old orchard basket the yellow mum is in broke and I turned that side to the back. The basket has been tossed out. 

Next was figuring out how to hang the string lights, also from the deck, over the table since there were no good trees at each end. Then I thought of the ladders and we just happened to have two the right size. Then hubby figured out how to hang them and ran a cord out here from his garage which is not far from this spot.

This is an old shell of a car that he has covered up and I had fun keeping this out of my final shots.

I couldn't use this shot because of the car. 

After it was all done I was wishing I had actually planned to invite people over. Maybe another time if we get up the nerve to set this all up again. 

Visit the Harvest Table post HERE.

I'm heading out today to have lunch with my mom and sister for my sister's birthday get together. Her birthday was on Halloween. Spookay!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That was a lot of work but well worth the end result.

  2. He's a keeper alright!!!....Love that you presented the "behind the scenes" ... it helps us to realize how much work goes into such a presentation of a beautiful outdoor table setting. I love those stumps!...Save some for me!!

  3. It looks like a wonderful place to have a dinner party. You will have to do it again and actually use it!

  4. Oh wow...that was a ton of work Kim and what a beautiful property you have!

  5. There is so much work involved in setting up outdoor tables...but yours turned out beautiful! I have hauled stuff in a wheelbarrow, ArcticCat, name it just to get the job done. So thankful that I have a hubby who helps out like Mr. Savvy does. Happy Thursday!

  6. I'm just amazed you would do all that for photos! Yes, that would be a great spot for a party. It would really be a great spot for a fire pit and some chairs!! We love our fire pit.

  7. And this is why your so fabulous! WOW! I was envisioning everything you were doing to get all of this set up...Whew! It's gorgeous though! Hope all is well:)

  8. Beautiful property, Kim! Fun seeing your work methods!! And you could've used the photo with the car. Lovely photo and I didn't even notice the car until you mentioned it... ;-)

  9. Kim, you may have already seen something like this, but we also have a lot of fallen trees and are using the stumps around in the garden to sit pots on. But, next year my husband is going to chisel out about a 1 1/2" deep circle in a couple of them and pour citronella wax and add a wick which creates a very large outdoor candle. We are campers and I would love to have one at the campground but too heavy to take camping. We also learned not to sit a stump on our wooden deck because it creates a stain unless you put something under it.

  10. Wow! Great team effort. It turned out beautifully!

  11. Mercy you work hard for your blog. But that would be a wonderful Thanksgiving table if the weather was perfect. What could be better than Thanksgiving outside in God's beautiful world!

  12. Love your back of your property, and your outdoor room looks awesome. Great job.

  13. It was fun seeing your creative process and how it all came together, Kim!
    Turned out beautifully!

  14. I knew that was a lot of work, and your hubby is awesome indeed. I loved the way the lights were incorporated using ladders. Such a nice dining spot, it was worth it!

  15. This is great and Mr. Savvy is definitely a good sport and a keeper!!! I am kicking myself that I didn't have Joe make me wood slice chargers before we moved, we had tons of stumps and fallen trees. Just didn't think about it. A shame that you didn't think to have someone over, it is a beautiful setting!

  16. So nice Kim. Lots of work but great end results.

  17. So much hard work, but the results were certainly worth it. It looks like such a wonderful place to eat.

  18. I host the extended family often, but all three major holidays are usually too cold to eat outside, but I tell 'ya I need to have a plan B in case one of those times it is actually nice enough. If I had my list to follow I could pull off a unique Thanksgiving, but then again I wonder if the uniqueness would be lost on them!