My Eight Tips for A Comfortable Guestroom


T'is the season for hosting guests and that means preparing a welcoming guestroom. I mostly just host family, but occasionally a friend or two may stay and I want them to be very comfortable while here. Today I'm sharing my tips for having a comfortable room for your guests. I'm not hosting until Christmas this year. Thank goodness since my house is a shambles right now until the kitchen gets finished. 

The last time I shared this guestroom I mentioned that the backside of this quilt had these cute orange roses on it and I would like to see what that side looked like so I added the orange/coral velvet pillow which doesn't match the orange in the quilt exactly, but they blend and I love the look.

Tip One: A comfy bed with comfy pillows and an extra quilt or blanket.

Tip Two: Have clean fresh towels and washcloths for each guest.
I like to place them in the room so they will know these are their towels to use plus the ensuite bathroom is tiny.

Tip Three: Have a large basket, bench, luggage rack, etc. for your guests to place their luggage on. Also make room for hang up clothes in the closet.

Tip Four: Offer good lighting by each side of the bed if possible so your guests can read in bed.

Tip Five:  Have a working clock with an easy to set alarm.

Tip Six: Supply a variety of snacks, water, and maybe some tissues and Advil just in case.

Tip Seven: A place to sit down and take off/put on shoes. It is also another spot to read with a good light.

Tip Eight: Provide some toiletries like body wash and a scrubby or washcloths. I like to put extra towels in the bathroom, too.

Another thing I do when family comes to stay is remove the decorative throw pillows so they don't have to mess with those.

I hope these tips help your guests feel comfortable.

 Maybe not too comfortable or they may never leave. 😏

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Have a great day!
 I've got to start painting the kitchen ceiling. 😧


  1. I can attest to first hand that this guest room is very comfy and guest friendly!!!

  2. So pretty and I love the color combination! Great tips for guests. We have my son's girlfriend's parents staying with us for Thanksgiving. I am excited and terrified! 😄

  3. These are all great tips and I do them as well. One more tip I could include is to clear the bathroom vanity of anything other than essentials. There is nothing worse than trying to find a place to set your makeup bag or shaving cream kit when the counters are covered with decorative pieces.

  4. Great tips, Kim! And a lovely room!! I love the goody basket... :-)

  5. Ok I know most of these tips, but the one I LOVED was the basket of treats with the bottle of Advil!!! That is a great idea, thanks!!

  6. Excellent ideas, that I will be using this holiday season! Thank you, Kim!

  7. Kim, you could successfully open a bed and breakfast!

  8. Love the idea of the snack basket!

  9. Good advice! It's also nice to have an extra blanket around in case they're cold. Everybody has a different body thermostat.

  10. This is such a lovely room, Kim...your guests must feel very special!

  11. Great tips to make your guests comfy, Kim and a beautiful room for them to enjoy!

  12. Your guest room looks very comfy.

  13. I'll come and stay! I always make sure there are one or two books in the room (I see you have these beside your clock), I purposefully select books that I know will be somewhat suitable for those staying and also a magazine, sometimes one wants to get stuck into a good novel and at others it's nice just to flick through the glossy pages of a magazine x

  14. Very cozy, cute room.Love it all especially the pretty quilt at the foot of the bed.

  15. Oh my! I love the room, but I'm crazy about the lovely painting of the cow. Wherever did you find it?

  16. I love this room. How did you do the wood wall?

  17. so nice.where is the bed from?

  18. Love the striped pillow shams! Where can I find those? Thanks!

    1. They are by Taylor Linens. Check